Scorpio’s shell is quite thick to protect them from any outside force that might disturb their serenity. If one is worthy enough to see them through, they will slowly uncover themselves, exposing their vulnerability but still skeptic of what the result might be preparing for “PLAN B” to keep it handy.
—  Scorpio and secretive nature

anonymous asked:

Hi Taurus f in love with scorpio m Wondering what happens when scorpios pull back and seem to go cold . How are they feeling ,thinking .We reach a new level of intimacy and then he pulls back . I barely hear from him for a week . I still feel after 2 yrs his holding back ... Confused :( Thankyou :)

Do not be worried sweetie.. There is really something called “hibernation” or “recollection with the soul” for the Scorpios. They really resort to hold back after a sweet level up or something.  It is like a energy recharge for them to become even better in terms for their emotional management and handling relationships. Although Scorpios have very tough exterior, they are actually a very vulnerable sign, being too emotional and intense and how they deal with relationships. Let him have his alone time, he badly needed it. Just check him up every once in a while to let him feel you are around and still care but not do it too much. He might get irritated, it is like infesting their privacy. 

Best of luck!