scotch tape nail art

Scotch Tape Nail Art Tutorial

“Scotch Tape Nail Art Tutorial” might be a misleading title for this post… “Tutorial” makes it sound like I actually know what I’m talking about. In actuality, this is a collection of steps I followed from a combination of other tutorials found here, accompanied by a series of photos documenting this nail art experiment. I was pretty proud of this first attempt at scotch tape nail art and strongly encourage you to try it!

Note about these photos: it is difficult to take photos of your own hands with wet nails and scotch tape sticking out everywhere.

Enough excuses, here it is..

Materials: Many different nail polish colors, scotch tape, scissors, pinking shears and fun shaped scrapbook scissors (optional)

Step 1: Paint your nails a solid color. I had done this a day or two in advance, so it was definitely dry before putting any scotch tape on it.

Step 2: Cut out different shapes of scotch tape and stick them on your nails. Stripes are a real easy one and look really fun. Pinking shears are also an easy way to get a cool zig zag edge. Keep in mind the spaces left uncovered by tape are what will be colored in the next step.

Step 3: Choose some contrasting colors to the color that is already on your nails. Use one color per nail, paint over your entire nail. Let dry until tacky.

Step 4: Slowly peel off the scotch tape. Ooo and ahh at the fun shapes you’ve created.

Step 5: Add details (optional), I added white and yellow dots with a tiny brush.

Step 6: Apply top coat. Once again, ooo and ahh at the fabulous nails you have. Await compliments. 

Have you tried this before? Share your helpful hints and photos with us!


My boyfriend said this mani makes him think of spaceships beaming someone up, haha. Either way, I really liked how these ones turned out.

The base is Essie ‘Sand Tropez’.

The triangles are (a bunch of bright polishes):

China Glaze

  • Celtic Sun
  • Highlight of the Summer
  • That’s Shore Bright
  • Flip Flop Fantasy

Color Club

  • East Austin
  • Disco Dress

Sinful Colors

  • 24/7

-the nail never stops-