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I want him to be remembered for what he was – not this tragic figure he has been turned into by nit-pickers and people who used to stalk us and collect photographs and ‘evidence’ of what we were doing on a certain day. He could be grumpy, and he could be terrible in the studio, getting exactly what he wanted – but he was fun, he was charming. I want people to remember the man I knew.” – Kathy Etchingham about Jimi Hendrix

Kathy met Jimi in the Scotch of St James nightclub, on the day of his arrival in London in September 1966. They became a couple during the time of his rise to stardom. Kathy was the inspiration for many of Hendrix’s compositions, including “The Wind Cries Mary” (penned after an argument between Hendrix and Etchingham), “Foxy Lady” (during one of the first performances of this number Hendrix pointed her out from the stage), as the Katherina in “1983… (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)”, and in “Send My Love to Linda” (the original lyrics of which were “Send My Love to Kathy” until Etchingham objected to being named).

She’s my girlfriend, my past girlfriend and probably my future girlfriend; my mother, my sister and all that bit. My Yoko Ono from Chester.” – Jimi Hendrix about Kathy Etchingham

Fashion feature from UK Woman’s Own magazine, December 18, 1965 issue:   SWINGING PARTY-TIME FASHIONS (at London’s Scotch of St. James Club)   It’s here! The time for parties - smart, casual, simply elegant or even just plain fun. Think of the occasion and pick something sensational to wear. Like these glittering pop styles, after-six sophisticates, simple lines for home entertaining or pretty, casual styles for office parties. - Suzanne Grey   POP PARTY   From left to right: pop star Susan Maughan in a gold lamé dress with gored skirt, V-neck. By Simon Massey, 9 gns. Also in silver.   Model girl Pattie Boyd chooses smooth black crepe with spotted bow and matching flutes on hem - perfect on a blonde! By Marlborough, £6 19s. 6d. Black only. Sizes 10-16.   TV commère Anne Nightingale (behind Pattie) wears an ankle-length black wool dress with white collar and hem. By Miss Novell, £5 19s. 6d. Sizes 10-16.   Top Of The Pops Samantha Juste picks a pink chiffon flamenco dress, dotted in white. By Shubette, 7½ gns. Other colours: black and banana.   Singer Julie Grant chooses a turquoise felt shift, studded with enormous purple circles. By Lee Cecil, 99s. 6d. Also in black/pink.   In the background and making up a really fun party at the Scotch club in St. James’s, the ‘Hollies’ and new group, Adam, Mike and Tim. Hollies’ Allan Clarke upper left. * * * *   SOURCE of scan is the Pattie Boyd’s Sixties Style group at Yahoo!