Fàilte gu Alba

Being half Scottish I’ve spent many years up and around the East Coast and I went back to see some family a wee while ago. The plan was to head towards North Berwick and and see what happens. I’m very familiar with most sites in that area, mainly Berwick Law, Bass Rock and Tanatallon Castle so I’d hope to capture some of these.

Tantallon Castle F10 Nikon D5000 55-200mm @ 200mm Iso 200

We walked along the beach and towards the castle checking out lots of cool interesting formations within the rock faces, then we stopped on the cliff face to look back at the beach and onto the Bass rock. I placed some pebbles on top of one another and tried to get the BR just in frame, might make a nice postcard?!

Pebbles Nikkon D5000 50mm F2.4 ISO 200 

The weather can be pretty hit or miss in the summer but there is always plenty of things to see and do. It did decide to rain so I thought a trip to the Seaworld centre just of the forth was called for. I’d never never been and always wanted to photograph the bridge so bit of a double wammy to be fair.

The forth road bridge 55-200mm @ 200mm ISO 600

The centre was pretty dead to be fair, which was nice and meant I could take a bit of time getting some interesting pictures, which was hard as I didn’t have my polariser with me.

Clown fish 50mm F4 ISO 800

Lion Fish 55-200 @ 100mm ISO 800

On the way home we popped into the butterfly sanctuary which I had no idea existed. As soon as  I walked into the tents the camera steamed up. I resisted all temptations to wipe it dry and instead just waited for the body and the lens to get accustomed to the temperature .

Yellow and black means danger 55-200mm @ 160mm ISO 400

Basking lizard 50mm F4 ISO 400

Erie red Gecko 50mm F2 ISO 600

Huge Butterfly 55-200mm at 100mm ISO 200 F4

Butterfly F2 ISO 200 55-200mm @ 200mm

Soon… 50mm F1.8 ISO 200

Scorched orange F2 ISO 200 50mm

Something which was odd, but I guess if you think about it, it’s not that odd. There were a lot of butterflies dying all around. I guess some don’t last that long. One species in particular was a huge beautiful blue butterfly, I saw more of these dying or face down in the pond than I did alive which was a bit of a shame, that’s life though eh…

Last breath 50mm F2 ISO 200

The sanctuary obviously bred butterflies there an their little pupating cave very much reminded me of some kind of Science fiction film where an alien species were lying dormant ready to hatch, granted these where much safer and more beautiful to be around

The hatching chamber 55-200 @ 170mm ISO 400 F5

About to bloom 50mm ISO 400 F2

There was more than just butterflies and flowers, there were also spiders, reptiles and snakes. I also managed to get up an personal with some ants whilst on the job…

Red ants at work 55-200mm @ 200mm ISO 400 F5

There are plenty more things I captured which you can check out on my Flickr account but I think that was some of the highlights, next blog we will dive into Edinburgh!

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