Ok I’m going to go off for a second because I am bothered by some damn foolishness.

Let me try and get this straight, y’all being vague out here over not wanting to be fans of Chris anymore due to his ‘choices’. You need to be more specific because I need to know what category of trash to put you in. 

Is it the coke rumors? Cause those have been going on for a decade and you late as fuck. Also, newsflash, you can do drugs sometimes and still be a good person.

Or is it the most common reason right now? Jenny. 

Are you mad he’s dating somebody that isn’t you and it fucks with you jerking off to him and writing about him? He don’t owe your ass shit.

That Jenny allegedly cheated on her husband with Chris? Even though we know nothing about her marriage or when they started dating. Fun fact: people fall out of love with one person and in love with another. Either way, she did what was right for herself by getting a divorce. Also you all damn well know you would cheat on your significant other for Chris. I know I’ve seen ya say it.

Why are you so mad he went to her show? That’s what couples do for each other. Being supportive of your girlfriend is bad? They can only date as long as you never ever see them in public? That makes no sense. Him and Jessica had a very similar public relationship (going to premieres and events, being in movies together etc.) and he was super serious about Jessica. Maybe he hasn’t done it since cause he hasn’t been serious with a lady friend since then and it’s not up to us how/where someone decides to appear with their significant other. They’re celebrities. Public life is apart of their lives. They shouldn’t pretend they aren’t together because you think it’s disingenuous. He didn’t change, he just might be happy.

Here’s a list of actual things I’ve seen people say about Jenny:

  • ‘She such a terrible influence’. I didn’t realize being an outspoken feminist was a bad influence. Chris is actually publicly the most ‘woke’ he’s ever been. I call that a win.
  • ‘She’s a gross stoner and has a crude sense of humor’ You naive as fuck to think Chris doesn’t smoke weed. Get your life together. Crude sense of humor? She talks about sex and bodily functions something everyone has. If that’s not your cup of tea that’s one thing but you all were out here cackling and thinking it was hot when Chris said on TV ‘I love fucking girls in the butt’ You can’t have it both ways.
  • ‘She’s ugly and I don’t get why he would be with her’ You’re disgusting. She’s a beautiful woman with a slamming body. Comments made about her nose especially are antisemitic and you can all burn. I can’t.

I’ve stanned for Jenny just as long as I have Chris. I ain’t playin.

So if you’re one of these people, come into my inbox, let me know what kind of garbage you are.

Y'all have lost y'all's minds

So lately there’s been a huge uptick in people having problems with their favorite celebrities being in relationships, and I mean that’s fine, it’s completely your prerogative.

I’m just asking that you remember that you don’t own these people.

They are people. Humans. And however much you may disagree with their choices you do not get a say so because it is not your life. They owe you nothing, not one single thing, and you do not get to make lifestyle choices for them.

If you can’t handle the choices they’re making, then leave that fandom and move on, but it’s pretty ridiculous that you were oh so in love with every facet of their being a month ago yet as soon as they enter a relationship you don’t agree with you cant see how you ever thought a good thought about them.

Some of y'all need therapy.

And Valium.

Oh, this was a fun night!

It feels so good to get out of the booth, take a break, and just go see a movie for the sake of seeing a movie. Worry not, as I am in no shortage of movies to review for you all. Besides, how else do you think I get to know these movies so well before I sit down and review them for you all?

Oh, and as for the movie we went to see? It will be a while before I review Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, but I sure can tell you that I had a lot of fun watching it!

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