Scotch :: Mirage [1986]

Here’s the thing:

I appreciate acts of gratitude and thanks. I genuinely do. Even though I am sort of flower-ambivalent, I also appreciate the gesture of sending someone flowers as a token of endearment, sympathy, or congratulations.


It is probably never advised to send your in-house counsel flowers. This isn’t because I am a bra burning feminist, which I absofuckinglutely am. It is because - whether you intend it or not - it puts me in the position of having to act #hashtag blessed to have received them.

It makes me feel like the secretary or assistant to the men in charge. The thing is, I am in charge. As a result of my professional expertise, I negotiate the tough terms and, more often than not, rework deals that were incomplete when they hit my inbox.

When I save a deal or successfully negotiate a disputed term, don’t send me flowers. I am not your sweetie, and I don’t melt at the sight of flowers.

Scotch or GTFO


Well here it is folks! Due to needing rent money, I am opening up commissions! All the info you will need is in the images, but I wanted to inform that I will only be taking fifteen commissions at the start. If I feel I am able to take more, I will raise it to twenty. It’s first come first served, so act quick if you want a slot!

I will be requiring payment upfront via invoice, but I will not accept the invoice until I am sure I can do the commission. So if I feel that I can’t do your commission for any reason (And I reserve the right to refuse any commission) then I will simply give your money back. But once the invoice goes through, there will be no refunds.


  1. Tenta - Cat in Suit - Battle Sprite animated: $50
  2. meancrank - Scary Harry - Colored Fullbody: $35
  3. JB - Nextale AU’s Asriel - Colored Partial/Bust: $25
  4. AW - OC - Overworld Sprite: $15
  5. Corrupted!Flowey - Partial/Bust: $15
  6. kenzie - Cyan human OC - Colored Fullbody: $35
  7. Cey - OC - Vendor Sprite + Major and Minor Sprite variations: $60
  8. Heroman3003 - OC -  Colored Fullbody: $35
  9. Blue - OC - Battle Sprite: $25
  10. ChrisZito - OC - Battle Sprite Animated: $45
  11. ChrisZito - OC - Battle Sprite Animated: $45
  12. ChrisZito - OC - Battle Sprite Animated: $45
  13. Nora - Final Fantasy OC -  Colored Fullbody: $35

Hope to hear from you all soon! And one more reminder: Asks are NOT emails. I will not acknowledge any tumblr asks for commissions.