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Miss Julie Reviews

Quite a few of you have asked about whether our Miss Julie might come to London. Just doing a quick straw-poll on the Twitter. Here are some reviews if you’re a waverer. Sorry for the frankly appalling hubris. L x

The Times **** “A teeth-grindingly intense 85 minutes” Scotsman**** “Dominic Hill and his fine cast have us completely hooked, and if the action is set 90 years in the past, there is still something about the politics - of both class and gender - that seems eerily, almost sickeningly familiar.” Telegraph**** “The production carries an almost asphyxiating tension. A tightly wrought drama of transgression, bitter antagonism and cataclysmic seduction… Fleming is by turns tender, lovelorn and cruel… Brealey impresses greatly… She shifts, almost in an instant, between desperate vulnerability (in which she seems as helpless as the little finch she keeps in a cage) and angrily asserted social superiority.” The Independent: “Brealey is simply wonderful, a captivating study of frayed nobility and overbearing sexuality.” Herald**** “Both Brealey and Fleming give their all with a pair of performances possessed with nuanced light and shade in what is ultimately a play about sex and power, the power of sex and the sexiness of power. ” Big Issue***** “Fresh from her increasingly important role as Molly Hooper in Sherlock, Louise Brealey brings star power to the stage at the Citz. She conveys with great skill Miss Julie’s journey from the mercurial, haughty, untouchable future lady of the house to vulnerable young woman pleading for help.”