Scorpions come in 7 varieties: White, Red, Pale, Green, Blackish Pale, Crab, and Honey.

They like nothing more than clean linen, and spend large amounts of time licking themselves clean and then wrapping themselves in fresh sheets.

Scorpions arise from rotting crabs and dirty rain, and also grow in people’s skulls if they sniff basil too much.

The hatred between Scorpions and crocodiles and the birth of scorpions from crocodile eggs is a well documented phenomenon.

Lions will flee whenever they see a scorpion.

Human spit is deadly to scorpions.

Scorpions can be paralyzed by the touch of radishes, water-mallows or henbane. White Ellebore will revive them. They are also driven off by violet seed, hazelnut branches, white thorn, and crabs with basil in their mouths.

Scorpions are utterly opposed to sunlight and will die if exposed to it for too long.

They are most dangerous in the morning, before they have vented their poison.

Vipers that kill a scorpion become more venomous.