Scotland - Luss, Edinburgh, Eilean Donan Castle, Urquhart Castle , Isle Of Skye,  Edinburgh, Glen Nevis, Edinburgh, Isle Of Skye, Loch Torridon 

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I’ve had a few messages over the last few months telling me that this post was invalid and can’t be reblogged/liked?? … can’t figure out why?? I don’t like to repost things (especially when they’re over 6 months old and really out of date) buuuut here it is again… kitty breeds! <3 

Fox version here! 

how to get a date with each cryptid

mothman: put on a cloak, run up and down main street, break a crystal ball and drink the juices inside, powder yourself in lightning bugs and wait

nessie: sit on the nearest cliff, look off into the distance soulfully, go to your nearest Scotish person and give them a hug, she’ll come

Jersey Devil: go to the Jersey Boardwalk and look at everyone in a trench coat & floppy hat, date every single one of them, eventually you’ll hit your mark

Bigfoot: just get up the nerve man, write ‘go out with me ?’ on a tree in seattle with a large ‘Bigfoot’s Only’ sign and wait for the y or n

Lizardperson: you’ve probably already dated one