loving happy’s character development a lot because the writers don’t detract from who she is or try to change her, but just make her more open/willing to talk about her feelings (not all the time which is really more realistic) and they’re not trying to change her, but letting her have moments where she’s able to communicate and talk about what she wants which she would have never done in season 1

Coming this January:

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Trust Me, It's Worth It

I haven’t posted in what feels like years but tonight’s ep made me feel things and I had to write it out. I started this at 11:01 and it was written in an hour, please be gentle. Thanks to bae @mirkwood-meriwether for being encouraging and lovely and reading this for me.


“Happy, can we talk?” Paige knew they had already talked through their issues, she knew they were fine. Several months ago, maybe even several days ago, she would have left this alone. Now, she still had a few things she wanted to get off her chest.

She’d walked over to her desk, almost cornering her.

"Talk about what?” Happy said, placing the screwdriver she was holding back on her desk.

Paige was taking a risk having this conversation first thing in the morning, she’d have to deal with unhappy Happy all day if this didn’t go well, but this needed to be said.

“Cabe told me about what you said in the truck yesterday.” She spoke slowly, knowing this could go south faster than she could blink.

“I know I shouldn’t have blamed you -” Happy started off with what seemed as if it could be an extensive monologue, before Paige cut her off.

“It’s not about that, we’ve talked about that already, that’s water under the bridge. It’s just that Toby told me about how much you want a baby, and don’t get pissed at him for telling me that.” Paige stopped for a minute, pointing an accusing finger at Happy.

“He’s excited, he hasn’t even been here and hour and he’s already asking me all these questions. I asked him why he’s not asking Cabe the same questions, I mean, I’m not a father…” She trailed off for a moment, trying to remember her original point. “But, he told me he needs to be the support for you that I would have wanted when I was in that stage of life.”

Happy was touched, but still a little confused as to why Paige was telling her this.

“Back to the point. Between what Cabe said and how I think Toby feels, I’m concerned.” Paige took a deep breath, and Happy tensed.

“For years, I’ve been trying to get all of you to understand your feelings, and feel your feelings, but the conversation in the car makes me think that you don’t understand all of your feelings.” Paige crossed her arms, ready to get down to business.

“I’m not following.” Happy was trying to remain calm, and trying to ignore her immediate inclination to either run or attack.

“You know how to handle your positive feelings. You know what you feel when you complete a project, or when we solve a problem that statistically we shouldn’t have, or what you feel when you look at Toby.” Her voice dropped lower as more people trickled into the garage. “You know what you feel that makes you want to be a mother.”

“If you know that I know all of that, what exactly are you concerned about?” Happy’s tone wasn’t accusing, but it wasn’t entirely friendly either.

“I’m concerned you still don’t understand your negative feelings. When you were angry with yourself, you blamed me. I don’t want that to continue, and I don’t want you to feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. I know from experience that having a baby involves more guilt and self-doubt than you’d ever think. You’re going to mess up. When the baby cries for hours and you endlessly question what you did wrong, you have to deal with that. You have to understand those emotions and feel those feelings.” Paige stopped to take a breath and gage Happy’s reaction.

“You’re saying I need to be prepared to mess up?” She seemed thoughtful, still considering Paige’s words.

“I’m saying you need to prepare for what you’re going to feel when you mess up. You have to deal with it and move on, not pass blame and let it fester. You’ve come such a long way, Happy. You want a family, and you’re ready for it. All I’m trying to say is that I want you to be prepared for all of it, and I want you to know that what you feel when you look at Toby, and what you’re going to feel when you see your baby for the first time is worth whatever bad things you might feel along the way. The good in loving people and having feelings is more than worth the bad. There is nothing wrong with being Mrs. Feelings.”

Paige took a step back, letting Happy absorb her words.

“Do you really think I’m ready?” Happy looked away and lowered her voice, her surly exterior melted away.

“Absolutely.” She stopped to look over at Toby. “You have a great husband, and me, and the whole team to support you. This is what you want more than anything in the world, and you’re going to be great at it.”

Happy smiled and stepped in front of her desk to pull Paige into a loose hug. Before they broke apart, she whispered a quiet “Thank you.”

“Mother to future mother, your baby is going to be lucky to have such great parents.” Paige whispered back.

i really don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, and i couldn’t be happier for waige and all of their fans, who are finally getting all of the cute couple-y moments they’ve deserved since season 1.

but where were all of these moments for quintis? they’re married and starting a family and that’s great! but we never got to see their dates, or just moments of them being close and intimate. i feel like we missed out on a lot of their relationship progression, and they’re making it up for us by giving it all to waige.

but as i said, i love waige, and i’m glad they are finally getting their act together, with each other. wink.