On 28th August 1296 Edward I of England held a “parliament” at Berwick and required all prominent  Scots to swear allegiance to him. Their names were recorded in the “Ragman Roll”,  so called, it is believed, from the tangle of seals attached thereto.

 This was part of his campaign to rule Scotland after forcing John Balliol to abdicate in July. John Balliol I think has been treated a wee bit harsh by historians, Longshanks chose him as he thought he would be the weakest of the contenders, but when the English asked him to send troops to help him fight the French he refused, instead he signed the Auld Alliance in 1295. After dethroning Balliol he chose to rule Scotland himself.

There were around 2,000 said to have signed and attached their seals to this document but it is highly unlikely they all attended Berwick, instead they may have been gathered as Edward’s army took control of Scotland after they defeated us at Dunbar in April.

On this day in the History of British Queens, 27th August

1172 - Margaret of France marries Henry the Young King and is crowned alongside him in Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire. It was Henry’s second time being crowned, the first being on 14 June 1170.

1312 - Yolande de Dreux is widowed for the second time upon the death of Arthur II, Duke of Brittany, at Château de l'Isle in Saint-Denis-en-Val. Arthur was also a grandson of Eleanor of Provence and Henry III of England through their daughter Beatrice.

1326 - Philippa of Hainault is betrothed to the future Edward III.

1513 - As James IV of Scotland prepares to invade England, Queen Regent Catherine of Aragon issues warrants for the property of all Scotsmen residing in England to be seized.

1518 - Catherine of Aragon’s first cousin Joanna of Naples dies. She was the daughter of Ferdinand I of Naples and Joanna of Aragon, and had once been suggested as a bride for the widowed Henry VII of England by Catherine’s mother to divert attention from Catherine herself.

1541 - Catherine Howard is confronted at Pontefract Castle by her former lover, Francis Dereham, seeking employment. After this, he was given the position of the Queen’s Private Secretary, and then Gentleman Usher of the Queen’s Chamber.

1669 - Henrietta Maria of France’s granddaughter, Anne Marie d'Orléans, is born at the Château de Saint-Cloud to Henrietta Anne of England and Philippe, Duke of Orléans.

1979 - Elizabeth II’s second cousin once removed, 79 year old Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, is killed by a Provisional IRA bomb whilst onboard a boat in County Sligo. His 14 year old grandson and a 15 year old crew member were killed in the blast, and his daughter’s mother-in-law died the next day. He was also the uncle of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.


Good Morning from Scotland 

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The Tradeston (Squiggly) Bridge at sunrise.