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how do you feel about the scots

You know when you see the other kid in school/college who is also a bit of an outcast/different and you don’t really know them but you have a knowing sort of nod that you give each other when you see each other because you understand that the other is also weird? That. 

Sneaking a peek at Glasgow University through the trees at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. This is one from earlier this summer but, whatever the colours, the city’s West End will always be my favourite neighbourhood #glasgow #scotland #architecture (at University of Glasgow)

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A baby bank founder has been “overwhelmed” by public support following a heartbreaking plea to help a mother feed her young son.

Grandmother Bernadette Murphy, who runs a baby bank in her small village of Cleland, North Lanarkshire, posted an emotional plea for help on Saturday after a desperate mother came to her.

“She was just a poor soul,” says Bernadette. “Her little boy was only two years old and she’d been hit with four months of benefits sanctions.

According to Bernadette, the young mother is just one of many struggling families facing hardship.

In the last seven months, the grandmother says she has already supported 1117 families who have come to her in need of help.

"I started Lanarkshire Baby Bank after my little granddaughter was born,” says Bernadette. “It’s amazing how much your life changes when a child comes into it.

"I live in a small village and I started noticing real poverty. We have a lot of good food banks, but I felt more needed to be done for babies and mothers.”

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Snowfall part II by Tess Axelsson