His Paula Deen takedown went viral. But this food scholar isn’t done yet.
Michael Twitty’s mission: To evangelize about the African roots of Southern food.

Wow this guy is amazing uhhhhhh uhhhhhh such awesome work

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“Twitty is deeply engrossed in both the African American and Jewish food traditions. “Blacks and Jews are the only peoples I know who use food to talk about their past while they eat it,” says Twitty, 38.”

“From Richmond it was a short jaunt to Colonial Williamsburg, where Twitty spent the week lecturing, conducting training sessions and cooking in period costume at three of the living history museum’s venues. In all his talks, Twitty emphasized the impact of chefs and cooks of African descent on shaping American and Southern cuisines in colonial times and after.”

“At a conference he met the scholar Robert Farris Thompson, author of “Flash of the Spirit,” a book about the influence of African religions on African American art that helped him see that “soul food” was, among other things, a spiritual term describing a mystical connection between humans and the animals and plants they eat.”

“He cooked and he gardened. He studied heirloom seed varieties, some that had been brought from Africa and some that had been carried from the New World to Africa and then, on slave ships, back to North America, among them okra, black-eyed peas, kidney and lima beans, Scotch bonnet peppers, peanuts, millet, sorghum, watermelon, yams and sesame. He called those seeds “the repositories of our history” and wrote about them in a monograph published by Landreth Seed in its 2009 catalogue.”

“Twitty’s embrace of all the various parts of himself — African, African American, European, black, white, gay, Jewish — sometimes raises hackles, as does his habit of speaking his mind. An article he wrote in the Guardian on July 4, 2015, suggesting that American barbecue “is as African as it is Native American and European, though enslaved Africans have largely been erased” from its story, elicited scorn and worse: Many commenters were outraged by his idea of barbecue as cultural appropriation.”


jake loves spicy food. he will eat everything. hot wings. curry. spicy sushi. super hot salsas. jake could probably put a scotch bonnet in his mouth and come out the other end just fine.

dirk orders the hottest kind of everything he can and claims to not even feel it as tears pour out from under his shades. his face is turning bright red. there is a little trail of snot running from his nose

at first jake genuinely believes him when he defends this as a reflex and that he can’t control his reaction. he orders dirk spicy food at his favorite restaurants and brings it home in carry out. he watches dirk eat gleefully. dirk is dying. 

eventually jake gets wise. 

but he keeps ordering spicy food for dirk until dirk owns up that he cannot fucking handle it and he is Weak. jake is like there, you see. was that really so hard. (dirk will not say “yes” but he very mournfully thinks it in jake’s direction.)

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Okay so I did something stupid. 

See what had happened was, I had a sore throat two days ago, I was stuffy, and achy but I went about my business because “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. But then I decided that I wanted to eat Jerk Beef Patty, snack on Jalapenos, drown my instant ramen in Scotch Bonnet Pepper Powder, and eat three bags of hot fries within these two days.

Guys, I FUCKED UP MY THROAT. Turns out, I had strep throat this entire time and made it worse eating all these spicy foods and peppers (I honestly can’t help it, I love spicy food ugh!). 

If I go missing for a bit, it’s probably because I’m in bed suFFERING

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Confession: I really want a DA book set in the time of Arlathan. Maybe the events leading to the creation of the Veil. It could flesh out and set up DA4 events and revelations (like “The Masked Empire”). I just really wish for some ancient elven political intrigue! Also, the chance to see “scotch bonnet” Solas and hopefully Felassan

me and The Brother did that spicy noodle challenge and it was WHACK all them trendy white youtubers LIED so my mom added scotch bonnet pepper sauce to it and my stomach rly on god has been vibrating ever since and i cant feel my fucking tongue

Pumpkin Rice recipe

2 tablespoon(s) Grace Margarine
2 clove(s) garlic, chopped
1 medium onion, chopped
1 stalk(s) escallion, chopped
½ pound(s) pumpkin, cut into cubes with skin on
3 1/2 cup(s) water
1 packet(s) Grace Coconut Milk Powder
1 packet(s) Grace Cock Soup Mix
2 cup(s) Grace Rice
1 sprig(s) thyme
1 whole scotch bonnet pepper
½ teaspoon(s) salt (optional)

1. Heat Grace Hello Margarine in a large sauce pan and saute garlic, onion, escallion and pumpkin for about 3 minutes.
2. Add water, Grace Coconut Milk Powder and Grace Cock Soup Mix, stir well and bring to a boil for 5 minutes.
3. Add Grace Rice, thyme and scotch bonnet pepper. Adjust salt content if necessary and simmer for 25-30 minutes or until rice is fork tender.
4. Remove thyme and scotch bonnet pepper, then use a fork to fluff rice.
To Serve: Serve immediately with protein of your choice.
Recipe Note: Spinach or Callaloo can be substituted for the pumpkin.


I had the not-so-pleasure of being interviewed by my good friend Taylor Jackson for “Hot Pepper Interviews”.

Answering questions on DisneyBound while eating jalapeno and hot scotch bonnet peppers was not easy! Not swearing also proved to be difficult. haha

  • <p> <b>Selasi:</b> I'm using scotch bonnet chillies<p/><b>Mary:</b> *looks worried*<p/><b>Paul:</b> *looks concerned*<p/><b>Mel:</b> *fear in her eyes*<p/><b>Selasi:</b> but I've toned it down for the white palette<p/></p>

It’s not common to find scotch bonnet peppers in the northeast, so when I saw these beauties I jumped on them. Scotch bonnets are commonly used in Caribbean cuisine, specifically in a true Jamaican jerk seasoning. 

Habañeros are easier to find and have a similar shape, spice level, and flavor, which is quite fruity and hot. 

Their heat makes these peppers a fantastic combo with sweet and tangy fruits like blueberries and nectarines. If you’re looking for something more interesting to take to a Labor Day BBQ, this is the stuff!

Tom’s in the Sept. issue of Esquire UK. Here’s an excerpt where he explains how you (erm, women) can make him do things like eat a Scotch Bonnet. 


Tom Hardy: I munched fiery pepper

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Tom Hardy “napalmed” his throat when he tried to eat a hot chilli pepper.

The British actor is famed for playing tough movie characters and sometimes flaunts his masculinity at home. Tom has recalled a kitchen catastrophe when he tried to prove to an ex-girlfriend that he could handle biting into a raw Scotch Bonnet.

“My ex was cooking and I saw these sweet peppers on the side. I was like, ‘What are these?’ She said, 'Don’t touch those. Those are Scotch Bonnets.’ Y'know when women can be knowing? It immediately brings out the 'f**k you’ in me.

"She said, 'It is the hottest chilli known to man.’ At which point, I was like, 'Yeah? Well, f**k 'em!’” Tom told the latest edition of Esquire magazine. “I bit into one. And it was like a f**king Harrier jet took off in my mouth and just napalmed my throat, my eyes, my nose. My face f**king blew up.”

Tom found the heat from the chilli completely overwhelming. He was desperate to calm the fire in his throat and asked for some advice. However, his former partner’s solution proved far from useful.

“'F**king Jesus Christ! How do I stop this?’ She said, 'You drink beer.’ I’ve been sober for ten years. I was like, 'Is there? any? other? way?’ I was crawling on the floor. She was absolutely right. Stay away from the Scotch bonnets,” he warned.