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Today is the birthday of our former staff writer and anointed “Guinevere of the Algonquin Round Table,” the late Dorothy Parker. She joined The New Yorker as a staff writer at its inception, in 1925, and, from 1927 to 1931, she wrote the immensely popular Reading and Writing column. To celebrate, revisit her short story “Just a Little One,” on the pitfalls of having just one more little drink. Read the full story here. 

Charming Chevron 

My basement has a central space that separates the TV lounge and cold room from the common snooker area. That space is also the most boring of areas in my house so I decided to make it a little “charming.”
Here are a couple of pics of the project that I was working on last week: 

Several hours of careful measurement and some 50 metres of painter’s tape later…

Color me red Make me bleed: from brush to roller to hand sponging, I cried tears of blood while trying to even out the shades:

But it was worth it… 

Et voilà:

[My grandma brought those handmade reflective mirror vases from Pakistan after she saw the red decor in our pool room, love how they went with the chevron] 
and a Before and After pic:


Hey guys! I spent all weekend creating lighters, and I’ve finally added them to my shop!

Remember, if you’d like to win any lighter from my shop for FREE, go ahead and follow @weed-breath and enter her giveaway! It features so many amazing gifts by so many talented tumblr stoner artists.

  What you see in my shop might not be there by the end of the giveaway though, so purchase anything you know you need!

  I’ve added countless new themes including, Pokemon, Scooby Doo, Game of Thrones, Bob’s Burgers, and many many many more!

oftd featuring. tezri propie


Remember these? Yup, the tutorials.

Some people have been asking me why I have stopped posting them - well they take quite a lot time to do and when I did them, I was working for a group that was paying for them. When I finished the contract with that company I decided to make a Patreon account and when I reach the 150$ pledge I will return with the tutorials. so if you wish to see the tutorials again, go support. :)

Till then, every 5 and 15 $ patron gets requests every 3-1 month respectively. :) So if you wish to donate and get requests on a regular basis, please go ahead.

Also, signal boosting is very much appreciated. Thank you :)