scorpion turn

so today I messed around a bit with the SNES Mortal Kombat 2 beta rom

i’ve learned the following:

You can do fatalities whenever you want, in many situations they don’t even kill and are repeatable

fatalities cannot be dodged, also Scorpion turns into Sub-zero for some reason when he gets cut in half

the beta has no draw games, if the timer runs out with both players having equal HP then it just cuts back to the title screen. if you happened to be scrolling the screen at that moment, the momentum carries over to the title screen

fatalities can be interrupted, often freezing your opponent and leaving sprites stuck on the screen. grabbing your opponent in this frozen state damages YOU, not them

doing this during Reptile’s fatality lets you just walk off the damn screen. also, his head comes off

fatalities can even be interrupted by another fatality

lastly, baraka floats. he just fuckin’ floats y’all

in conclusion I give it an amazing/10, I don’t regret checking this out

  • Scorpion writers in S1&2: it's so nice where we're taking Walter and Happy with their character and emotional growth :)))
  • Scorpion writers in S3: fuck they grew too fast let's regress them completely and hope the fans don't notice

For amtrak12, “because I’m emotional about Ralph choosing to dress up like Walter.”


…talking about Eremina

Hey guys, remember this little gem that seemed so sweet and innocent at the time?

And now when you think about it, they only barely (not really?) stopped a nuclear apocalypse and then a few hours later (and I know it’s not Toby’s fault but still) Happy is going to get hurt so damn badly by whatever happens/is happening to Toby


toby & happy | heartbeats (you might wanna turn the volume down lol)