scotch nails

I seriously took this picture this afternoon…decided to treat myself and start my birthday a week early with this new-to-me bottle of Scotch and a new nail polish called “Hyde Park”.  I wanted to drink to the amazing love and support and intelligence that we’ve all shown over the course of this past week.  Intended to invite you all to join me in a toast to the Sam and Cait we know and love, and remember the days when they were talking about spending the day getting to know one another walking around Hyde Park. (Remember that?)

Then I log on and find that Cait and crew have already started the toasting,back in Scotland (thank goodness!) and we’re all smiles and feeling a bit better about the Outlander world.  So here I sit, wearing my own warm and wooly shipper socks, lifting my glass in thanks to you all.  I intend to tread cautiously going forward, to continue to respect Sam and Cait and be happy to be in the company of such a classy bunch of fans