First ceremony in Dallas, Texas! Congratulations, Mr. George Harris and Mr. Jack Evans. 

“Everybody wins,” Evans said. “Nobody loses.”

The couple has been together for 54 years, and Harris (left) said “We didn’t know if we’d live long enough.” They were on vacation, but came back immediately because they said that they were Texans, and wanted to marry in Texas to honor the state.

Why was Robert the Bruce named Robert the Bruce?

First, he was not named Robert the Bruce. Robert’s ancestors were Scoto-Norman and he was called Robert de Brus or Robert de Bruys in their Norman French. It means “Robert of Bruce” as in, of the house of Bruce. But no one says “Jennifer of Hudson” or “David of Beckham.” However, in old Norman French, they did! It was common to give a first name, then say they were “of” the house or family they came from. (Peasants with no family name would be “of” the village they came from.) When King Robert’s name was brought from French to English, “de” was mistranslated into “the."