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Les Amis Demigods AU (6/?):  Jean ‘Jehan’ Prouvraire - Child of Circe

Circe is the greek goddess of magic and witchcraft. She is said to be an enchantress or sorcheress using her vast knowledge of herbs and potions through which she transforms her enemies into animals living with her in the middle of a clearing in the woods on the island Aeaea. Her father is Helios, the sun god, and her mother Perse, a nymph of the sea.


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George Harrison onstage backing Johnny Gentle at Alloa Town Hall, Scotland, 20 May 1960.

Photo © Johnny Gentle/Gavin Askew

“I remember getting my picture taken with George Harrison. He was very good-looking, they all were I suppose, but George was very cute. He was about the same age as us so that probably helped a bit. But we were just happy to be talking to the band. We asked them what they were called and they said ‘the Silver Beetles.’ It was a real thrill because to us they were proper musicians. There was a a wee bit of flirting, but nothing out of the ordinary.
[…] I wasn’t supposed to be at that dance, I told my parents I was going to a friend’s house. But I was found out when I appeared on the front page of the local paper with George Harrison! Actually, they weren’t too bad about it, but I had to clean all the rooms in the house before I could go out the next week.” - Mary Craig on meeting George Harrison and “The Silver Beatles,” Alloa Town Hall, Scotland, 20 May 1960; The Beatles In Scotland [x]


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