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Infantry Tank Mk.II “Matilda”
The prototype tank Infantry Tank Mk.II “Matilda”

The A7 medium tank, which served as the basis for the development of “Matilda”.

Matilda Mk.III, intended for dispatch to the USSR, 1941.
Matilda CS
Matilda Frog, flamethrower version of “Matilda”
Matilda Scorpion, equipped with a mine trawl impact.
Matilda CDL searchlight installation for the defense of the English channel, the exhibit Museum Bovington today.

Rectifying Paige’s “worst fear”: 

Okay, so Happy’s fear began as a general fear: she fears being alone, abandonment, and being ostracized/unloved. It takes longer for the fear to go deeper…for the pinnacle of her fear (being rejected by Toby) to be realized. Paige was only affected by the gas for a short period of time. Her initial fear was losing Walter, particularly losing him as a significant person in her life. I believe that if we were to see her fear continue to materialize, her fear would run deeper and Ralph would most definitely be included. After all, we’ve seen Paige when Ralph is in danger, upset, or hurt. We see the sacrifices she is willing to make for her son:

  • You work two jobs…he has orthotics…everything you have goes to Ralph.
  • My son almost died today. –> Leaves Scorpion
  • Ralph cries. He’s my friend. –> Goes back to Scorpion
  • FLIPS A SHIT when Ralph is taken by the fake ATF guy
  • Etc.

So, somewhere in her worst fear is Ralph. It probably runs darker than the exposure allowed. Personally, I think her fear is the loss of family and/or letting down her son. She fears losing Walter because they are friends, almost more, and he central to her life. It is her job, her son, her love life. Additionally, she fears not giving Ralph the best life she could give him. Walter is a huge part of that. And maybe, somewhere down deep, she knows it would be different if he was in a relationship. He’s a father-figure to Ralph and I think she knows (in her heart if not her head) that sometime down the line they could be a family. And her fear of losing that is too much to handle.

anonymous asked:

How do you think Walter's space memories will come back and how do you think he will react?

* * * * Alright so for starters, please no one reblog this to comment your own ideas.  Put them in your tags all day long, but this is what I think and I’d like to keep the content of this specific post to what I think.* * * *

In terms of how he will remember/find out, I have a few ideas:

  • Someone will slip and bring it up.
  • He will find video footage.
  • His memory will be visually triggered (i.e. seeing a capsule again, seeing Paige in her 2.01 outfit, etc, remember no character knows that he was seeing her wearing that so it’s possible she could just casually decide to wear it one day and that’d do it).
  • His memory will be triggered some other way, such as hearing the song they danced to, hearing some dialogue that someone casually says that happened to be included in his hallucination, being put into space again, being in some oxygen deprivation situation again, etc.

Now his memory could come back all at once or in snippets (and with either option, it could be hazy or crystal clear), but I don’t think the way they return will affect the how too much.

In terms of how he will react: (and it could be a subset of these)

  • Anger at Paige for telling him she loved him and promising they’d be together if he survived.
  • Anger at Paige for knowing how he feels about her and continuing to flaunt Tim in front of him as opposed to not trying to make the two be friends and by limiting PDA at work like Quintis does.
  • Anger at everyone who knew about it for keeping it all from him.
  • A level of fear and distrust of everyone for a while, since some pretty significant stuff happened that they all knew about all this time and didn’t give him a heads up about.
  • Uncontrolled curiosity at if Paige meant anything that she said.
  • Pretending that he doesn’t remember and so while we know he has, the rest of the characters don’t - this way we probably wouldn’t know how he feels about it, at least not right away.
  • Complete acceptance, as in assuming from the get go that Paige didn’t mean what she said and it was the only way to bring him home, so she did what she had to do to complete the mission.

There’s so many different ways it could go but these are the most likely ones in my opinion.


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