Scotie's Wacky Drawing Prompt Thingie

((send me a character along with a number and I’ll try to draw it in a timely manner? preferably only send one character))

1. Formal wear
2. Lazy day clothes
3. Pajamas
4. OOC outfit
5. Forest nymph
6. Punk/alternative
7. Superhero
8. Cocktail dress
9. Traditional clothing
10. Outfit swap (specify with who)
11. What the artist is wearing right now
12. Gijinka (specify of what)
13. Steampunk
14. Lingerie
15. Plaid
16. Palette swap (specify what colors)
17. meme
18. Anime protagonist
19. Clashing patterns
20. Runway model
25. High fantasy
26. Princess outfit
27. Magical girl
28. Hipster
29. Halloween costume
30. Christmas themed
31. Literally whatever the artist wants

((Anyone else can use this btw!!))

((im gonna get started on those prompts in a second after i finish dinner– sashimi ftw yo– but i just wanted y'all to know that i fucking love you, the prompts i got are like– jeremy, ryan, jeremy, jeremy, ryan, jeremy, gavin, jack, jeremy, jeremy, ryan– its fucking amazing XD))

reasons zootopia is worth seeing

- a lot of focus on shattering stereotypes

- female main character w/o an unnecessary hetero romantic subplot

- one of the main conflicts was that a small part of the population was being wrongfully blamed for the city’s problems, sound familiar?

- just all around positive

- a+ cast (ginnifer goodwin, jason bateman, idris elba, shakira, jenny slate, octavia spencer, & josh dallas, among others)

- really not-subtle breaking bad reference
Can You Name This Hamilton Song From Just One “Yo”? Take Our Quiz.

Hamilton is a musical that delights in—and is largely about—the power of language. But it also understands that, if delivered with enough attitude, a lot can be conveyed with even just a single, somewhat nonsensical monosyllable. (Something that all great rappers understand very well.)

So we made this quiz: Can you identify each Hamilton character and song from just one yo?

yo… how’d you do?