scots guardsman

The British armour and infantry were trying to regroup in the Knightsbridge box and along the nearby Rigel Ridge, where the Guards, supported by some South African anti-tank gunners, were doing their best to hold the German armour and bar their passage to Tobruk. First of all the Panzers hit the Rigel Ridge, where the defenders fought until the enemy tanks were right in top of them.
Captain N. B. Hammer of the Royal Sussex Regiment, who visited the scene some months later, found that: ’
Almost every gun had the body of a Scots Guardsman drooped across the shoulder piece or slumped over the breech. Several men were still crouching in slit trenches with rifles, as if they had engaged the enemy with .303 when their guns had been put out of action. There was an officer lying on his face, his finger round the trigger of a Bren gun… They seemed to have served even in death.‘
—  Alamein: War Without Hate, by John Bierman & Colin Smith