scotiabank caribbean carnival


Why I Love Toronto Reason #339

Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival (Caribana)

Happy Caribana my friends! So this year I couldn’t attend the festival because I had to work and last year I didn’t go because I was on vacation. But I did go two years ago and I had a blast! Anyways here is what you need to know. The event has been around for 45 years and is a three weeklong event. Caribana has even become the largest cultural festival in North America.

Throughout the weeks there are many events like the Junior Carnival, Annual Gala, food festival’s where you can try some jerk, as well as concerts featuring rhythms such as Soca, Reggae, Hip Hop, Calypso and Steel Pan.

The parade is the highlight for this event closing down the Lakeshore with floats, music that is so loud you can feel it, crazy-amazing costumes with glitter, colours, height and other extraordinary things attached to them as well as dancing in the streets. The Dancing in the streets is the best part that I even started dancing with the costumed parade participants that were walking by.

It is an amazing celebration of culture and that`s why it fits so perfectly with Toronto. It is an amazing celebration that is great for all ages. The reason why I love Caribana, more specifically the parade, is because it brightens up the lakeshore with the most amazing range of colours from red, yellow and green and to love this parade you just need to look at the photos I am going to post.

That is Why I Love Toronto.