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1995 Third Year (Vacant Deathday Hall)

Slytherin Students // Astoria Greengrass, Archana Shetty, and Norman “Cheon” Stacey

“If Umbridge is banning clubs and refuses to teach real DADA techniques then we’ll just have to teach ourselves!”

“I just hope Daphne doesn’t find out"

“She’s not apart of the Inquisitorial Squad, are you scared Astoria?“

“I - I’m not afraid, its just that now she’s being annoying older sister, wanting to know what I’m doing every second.”

“Daphne has too much time on her hands.”

“What are you two doing, and where is my invite?”


“Well we’re um-

“No explanation needed, let me join in on the fun!”

“So exciting, rebelling right under their noses. What exactly are we doing again?”

“You two remember first year, when the Ministry stationed Dementors at the school?”

“Who could forget, it was downright chilling”

I think we should - no we are going to learn the most powerful defensive charm.

The Patronus Charm!

commission by the awesome @sadfishkid

so today I messed around a bit with the SNES Mortal Kombat 2 beta rom

i’ve learned the following:

You can do fatalities whenever you want, in many situations they don’t even kill and are repeatable

fatalities cannot be dodged, also Scorpion turns into Sub-zero for some reason when he gets cut in half

the beta has no draw games, if the timer runs out with both players having equal HP then it just cuts back to the title screen. if you happened to be scrolling the screen at that moment, the momentum carries over to the title screen

fatalities can be interrupted, often freezing your opponent and leaving sprites stuck on the screen. grabbing your opponent in this frozen state damages YOU, not them

doing this during Reptile’s fatality lets you just walk off the damn screen. also, his head comes off

fatalities can even be interrupted by another fatality

lastly, baraka floats. he just fuckin’ floats y’all

in conclusion I give it an amazing/10, I don’t regret checking this out

Pt 2: Percy/Annabeth Swap

(Part 1 can be found here)

  • When the girl wakes up, Percy shows her around and tries to help explain everything to her
  • She’s called Annabeth, and Percy soon finds out she’s…strong-willed, and they end up clashing every five minutes
  • Luckily, otherwise Annabeth seems to settle into camp reasonably well
  • Percy soon realises she’s seriously clever, and she develops a strategy that helps them win a game of Capture the Flag
  • It’s around about then when Annabeth gets claimed by Athena
  • It turns out Athena wants Annabeth to go on a quest to solve the recent lightning thief dispute that’s arisen, and Annabeth’s just as keen because she wants to rescue her father
  • Percy’s accused of being the thief, what with being a son of Poseidon and all, and also due to the fact that there was a Camp Half-Blood trip to Olympus last solstice
  • So of course he begs Chiron to let him go on the quest
  • “It’s Annabeth’s choice, Percy, she’s leader of the quest,” Chiron says gently
  • “Well, if she really is the Wise Girl she says she is, she should choose me! I want to help!”
  • Annabeth blushes at that. “Fine, you can come… as long as you promise not to be too much of a Seaweed Brain”
  • Annabeth jokes about it, but she’s grateful for Percy’s experience, especially considering how good he is with a dagger, and at using his demigod powers
  • Percy, Grover and her make a pretty good team
  • Luke wishes them luck when they leave, and it’s immediately clear that Annabeth has a crush on Luke
  • For some reason, that bothers Percy
  • They become a lot closer on the quest, and Percy realises Annabeth maybe isn’t so annoying as he first thought she was
  • Yeah, she’s stubborn and can be arrogant, but she’s also resourceful and she cares a lot
  • Grover rolls his eyes whenever they start bickering though, which is a lot
  • The quest is difficult, but they make it through it, and they succeed, they return the lightning bolt to Zeus and come back to camp as heroes, and Grover goes off on his search for Pan
  • It’s what comes after that’s the hard part
  • When Luke asks Annabeth to go on a walk before she leaves Camp for the year, she agrees, blinded by her schoolgirl crush
  • She barely survives the scorpion attack. It turns out Kronos wants Annabeth out of the picture, because while Percy is key to the prophecy, and he needs him if he wants Percy to raze Olympus, Annabeth is a threat
  • Percy doesn’t believe it for a few days, because there’s surely no way Luke, the guy who rescued him when he was a kid, who showed him how to be a hero, is working for Kronos…
  • …But deep inside he knows it’s true: Luke betrayed them
  • He’s angry, so, so angry
  • He spends a lot of time by Thalia’s tree, just sitting there and thinking, and there’s not much anyone can say to console him, not even Chiron, who knows Percy so well
  • After a few days, when Annabeth finally wakes up and recovers from the scorpion attack, Percy is finally woken out of his daze
  • Annabeth leaves camp to return to her family, her school for the year, and she hugs Percy goodbye
  • She makes him promise to keep in contact, and Percy realises how devastated he would have been if Annabeth had died
  • After seeing what Luke did to her, he becomes determined
  • That’s the day he put down the dagger Luke gave him, and vowed not to use it ever again
  • The next day, he starts training with a sword his father gifted to him in the night
  • It is the weapon Percy swears to fight Kronos and Luke with
  • The sword’s name is Riptide
  • (Update: Part 3 can be found here)
Bonus episode - an excerpt from the next Night Vale novel!


Not everyone believes in mountains. Yet, there they are, in plain sight. Scientists insist, rather halfheartedly, that mountains are the bulging results of tectonic shifts along massive rocky plates. Mountains develop naturally over the course of many millennia, scientists say under their breaths.

Most people believe that mountains aren’t there at all, even if mountains are visible, as they often are. Nonbelievers will explain that our minds create sensory illusions to help explain what we cannot understand. Like the shapes of gods and monsters in the stars, or messages in tea leaves, or government codes in cloud patterns.

Mountains, real or not, ring this desert like the rim of an empty dinner plate. Scattered sparsely along the flat middle are small towns with names like Red Mesa, Pine Cliff, and right in the center, Night Vale.

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anonymous asked:

In the other question answer, you said Mutsuki and Juuzou relate to butterflies as well, how so? It feels like there's been a scorpion motive between them, their quinques and Mutsuki's Bikaku Kagune seemingly having scorpion like tails, sorry for the confusion haha..

No worries. It’s possible there’s a scorpion connotation as well (and scorpions and butterlfies are associated together in TG, but we’ll get to that), but both Juuzou and Mutsuki drawn with butterflies ensnared in spiders’ webs during moments wherein they’re trapped. 

This is during the clown raid arc, where Juuzou is trapping himself by killing both humans and ghouls and knowing it.

Mutsuki when he’s captured by Torso:

It’s also worth noting in chapter 112 which is called Saved From the Web we see butterflies associated with V as well:

I think V are the spinners of the web, personally, ensnaring and trapping people like Juuzou and Mutsuki in their twisted web.

And also Kanou who creates a scorpion-butterfly hybrid:

Kind of a symbol really for what’s happened to the three characters most associated with butterflies–Juuzou, Mutsuki, and Kaneki, who are all foils of each other. They’re butterflies whom cruel scientists and a cruel ghoul owner have turned into scorpions. They’re children, really, and victims in a lot of the sense of the world, but trapped in the web of V. 

You need to get rid of the web to save them, and I think all three of them will be saved. 

Thank you for the ask!

Catching Murphy, Part 9

Warnings: Swearing, possible nsfw content, partying, underaged drinking
Word Count: 8285 (yeesus, y’all really need to stop letting me write this nsfw shit)
Summary: You, Miss (y/n) (y/l/n), had a crush on Connor Murphy for years, from a distance of course. You had always been too shy to approach him, and the fact around school that he was an aggressive stoner caused you to become even more shy. One day, in history class, your teacher decided to assign a project and assigned everyone a partner—you and Connor were partnered together. Could you two grow close during the project and remain close? Or will Connor go back to ignoring you after the project comes to a close?
A/N: I apologize if Connor is a biiiiit OOC… ;-; Obviously takes place in an AU where Connor is alive.
Oh hey look it’s my masterlist, tah-dah
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His sigh gave it away. He was so fucking annoyed with you, but something about you was endearing. Like, he really did grow feelings for you in the two or three days you two had been talking. Taking an entirely different approach to his retort, he surprised you with a serious sounding, “Yes! Okay, fine, we’ll fuck on the hood of my truck! Are you satisfied, (y/n)? I am going to fuck you on the hood of my truck and you will enjoy it like you always do, you fucking slut for me!”

“Oh wow… that was actually kinda hot, Connor,” you said aloud.

“That was the point,” he said, turning his attention to you at a stop sign. He leaned over, grabbed your chin and forcefully kissed you. Not that you minded in the slightest. No, you were actually liking the kisses you had been receiving from Connor the last day and a half. When he pulled away from the kiss, he started driving towards the park.

You and Connor arrived at the park, both having come down from your highs a bit. Connor got out of his truck, and you followed him. “So? Where are we going to lay down and stargaze?” you asked him.

“The fucking grass? Where else?” Connor said, laying on the ground in front of his truck.

Shrugging, you lay on the ground next to him. “Sorry, thought maybe we’d lay in the bed of your truck,” you said.

Connor laughed curtly, “Fuck no. The grass is more comfortable than the fucking cold metal bed of my truck.”

You laughed as well as you answered, “I mean, I can’t disagree with you there, Con. The soft but prickly grass is hella more comfortable.”

“That’s why we lay here and not in the bed of the truck, dumbass,” smirked Connor.

You smiled and casted your eyes up towards the inky black sky, which was littered with points of light. The sounds of nature filled your ears and you grinned widely, sighing happily. “Look at the stars, Con. Hey, look, Orion’s out!” you exclaimed, pointing at the constellation. “He’s my favorite constellation! I wish he was here year round, ya know?”

Connor smirked to himself. Of course you would like the constellation Orion. It was dependable, there in the winter and being a tell-tale sign that the cold season has arrived. “Of course you would like Orion, (y/n),” he said.

“Oh excuse me, Mister Judge-my-favorite-constellation! What’s yours, hmm?” you huffed, crossing your arms over your chest.

Scoffing, Connor answered, “Ursa Major and Scorpio, duh. The coolest badasses in the night sky. Not some dumb giant huntsman.”

You gasped, “Excuse you, Connor Murphy! Orion is a famous constellation and I love the story behind it!”

“Do you even fucking know it?” he asked, sitting up and looking down at you.

Sitting up, you said, “Duh. He was a great huntsman who killed beasts like lions and such as a means to prove himself to someone, probably someone he loved.”

Your words caused the long-haired stoner to laugh heartily. “Oh my fucking GOD! You don’t know the story at all!! That’s not the story, you idiot!” he laughed. He was laughing so hard that he held his sides and rolled on the ground. Connor didn’t know why he found it so funny that you got the story so wrong, but he did. After a few minutes of laughing, Connor recollected himself. “Jesus fucking Christ, I’m sorry but, damn, that was fucking hilarious to me.”

It took Connor a minute to notice that your face had turned bright red in embarrassment and your cheeks were puffed out. “So then what’s the actual story, you fucking prick?!” you said quickly, fully irritated at his laughter. This is why you usually kept quiet in subjects you didn’t know much about, because you were afraid of someone laughing at you and saying you were wrong. As your anger and irritation dwindled, you felt like shrinking away in utter embarrassment.

“There are actually two different versions of Orion’s story. The longer story is that Orion, the giant hunter born somewhere in Boeotia, visits Chios and falls in love with the king’s daughter. Merope was the princess the huntsman fell in love with. However, her father, King Oenopion, refused to let Orion have his daughter’s hand. Even after Orion…” Connor trailed off and thought about what you had said. He sighed and continued, feeling dumb that he had laughed at you for basically being right with at least one of the stories behind Orion, “…cleared the island of wild beasts. When the king still refused to give Orion Merope’s hand in marriage, he tried taking her by force. When Oenopion learned of Orion’s assault, he got the huntsman drunk, blinded him then casted him out of the island. Long story short, Orion was killed by Artemis due to Apollo challenging his archer-goddess sister that she could not hit the black mass wading in the sea. Once he was found dead by Artemis, she placed him in the stars.”

A moment of silence passed between the two of you, as Connor silently waited for you to call him out. But you didn’t, you really didn’t know the mythology behind the constellations and it made him sigh in relief to himself. He continued, “The other, shorter version tells us that Orion was the son of Neptune and the Amazon Queen, Euryale. In this version, it is said that Orion inherited her talent and became the greatest hunter in the world. But, ya know, fuck-tard couldn’t be fucking humble about it, hell no—he had the biggest fucking ego in the world because of his abilities. He boasted about how he could kill any animal on the whole damn planet and, in total irony, a little fucking scorpion stung and killed him. That scorpion was later turned into the constellation Scorpio, and it’s now on the complete opposite side of Orion, so they wouldn’t get into any other tiffs.”

You sighed and looked at Connor, deadpanned eyes as you said, “So that’s why you like Scorpio? Because it killed my favorite constellation…? Wow Connor…”

“What? Fuck no, that’s not the reason! How in the hell was I supposed to know your favorite fucking constellation was Orion? And go fuck yourself, I’ve liked that constellation way before I knew you,” snapped Connor.

“Anyways,” you sighed, wanting to change the subject. “What’s the story behind Ursa Major?”

Connor sneered a bit as he answered, “That’s a simple story of Zeus being a horny bastard again. There was this nymph named Callisto, who was beautiful and thus gained Zeus’ sexual attention. Callisto followed Artemis and, knowing that, Zeus came to the nymph in the form of the goddess she followed. Zeus then rapes Callisto and gets her pregnant. When it was found out that she was pregnant, Callisto was kicked out of Artemis’ group. Hera is of course both infuriated and jealous as she learns that the nymph bore Zeus a son, and out of her infuriation turns Callisto into a bear. After living in the wilderness for years, Callisto is killed by her own son, who did not know the bear he had just killed was his mother. She was set in the stars following her death. And now she stays, immortalized in the constellation Ursa Major.”

You gasped at the story behind Ursa Major. “Yeesus, Con. That’s a really fucked up story. Do you know anymore?” you asked, genuinely even more interested in the myths behind the constellations.

Your genuine interest, and the 180 from seemingly being annoyed, melted his annoyance away. “Oh?” he stammered for a second. When you blinked at him, he cleared his throat, recovering his cool. “Uhh… no, I don’t know the rest of their backstories. Hell, I don’t even know all of the other ones. I only know the Zodiac, you know like fucking Capricorn and stuff, plus Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Orion and Scorpio,” he said.

“You know Scorpio is one of the Zodiacs, right?” you giggled.

Connor’s thoughts sputtered at your giggle. “Wh-what?” he said, stumbling for a second before your words truly sank in. “O-oh yeah, of course I knew that, dork. You’d have to be a fucking idiot to not know that. It’s just,” he trailed off, somewhat stuttering, “it’s just that since Scorpio is one of my favorites, I lump it with Ursa Major.”

“Oh,” you spoke, humming in thought. “Yeah, I can see that.” It was at that moment that you heard your phone ringing from Connor’s truck. You stood up and looked at him, stuttering, “I, uhh, I should probably get that, it could be my mom.” He nodded and you awkwardly backed away towards his truck.

When you got to the passenger side door you opened the door and leaned into the truck, your lower half sticking out and answered your ringing phone. You hadn’t even looked to see who it was when you answered, “Ciao, this is (y/n) (y/l/n), what’d’ya need?”

Immediately your ear was filled with Jared’s voice, “Yo, (y/n), are you can Connor going to go to the party I was texting you about earlier? Look, I know you said you would prolly be fucking right now, but listen: you should totally come with me and Evan, and Connor, to this party. You seem like the girl who has never had fun with getting drunk in her life! TIME TO LIVE A LITTLE!!”

Rolling your eyes you said, “We actually just got finished with like, round three. I think we can take a break and go to a party with you and Smol Bean. But lemme double check with Con, I gotta mute myself real quick.” Muting yourself you hear Jared tell you go for it. Pushing yourself off the seat and out of the car you looked at Connor before calling out to him, “Hey, Con! Can you come here real quick?”

Connor looked back at you, sighed and pushed himself off the grassy ground. You watched as he swatted some dirt off of his pants and hoodie, walking over to you. “Hey? The fuck do you need, dork?” he asked.

“Oh, Glasses Kink just was asking if we were going to go to the party tonight with him and Ev. Can we?” you asked, giving him your best puppy eyes. “I’ve never been to a party before and who better to go with than my teacher and our friends?”

An eyebrow raised in question as Connor asked, “Are you sure that you want to go, (y/n)? Because you don’t know how well you can hold your alcohol. And Christ knows I can’t have you getting fucking alcohol poisoning because you drink too much.”

“You act as if you won’t be there to make sure I don’t get that messed up, Connor. But, anyways, yes, I’m sure I wanna go. Even Jared said I gotta live a little,” you said.

Both you and Connor heard Jared’s voice asking, “Hello? Are you still there? I hope you aren’t fucking her without unmuting me, Murphy! Lemme hear them moans of hers! And I need the fucking answer like, within the next hour, because that is when this party starts.”

An devilish smile swept across your face as an evil idea popped into your head. “Wanna make Glasses Kink think we’re doing shit?” you questioned, “Like you touch me and I’ll make it seem like you’re fingering me as I tell Glasses we’re gonna go to the party? You up for it?”

Connor smiled back at you with an equally as evil smirk. “You’re such an evil bitch, you know that? And you see, this is exactly one of the several reasons why I find you so goddamn attractive,” he said without thinking. The moment those words left his mouth, he wanted to shoot himself in the foot.

Luckily for Connor, you had not been paying much attention to him after his first sentence, as you were trying to find the perfect position to be in while you two had sex. “Yeah, I know I’m a bitch, Con. Now come here and let’s make him think we’re having sex,” you said.

Phew, she didn’t hear what I said… Pay more attention to what you say, fucking moron! You’ve only been talking to her for 2-3 days, don’t scare her off by fucking telling her you’re already so goddamned attracted to her yet, he thought to himself as he moved towards you. Connor found himself thinking to himself how hot it would be to fuck you against the hood of his truck now, as that was where you leaning, waiting for him. When he was a few inches in front of you, he stopped and watched you.

Your eyes flickered with mischief as you signaled for him to touch you. “Okay, start touching me, Con. I’m about to unmute him,” you said with a devious smile. Connor nodded at you and leaned over you, latching his lips to your neck—something which you actually hadn’t prepared for. His hands were on different spots on your body, one on your hips and one stroking your waist. As your breath hitched, you unmuted Jared and said, “Sorry, Jared! I-I checked with Con and—fuck—yeah, we-we’re gonna c-c…” Connor bit your neck and you genuinely moaned into the phone, “Oh God, yes, more!”

“So you’re gonna come?” asked Jared, “Also, those are some sexy moans, (y/n). One day I shall be the one making you moan like that, I can do such a better than Murphy.”

Connor growled against your neck and said, pulling away from you, “Absolutely not, Kleinman. (Y/n) is mine and if I ever see a hickey that I didn’t make anywhere on her body, I will throttle you myself. Understand me, Jared?” He was almost getting territorial over you.

“Sure, dude, sure. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself, Murphy. You know I could fuck your girl better than you. Now, this is all besides the point, you need to come get me and Evan.”

“Really? Really, Jared! I’m sitting here, trying to fuck my fucking girl and you want me to stop and get you and Evan?” Connor asking in a semi-annoyed tone. Of course he was playing along with your prank, rather convincingly, too you added to yourself.

A breathless laugh escaped your body as you answered, “C-come on, Con. Give Jared a break, he just wants us to go have fun with him and Ev.”

Connor’s eyes met your gaze and he sighed, “Fine. Fucking fine. If you want to go to this party, then who am I to stand in your way?” You nodded excitedly, a wide and gentle smile on your lips. “Okay, put on your shirt and we’ll go pick up those two dumbasses.”

Both you and Jared squealed in happiness, a manly squeal on Jared’s part, might you add. “Yay,” you two said in unison. “Okay, we’ll be at your house in like fifteen to twenty minutes, Jared! Because I know that Con knows where you live!” you exclaimed, pushing Connor off of you.

“Okay, see you then, sexy,” Jared all but purred. You could hear the wink in his voice and you rolled your eyes. You gave a curt, ‘yeah, see you then’ before hanging up.

The bright smile from moments ago was still present on your face as you jumped into Connor’s truck. “C’mon, Con! We gotta go! I’m ready to paaarty,” you said in a happy, sing-song voice.

A sigh left Connor’s lips as he moved to the driver’s seat and started the truck. “You’re so fucking special, (y/n). You know that?” he spoke quietly, looking over at you and shaking his head.

“Yeah, I know, thanks for reminding me, Murphy,” you retorted, looking down at your phone. Possibly texting Jared or even Evan. Connor rolled his eyes and pulled off, intent on going to get Evan and Jared. You really wanted to go to this party and he would make sure you did, even if he wasn’t sure you were ready for that.

Thirty minutes later, Jared and Evan were in the backseat of the truck with you and Conor. “Murphy!” called Jared from the back.

“What, Kleinman?” asked Connor.

“Can we listen to Deepthroat?”

A scoff left Connor’s throat as he said, “Tch. No fucking way, Kleinman. Not in my truck.”

“But (y/n) needs to hear this song,” insisted Jared. The geek nudged Evan’s shoulder, saying, “Right, Evan? She needs to hear this song, riiiight?”

Evan stuttered in your defense, “I-if she, well, if she wants to… umm… if she wants to hear the song… she, she can, Jar-Jared. Don’t, um, don’t force her to…”

The anxious blond’s stuttering answer left you smiling. “Thanks, Ev. He’s right, Jared, you can’t force me to listen to Deepthroat. I wanna listen to Arctic Monkeys,” you answered, looking back at the brown-haired geek.

A groan left Jared’s throat as he leaned back and covered his face, his hands slipping up into his hair as he fisted it briefly. “Are you serious?! You three are total killjoys!”

“Just wait until we get to the party, okay, Jared?” you said, smiling back at him.

He almost glared at you as he hissed, “You better make it up to me, fucking party poopers!”

You tapped your chin as you answered, “Oh, believe me, I will! I’ve never been drunk before, so it should be fun!”

Connor rolled his eyes, saying, “Meaning that I have to keep a close eyes on her, on top of keeping an eye on you and Evan, Jared. So fucking control yourself tonight. For once!”

“I always control myself, Connor. What are you talking about?” Jared spoke, placing a hand over his chest in disbelief.

“No, you don’t, Kleinman. You’re the one who ruins myself and Evan’s good time. Usually. There have been a few times where Evan’s ruined an outing, but those are few and far between, and it’s usually your dumb ass, Kleinman,” said Connor, a certain air of seriousness in his tone.

Evan snickered quietly to himself at Connor’s words and so did you. Jared was seemingly offended as he huffed, “Well, whatever! You’re wrong, Murphy, and you know it!”

You busted out laughing as Connor’s truck lurched to a stop in front of the party house. Your mouth dropped as you recognized the house. It was a friend of yours and Alexa’s, her name was Kayley. “Oh my God! This party is being held at Kayley’s house!?” you screamed in disbelief.

“Yeah, it is. You know her or something?” Jared asked, getting out of Connor’s truck.

Everyone got out of his truck and as you closed your door, you answered Jared. “Duh, of course I know her. She is a good friend of Lexy and myself. Why didn’t she or Lexy invite me to the party?”

Connor walked up beside you and wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you to walk towards the house with them. “I’m sure they fucking did invite you, dork. You were probably just not near your phone when they asked. Or you forgot about them asking you,” he reassured you.

You looked at him and nodded. “Yeah… you’re probably right, Con. But, like, how did you three get invited to this party? You aren’t even friends with Kayley.”

“I heard from a guy, who heard from one of Kayley’s friends, who heard from Kayley that you didn’t need an invite to come to this party. It’s a free-for-all. Anyone can come and go as they please,” came Jared’s explanation.

“Umm… I don’t think that’s how it works, but, okay…” you muttered as the four of you walked up to the front door. When you reach the door, Connor pushed you out in front of them, signaling that since you were friends with the hostess, that you should be in front. “Okay, okay, I’ll get us in,” you laughed and pushed open the door. The inside of Kayley’s house was flooded with people from school and you were determined to find your friend.

You pushed your way into the house-full of high school students and looked around for your friend, Connor, Jared and Evan following behind you—closing the front door behind them. “Excuse me, have you seen…” you tried to ask a girl who was stumbling drunkenly to the beat of a song. She completely ignored you which caused you to grit your teeth. You tried asking several other already drunken teens where Kayley or Alexa was, and was still ignored.

You were going to have to find out the hard way. Taking a deep breath, you prepared to scream. “EXCUSE ME!! WHERE THE FUCK CAN I FIND KAYLEY SUMMERS?!” you screamed at the top of your lungs into the sea of people.

As soon as you screamed that, someone screamed back, louder than you, “IN THE KITCHEN!! WHO THE FUCK’S ASKING FOR MY ASS?!”

“ME, YOU BITCH!! (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!!” you screamed back.

Connor, Jared and Evan all three looked at you in disbelief. You were really loud and they, especially Connor, hadn’t expected such a loud scream to come from such a shy girl like yourself. The four of you heard Kayley scream back to you, “CUUUUNT!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! COME INTO THE FUCKING KITCHEN!”

“FINE, I’M COMING!!” you screamed back before you shoved your way through the people. “Fucking move, assholes,” you growled as you shoved two girls into each other, not caring if they fell.

The three boys followed behind you, all genuinely surprised at your lack of caring as you angrily shoved through the people. Connor had never seen this side of you and, dare he say it, liked it. An amused smirk appeared on his face as he watched you nudge and shove people out of your way. “Wow,” he said to himself.

He had said it just loud enough for Jared and Evan to hear, too, and the geek replied with, “She is like… ten times hotter to me now.”

“I-I’ve never… umm… never thought she was capable of… capable of this,” stuttered Evan as he played with his shirt nervously. He was the one following closest behind you, followed by Connor, who was followed by Jared.

Connor’s eyes never left your figure as he watched you push a guy and his presumable girlfriend out of the doorway to the kitchen. “FUCKING MOVE! Go make out in the living room on the fucking couch, you pussies,” you growled before stopping in front of a girl.

All of the boys’ eyes fell onto your friend, on Kayley. She was moderately tall, about Evan’s height, and was the seemingly perfect amount of chubby. Like, she made it work, and worked it without it being classified as her being overweight. Kayley wore all black: a black tank-top, a lacy black push-up bra that made her big breasts look that much better (that could be seen underneath her top), and black skinny jeans. Her half-shaven, curly, midnight purple hair cascaded down to her collarbone and her thick-rimmed glasses drew attention to her hazel eyes. Kayley’s arms were opened wide, as she pulled you into a hug, exclaiming delightfully, “Biiiiitch!! What the fuck brings you to my party? I thought Alexa said you weren’t gonna come?”

You smiled and pulled away from the hug, motioning to the three boys behind you. “Well, Jared Kleinman told me that you said anyone was invited. So, Connor and I decided to come to your party with him and Evan Hansen,” you explained.

The midnight-haired girl clapped her hands excitedly as she shouted, “Oh yeah, of course anyone’s invited! Glad he convinced your pussy-ass to come tonight! You’ve always opted out of getting drunk with Alexa and I, (y/n/n)!”

Ruffling your hair almost embarrassedly, you said, “Yeah, sorry about it. I just never knew what I like to drink, ya know? Anyways, speaking of Alexa, where is she?”

Kayley eyed you with a smirk at the mention of your friend. “Oh, Alexa is upstairs getting it on with Jason Dawson! Now, besides the point,” she exclaimed, handing you, Connor, Jared and Evan red solo cups, “enjoy the party! I have beer kegs all throughout the house, some are filled with the best German beer, and some are full of vodka. And of course, the fridge and coolers are all stocked to the brim with beers. And guess who’s parents forgot to lock the liquor cabinet~? This bitch’s! So there’s prime tequila, vodka and whiskey available. If you want some, just hit me up.” Kayley then points to the cabinet behind her, continuing, “If you want a chaser for your hard liquor, we have them back there on that cabinet. And if we run out, there is more in the garage and basement. All—well, most—of the rooms are free if you want alone time with anyone and please God remember to use protection, okay? I can’t have my good friend getting knocked up at my fucking party, Alexa would have my fucking head!”

You laughed and held out your cup, saying, “Wanna hook me up with some whiskey?”

Smiling at your boldness, Kayley took your cup and said, “What do you want? We have some Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch, some Bushmills Black Bush Whiskey, or some Maker’s 46. Pick your poison, babe.”

“Give me what you think is best for a first-time drinker, such as myself,” you answered after a moment of silence.

Kayley nodded and poured you a cup of Maker’s 46. With a sly smile, she handed you the cup back and said, “Drink up, girl. Now remember, this is your first time drinking and so this will burn for a bit. Then it’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy. Also, (y/n/n), we have a special stash of fruity Mike’s Hard Lemonade for you stored in the basement. Alexa and I thought that if you came, we’d start you easy. So, if this liquor is too much for you and you want to ease yourself into this, go downstairs, okay? There is nothing wrong with putting off your first high school bender, you hear me?”

You nodded before sipping on your drink. The burning sensation smacked you right in the face and you enjoyed the feeling of liquid fire sliding down your throat. It tasted amazing, too. “I will, Kayley, thanks. I think I’m gonna go sit out by the pool,” you said and started to walk away.

Connor caught your waist and said, “No, no, no. No fucking way am I letting you out of my sight with this being your first party.”

“But Connoooor,” you whined, “I know my way around this house as if it were my own! And I can handle myself!”

Dragging you with him, Connor walked over to the fridge and grabbed a beer from it. “I don’t care whether you know this house or not, (y/n), you’re not leaving my sight for any reason,” he said seriously.

Jared had gotten a cup of vodka while Evan got a small amount of whiskey and mixed it with Coca-Cola. After getting their drinks, they waded over to you and Connor. “So, sexy, where’s a place where we can chill?” Jared asked you, sipping on his vodka.

“Since Kayley’s parents are fucking loaded, there is a balcony on the second floor overlooking the pool… but, I wanna go sit by the pool,” you said.

Kayley pipped in, “Also, you can go swimming, just not when you’re wasted!! I can’t have people dying at my fucking party!”

Taking another swig/sip of your whiskey, you said, “See? Let’s go sit in the backyard!”

Connor rolled his eyes and pulled you towards the exit of the kitchen, Jared and Evan following you two. “Where is the backyard?” he almost sneered, looking down at you.

You pointed in the direction of the backyard, saying into your cup, “That way, Murphy.”

The four of you waded through the sea of people for about a minute to a minute and a half before you reached the door to Kayley’s backyard. Connor opened the door and lead you three out behind him, all the while his arm had still been wrapped around your waist, keeping you close to him. When you saw that there were only a few people outside, you smiled and drank some more of your drink. “See? Not a lot of people out here, so you can let go of me, Connor,” you said, swatting his hand away from your waist.

Connor sat down at a table on the patio and opened his beer. The can hissed as it was opened and the first thing he did was take a large swig of it. It wasn’t anything good or anything, but it was something to get buzzed on. His eyes watched as you, Jared and Evan sat around the table with him. “So, how’re ya liking your fucking drink, dork?” he asked, his eyes looking directly at you.

Taking another swig, you answered him, “I like it, Con. It burns like hell, but tastes good and also goes down pretty smooth. I can’t get enough. I think I’m almost a quarter of the way done with it already? I dunno, but I really like it. How’s the beer?”

He shrugged at your question, answering, “It’s beer. Nothing to bat an eye about. It tastes the same as every other beer does.”

You turned your gaze to Evan and asked, “How’s your Coke-Whiskey combo tasting, Ev?”

Evan’s brown eyes darted to yours and he nervously tapped his cup. “I-it’s good, (y/n)… thanks for, umm, thanks for asking,” he answered nervously.

You smiled at his stuttering and then turned your (e/c) gaze to Jared, who was smirking, ready for your question. “So, Jared… how’s your vodka?” you asked.

“Why thank you for asking, (y/n)! It is delicious and strong, but I think it could use something else?” he smirked.

A smirk also graced your lips as you answered, “Oh yeah? And what else could it use, Jared?”

“A side of your moans,” he said with a dirty grin.

Connor growled and glared at him, “Not a chance, Kleinman.”

Jared narrowed his eyes at Connor, as if challenging him. “Oh? And why not? I can’t recall you ever saying that you and (y/n) were dating, Murphy. Just that you two were fucking, so that means you’re fuck-buddies. MEANING, she could have sex with anyone she wants to, right? Who says she couldn’t have sex with me, huh,” he challenged Connor.

You and Evan’s mouths drop and you both looked at Connor’s now angered face and Jared’s stupid, cocky grin. He knew he had hit a nerve, but he also knew he was right. And you couldn’t say he was wrong, either. “Well…” you hummed, casting your gaze towards Connor, “Jared’s not entirely wrong, Con.” You could feel the anger building up in Connor as he heard your words, the anger washing over his facial expressions as he seemingly loomed over you, looking down harshly at you.

He knew you were right, but he didn’t want you and Jared to fuck. Partially because he had not even gotten into your pants and he’d be damned if he let Jared be the first. The other half of him just didn’t like the idea of Jared having sex with you, probably because Connor was beginning to develop maybe-feelings for you. “Absolutely not,” Connor spoke sternly, “I don’t care if we are fuck-buddies or not, (y/n), Jared is not going to make you moan like I can. Got it?”

Jared groaned, tipping back his cup, drinking a large gulp of vodka. “You are a fucking cock-block, Murphy. Though, honestly, isn’t it really (y/n)’s choice?” the geek asked, looking at you.

You ignore the geek’s look and looked at Evan, taking a large swig of your whiskey, saying, “Welp… if you two keep fighting and being rude with each other, then this ain’t gonna be fun.”

“I have to, umm, have to agree with you, (y/n),” spoke Evan, looking at his bubbly concoction of Coke and whiskey.

You follow Evan’s lead and looked down at your cup, it was then that you noticed you had drank all the rest of it. When did that happen? “Yeesus… when did I drink the rest?” you asked out loud.

“When Jared and Connor started bickering…” answered Evan, taking a sip of his drink.

Right, guess I subconsciously did it when they started, you thought to yourself as you stared at your empty cup. The whiskey was good and you wanted more. And so you were going to get more. Pushing yourself away from the table, you stood and asked, “I need more liquor. Anybody else in need of a refill and wanna join me?”

Jared stood up and said, looking at his now empty cup, “Yeah, I need a refill, too. I’ll go with you.”

Connor eyed the two of you and said, taking a swig of his beer, “Go get your drinks and come right back, you fucking hear me?”

“Aye, aye, captain!” you exclaimed, giving Connor a mocking salute as you turn to Jared. “Let’s go, Glasses Kink.” You smiled widely as you nudged Jared.

The geek smiled and said, “Yeah, let’s go get more drinks.” After he said that, the two of you disappeared into the crowded house. Once you two were inside the house and away from the back door, Jared’s arm found its way nestled around your waist. With a scoff, he said into your ear, “Murphy, right? Can you believe he won’t let you have fun with me, sexy?”

“Yeesus, Jared, it’s fine. He let us walk away together, didn’t he? Who knows what will happen while we’re on this trek together,” you spoke with a hint of devious intent in your voice.

Jared smiled just as deviously to you. “You’re evil, you know that, (y/n)?” he said to you with that smile.

A devious, devilish smile curled onto your face as you answered him, pressing a finger to your lips, “Shhhh… don’t let others, know, Glasses Kink. It’s something I like to keep under wraps.”

“Jesus, why didn’t I meet you before Connor? The shit we could’ve been doing,” the geek said, pulling you two into the kitchen.

Kayley was on the dining room table, having body shots taken off her body by like three different attractive guys and you laughed. “Kay? Are we interrupting something?” you laughed, walking up to the table.

“Oh, yeah, babe! You back already?” she asked.

You smirked down at your midnight-haired friend as one of the attractive guys took another body shot off her. “Yeah, I’m back already. Connor and Jared started being rude to each other and I drank all my fucking whiskey. I need more. Can you get me more? Or am I gonna have to get it?” you asked with a grin.

A smile crossed Kayley’s face as one of the guys came up and planted a heated kiss onto her lips. Yeah, that was where that conversation ended before it even began. Kayley and the guy got into the kiss, the guy swinging the midnight-haired girl’s legs so they hung off the table as the kiss got hotter by the second. Kayley’s hands tangled into the guy’s hair and you rolled your eyes.

You turned towards the island in the middle of the kitchen and as you moved to grab the Maker’s 46 you knocked into someone. “Hey, watch where you’re—wait? Lexy,” you said.

Your best friend whipped her head around and saw you. “Oh my Goooooood, (y/n/n)! You’re here,” she said drunkenly as she slung her arm around your shoulder. “Have you and Kleinman played Spin The Bottle yet? Or Seven Minutes in Heaven? Cuz, bitch you gotta play those things!” Alexa slurred, her words jumbling together.

Jared laughed, “I mean, I’m up for Seven Minutes In Heaven, if you are, (y/n).”

“I’m up for it, just let’s get some more alcohol,” you said.

Alexa stumbled to the fridge and got you and Jared out two beers. “Here, alcohol,” she sang in a drunken stupor.

Both you and Jared took the beers, opened them and looked at each other, still wanting the hard liquor you two had come in for. “Bet you I could chug my beer faster than you, Jared,” you challenged.

Jared’s eyebrows raised in amusement as he said, “I bet you a make-out session that I win.”

“I’ll take that bet,” you exclaimed. Turning to Alexa you asked her, “Can you tell us when to go?”

Looking at you with the eyes of a drunken person, Alexa nodded and wobbled. “On your marks… get set… g-go…” she said, slamming her hands onto the island signaling for you two to start chugging.

You and Jared tipped back your beer cans and started chugging. The horse-piss tasting liquid rushed down your throat as you gulped it down, grimacing to yourself at the taste. You were determined to win.

Several moments go by and Jared is the first to slam his empty can onto the island cabinet. He had won by a landslide of a few seconds. Gasping for air briefly, he said, “I won, sexy. You know what that means.”

You slammed down your beer can and wiped the excess beer-foam away with the back of your hand. A large burp bubbled up from your stomach and you burped discreetly. “Excuse me,” you said, pounding your fist against your chest to make sure nothing else was going to come up. “Also, yes I know what that means. Where do ya wanna do this?”

Jared shrugged and said, “I’m not opposed to right here, if you aren’t.”

“Dude, I kinda just wanna make out with you right now. Lemme be honest. I also kinda wanna piss Connor off,” you said with a sly smile.

Alexa snuck up behind you and pushed you to Jared, smiling a dirty grin as she said, “Get yourself a face-full of geek, (y/n)!”

You looked up at Jared and smiled deviously. “Oh yeah, I’m gonna get me some geek, Lexy,” you purred as you cupped Jared’s face. “You ready, Glasses?”

Jared smiled and cupped your cheek as well. “Dude, I’ve waited to fucking kiss you since Connor started talking about you,” he whispered.

“Then kiss me, Jared. Fuck, dude,” you said, leaning towards his lips. You barely could make out what he whispered before your lips crashed together. Almost immediately, you felt one of Jared’s hands pulling you, by the waist, against his body and the other started to gently caress your cheek. Your hands immediately flew to his head and pulled him closer to you, lips moving feverishly and almost desperately against his own. Like you needed this kiss with him.

His lips tasted like beer with a hint of something else, the vodka you ventured, and for some reason, you couldn’t get enough. Your tongue swiped along his bottom lip, absorbing the flavors of the beer and strong vodka, and you hummed in absolute delight. A gasp left your lips as you felt Jared grab at your butt and you felt his tongue expertly sneak its way into your mouth. The fight for dominance was on and, truth be told, Jared was winning. But only because he kept groping your butt and pulling you against him, causing you to gasp and lose your focus.

You and Jared’s heated make-out session in the middle of the kitchen caused even, ‘GET IT, GEEK’ at Jared. Why were they yelling this at Jared? Well, at that point, he had pushed your back up against the island, and the hand that was on your cheek was now caught in your hair; his other hand that had been grabbing your butt ran down the curve of your butt to the back of your thigh, which he raised and hooked around his waist because you know, he was horny then.

He was making out with you heavily, and knowing that Connor was trying to stake a claim on you made this all the more exciting for Jared. The slight drunkenness that was washing over him also fueled his desires to do anything with you. The slight, almost silent moan that was emitted from your throat as he tugged on your hair almost sent him into overdrive. That was until he was forcefully ripped away from you, prematurely ending the make-out session. “Dude, what the fuck?! Can’t you see we were making out?!” Jared nearly screamed, completely unhappy he was torn away from you.

When your vision came back into focus, you were face-to-face with a red-faced Connor. Anger boiled in his veins and you could tell you were in trouble. Everyone in the kitchen knew you were going to get it. Your breath hitched as you spoke, clearing your throat and waving nervously, “H-hey, Connor…”

“Is that all you have to say, (y/n)?” He spoke with venom in his voice. “You and Kleinman are gone for twenty goddamn minutes and what do I find you fucks doing? Making out in the fucking kitchen, making a damn scene out of it!! I walked into this shitty, overcrowded house and what’s the first damn thing I hear? Hmm? Well, what do you think, (y/n)?” Connor sneered at you venomously.

Not knowing what to say, you shrug and look away from Connor. “I dunno…” you said.

Connor grabbed your face and snapped your gaze towards his fiery, enraged one. His nostrils flared as he clenched and unclenched his jaw, trying to calm down before he spoke. Why did he seem so territorial and possessive of you, it wasn’t like you two were dating. Having taken a moment to cool off, Connor hissed through gritted teeth, “I hear people chanting ‘Get it, geek! Get it geek!’ and so I follow the chanting and what do I see? My friend bent over my girl, having a rather heated, messy, drunk make-out session with her. So I’m sure you can imagine how pissed I am right now.”

You nodded nervously, but at the same time, you felt yourself grow excited. “Y-yeah? And? Who says I’m your girl, Connor…” you challenged, immediately regretting it.

The moment those words left your mouth, Connor was on you in a more heated way than Jared was. This kiss was angry and fast. Connor’s hand wound its way into your hair and tugged harshly, causing a kiss-muffled moan to echo through the noisy-turned-silent kitchen.

Everyone watched as Connor’s other hand played with your breast through the shirt you wore. They saw how you squealed and arched into his touch, your hands flinging themselves into his hair as you seemingly held on for dear life. They saw Connor’s hand descend from your clothed breast to the front of your jeans. With bated breath, everyone’s drunken eyes watched as Connor’s hand fell into your jeans after he popped open the button. Kayley screamed, “HOLY FUCK, (Y/N) IS GETTING ALL THE GUYS” as you moaned because of Connor’s touch.

He had no idea why he was now fingering you, hazily drunk, in your good friend’s kitchen. All Connor really knew was that he was pissed and wanted you to know that even though you weren’t dating, you were his. The warmth that swallowed his fingers was so hot that he swore he could’ve been burned by it. He pulled away from your lips, only to place hot, open-mouthed kisses to your throat and neck. “This is what you get for letting Kleinman touch what’s mine,” he growled into your neck, curling his fingers to hit your g-spot. (Which he guess because the drug dealer he would have sex with taught him where it was, yay you.)

You bit your lower lip hard and looked down at him with drunk, hooded eyes. “C-c’mon, Con… n-not here… every-everyone’s looking…” you muttered.

“You wanted to make out with Jared in the damn kitchen, you can get fingered by me in the damn kitchen,” he growled, biting into your neck while continuing working your body towards a high.

Alexa and Kayley were not helping. They were sitting there, cheering Connor on as he fingered you. “Come on, Murphy! (Y/n)’s never had an orgasm before! Make. her. cum,” they cheered.

You glared weakly at them before Connor again assaulted your g-spot roughly. “Y-you cunts are supposed to hELP me,” you squealed as Connor hit your g-spot with a particularly powerful thrust. “Fuck, Con…” you moaned, combed a hand through his hair.

Connor smiled against your skin as you moaned his name, “See? I’m the only one who’s name you get to moan in pleasure like this, you hear me?!”

An unfamiliar coil started to tighten in your gut as Connor assaulted your body with heated kisses that trailed to your collarbone and the battering assault to your lower region. “C-connor…” you breathed out.

Alexa and Kayley lost their drunken minds as they knew you were getting close. “Keep going, Connor! She’s almost there! We can see it in her face!” they yelled.

Looking up, Connor saw what they were talking about. You were lost in bliss, eyes closed and your chest rising and falling erratically, and lower lip being bitten to suppress the moans threatening to tumble out. Oh, he wanted to see the face you made as you fell off the edge of pleasure that he got you to. One last bite on her sweet spot and a thrust to her g-spot should send her over the edge, he thought to himself. Licking his lips, he was prepared to send you over that brink that you had never gotten yourself to.

As the coil was wound even tighter, you felt the orgasm that always eluded you barreling towards you. Half of you was ready to experience your first orgasm, but the other half was terrified like always. What if a little pee came out? That was the what if that got to you most of all. You were still fully clothed, you didn’t want to come and pee yourself, that wasn’t hot or sexy. That was gross. Your anxiety slowly ebbed at your orgasm, keeping it at bay. Kept it from bursting through the flood gates that was you worries and fears.

But all those worries and fears come to a halt as Connor bit the sweet spot on your neck and thrusted his fingers against your g-spot at just the right moment. And it made you lose your mind. The coil snapped as you had your first orgasm, and you loudly moaned Connor’s name as you pulled his hair.

The world melted around you for a few brief moments as you watched Connor pull his hand out of your jeans and clean his fingers of your fluids with his tongue. You died at the image, never wanting it to go away. A smug smirk rested on his lips and you cocked your head, wondering why he would have that egotistical smirk.

Then it all came crashing back. Your ear filled with the clamoring of drunk teenagers, as they all murmured about what just happened. You had just been fingered to your first orgasm… in one of your best friends’ kitchen, while drunk and at a party. You had had your first orgasm in front of like thirty people, that were crowded into the kitchen, your two best friends, Jared and Evan.

The embarrassment hit you in one fell-swoop. Despite now being drunk, you covered your face and whined, “OH MY GOD!! I’M SO EMBARRASSED!!”

Alexa and Kayley looked at you and said, “Dude, girl, why? That was the hottest thing that’s happened all night!”

“Girl, you made out with Kleinman. Then Connor came in and made out with you, then proceeded to finger you to your very first orgasm. And I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say your moans were actually pretty hot,” Kayley finished with a large, drunken grin.

Alexa laughed and pointed at Evan, “Your moans even got Evan excited, (y/n).”

Evan blushed and covered up his crotch in embarrassment of being pointed out. “W-why me?” he asked shyly.

“Because you’re the shy innocent one, Hansen,” quipped Kayley with a giggle. “And you’re the one nobody really expected to get excited. We all expected Kleinman to get hornier, because he was the one making out with her. Yeah, you missed that, by the way. Lemme tell you, that geek was getting it before Connor came in.”

“If Connor hadn’t come in, I’m sure they would’ve dry-fucked each other,” laughed Alexa, leaning over the island. “Because that’s the direction it looked like it was goin’!”

The drunken Jared huffed, crossing his arms, “It was going that way, but fucking Cock-Block Murphy here decided to ruin it!”

Connor glared back at the brown-haired geek, sneering, “That’s because I told you: (y/n) is mine and you aren’t allowed to touch her.”

You blushed and still had your face covered, still embarrassed. “But still, I came for the first time in front of so many people…”

“It’s fine, (y/n/n). It was hot and I don’t think anybody minded,” said Kayley. “ANYWAYS, off that topic, LET’S CONTINUE THE DRINKING PARTY!!!”

Everyone raised their cups and beer cans into the air, cheering, “AGREED!” And thus the party continued like what just happened never did occur. Except you, Connor, Jared and Evan all knew what happened as you were the least drunk people at the party. You knew Jared would never let you live it down, and you knew Connor would be smug about being the first person to bring you to and orgasm, and poor Evan would never be able to erase your moans from his head.

But, a big question plagued your mind throughout the night: Why did Connor get so angry at you making out with Jared? Could it be that your long-time crush was starting to develop feelings for you? The thought caused your heart to lurch, and you smiled at the notion that he might be growing feelings for you. That was what you wanted more than anything. The more drunk you got, the more you wanted to tell Connor your feelings, but somehow had to sense enough not to breath a word of your feelings to him.

  • Scorpion writers in S1&2: it's so nice where we're taking Walter and Happy with their character and emotional growth :)))
  • Scorpion writers in S3: fuck they grew too fast let's regress them completely and hope the fans don't notice
Why My Minis Are Amazing

           Over the past few years the standards for young dancers have been increasing. Today it seems like there are so many amazing mini dancers on the competition scene. Minis who can do 10 pirouettes, minis who can lift their leg up to their ear, minis who can do leg hold turns, scorpion turns, and leap 5 feet off the ground. It feels like it’s not uncommon to see 7 to 9 year olds preforming a routine with the maturity and quality you’d expect from a senior. There are so many little kids out there that are amazing. But here’s the thing:

You don’t need to be amazing when you’re eight years old.


If you are, that’s great. But the reality is, the vast majority of minis dance because it’s fun. It’s extremely important for me to keep my classes fun and entertaining for my younger dancers. As a teacher it’s so easy to get caught up in this craze of pushing your dancers to dance beyond their years. You go on YouTube and search “mini solo” and you find videos of little kids dancing like they’re adults. And it’s so easy to start expecting that of your students, and it’s so easy for your students to start expecting that of themselves, when it’s the image of mini dancers you’re surrounded with. My minis have technique. My minis have technique, quality of movement, and repertoire that is appropriate for their age. My 7 to 9 year olds don’t dance like seniors, but they don’t need to, because they’re 7 to 9 year olds.

           Over-training is very much something that exists. I could push my minis to train 10+ hours a week, to develop new skills rapidly, and to gain immense flexibility. However, I choose to make the most of the 1 hour a week I have with my minis, out of the 4.5 hours they train. I choose to train safely, spend at least half the class on technique, but still incorporate elements of play. Because the reality is, those amazing minis you see on YouTube train at least 10 hours a week, most train more. Even if this is safe training, I truly believe that 9 times out of 10, it will lead to burnout. Young dancers who train that many hours will become exhausted, they will be more susceptible to injury, and they will be taught discipline that is beyond their years. The 7 to 9 year olds you see doing the amazing solos on YouTube are also the 7 to 9 years olds you see taking classes with their knees taped and their ankles bandaged. Minis don’t need sport induced injuries. Minis need to train safely and reasonably.

           That’s not to say there aren’t minis out there that are self-motivated, and choose to train extensively in such a manner. That’s not to say there aren’t minis that are willing to give up so much to perform amazing solos. But those kids are few and far between. My minis don’t do crazy tricks, countless turns, show off immense flexibility, or dance like seniors, but I still think they’re amazing. I think my minis are amazing because they dance like minis. They dance like minis, yet every class they still show me that they are attentive, passionate, and happy. They’ll dance like seniors when they’re seniors. But for now? They’ll come to class and have fun.

I just can’t help but feel bad for Takeda for having so many dads. Just imagine the dad jokes, there is no escaping from them. 

< “Dad, I’m hungry.”

< Kenshi, Scorpion & Sub Zero all turn around and say “Hello Hungry, I’m Dad.”

< Ermac suddenly floats into the room 

< “We are many dads, you are but one.”

I wonder what it would be like, if it was the Persian who stopped Christine in the very last second from turning the scorpion, shouting “No, stop, don’t do it!” in the most dramatic way. And everyone involved in that scene, Erik, Christine and Raoul, would be like “O-O wtf, man?!” And the Daroga would just be like “I can’t let her marry you, Erik. I can’t bear the thought of losing you like that, because I love you.”

Actually thinking about writing a oneshot about this headcanon … but so many ideas for oneshots or even stories in general and so little time *sigh*.

Also, I really see several opportunities how this scene could develop, I even have a funny version in my head where Christine is like “Okay … I guess I can go home then …?”

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I desperately need a Rider Sentai crossover that has the Kyurangers meet Gaim Riders. Stinger is just so put off by Takatora, but won't say why to his team because that would requires sharing instead of being a broody, secretive jerk.

takatora is just trying to be a pleasant host to these weird space people but the orange one keeps glaring at him from across the room and trying to attack him with his fucking scorpion tail whenever he turns his back