scorpion pokemon

  • Grovyle: (holding a scorpion) I’ll eat it… if you eat it.
  • Dusknoir: All right, deal! Wait a minute… how are you gonna eat it after I eat it?
  • Grovyle: Look, you eat it, then I go back in time to before the time that you eat it, then I’ll eat it.
  • Dusknoir: Okay.
  • (later)
  • Celebi: What’s wrong with Dusknoir?
  • Grovyle: Oh, he’s dead. Dumbass ate a scorpion.

100-BULBUG [Bulb-Bug]
-The light-bulb Pokemon
-Ability:  Illuminate - Galvanize(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon make their nest at the top of  trees where they can be easily spotted by other BULBUGs, there, they use their glowing tails to communicate via a series of flashes that many scientist has compared to morse code. On summer nights, during this pokemon’s  mating season, they gather in great numbers making the forest lit in what is called by the locals as ‘the season of lights’.”
    -Electro Ball
    -Bug Bite

–>Evolves at lvl. 25<–

101-ELECRAN [Electric-Alacran]
-The Light-bulb Pokemon
-Ability: Illuminate - Galvanize(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon has developed a fascinating strategy to hunt down its prey, by first flashing it’s tail and pincers in a rhythmic way in order to mesmerize its victim and draw it in closer, and when it is at close range, it will light all three bulbs at once at a very high intensity, stunning and blinding its prey, leaving it helpless and open for it to strike. It is known that Kroel’s Military forces has tried to imitate this process to no avail.”
    -Signal Beam
    -Zap Cannon
    -Shock Wave
    -Tail Glow


I remember all the hullabaloo about Gligar when it was first revealed. Folks were thinking it was what happened when you bread a crabby and a zubat together. I mean, it’s easy to think that’s stupid now given how the mechanics of breeding are established and all that, but back when Gen 2 was first released? The sky was the limit. I’m still a fan of the idea that Gligar is a chimera of sorts. A cute, cute chimera. 

And 2 days in a row?! Gah, this is madness. Let’s see if we can shoot for 3.

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The Final [Modified] Graph based on the Leak and the October 14, 2016 Teaser Trailer can be seen above.

The Brionne we saw in the official starter Evolution trailer was from Sun and will turn into the Mermaid/Siren Pokémon in POKEMON SUN.

The Dartrix we saw in the official stater Evolution trailer was from Sun and will turn into an unnamed Pokémon in POKEMON SUN.

The Torracat we saw in the official stater Evolution trailer was from Moon and will be turning into the Tiger/Scorpion Pokémon in POKEMON MOON.

This was expected, it seems Pokémon Sun and Moon Starter Evolutions will be exclusive to Sun or Moon and  not a Daytime/Nighttime Evolution which was previously thought.

So choose your version wisely. - Previous Info Link

And this makes perfect sense for this: (Dual Pack Release)

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Dual Pack - Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon SUN - Rowlet, Litten, Popplio

  • Rowlet - Day form Final Evolution
  • Litten - Day form Final Evolution, Beltigre (The Wrestler Pokémon)
  • Popplio - Day form Final Evolution, Sirene (The Mermaid Pokémon)

Pokémon MOON - Rowlet, Litten, Popplio

  • Rowlet - Night form Final Evolution, masked (the Archer Pokémon)
  • Litten - Night form Final Evolution, Tiger/Panther Pokémon
  • Popplio - Night form Final Evolution, Water Beast Pokémon



  1. Dillit - The Charge Pokemon
  2. Jectillo - The Engine Pokemon
  3. Engidillo - The Turbocharge Pokemon
  4. Gleaf - The Chuckle Pokemon
  5. Smirch - The Smirk Pokemon
  6. Scowlaurel - The Laureate Pokemon
  7. Buoybun - The Scuba Pokemon
  8. Flotilapin - The Diving Pokemon
  9. Amphibunny - The Submarine Pokemon
  10. Kitneel - The Heels Pokemon
  11. Pompurr - The Pumps Pokemon
  12. Chiccup - The Hatchling Pokemon
  13. Chickerel - The Bluffing Pokemon
  14. Phoeneggs - The Chivalrous Pokemon
  15. Safetick - The Secure Pokemon
  16. Pronectid - The Chrysalis Pokemon
  17. Flutteriot - The Lockdown Pokemon
  18. Sponnet - The Froglet Pokemon
  19. Grenoiselle - The Toad Pokemon
  20. Oncetrice - The Endangered Pokemon
  21. Fuzbuzz - The Static Pokemon
  22. Snouff - The Stubble Pokemon
  23. Snouffle - The Nudibranch Pokemon
  24. Scoruga - The Scorpion Pokemon
  25. Tabascorp - The Spicy Pokemon
  26. Trincute - The Charm Bracelet Pokemon
  27. Trincharm - The Bangle Pokemon
  28. Tresurina - The Heirloom Pokemon
  29. Serpollen - The Lily Pokemon
  30. Pollenaga - The Entrapment Pokemon
  31. Bowlume - The Urn Pokemon
  32. Vesavis - The Perspective Pokemon
  33. Pretzile - The Doughy Pokemon
  34. Pretzlcotl - The Pretzel Pokemon
  35. Noxiru - The Invader Pokemon
  36. Tortozz - The Snooze Pokemon
  37. Crystort - The Lens Pokemon
  38. Kittomb - The Petty Pokemon
  39. Sarcopuss - The Pillager Pokemon
  40. Frossil - The Nomadic Pokemon
  41. Cryotops - The Journey Pokemon
  42. Shwark - The Etching Pokemon
  43. Jawhirl - The Jaw Blade Pokemon
  44. Plumbrell - The Shade Pokemon
  45. Fleurtent - The Shelter Pokemon
  46. Hartyr - The Grief Pokemon
  47. Morbidoe - The Atonement Pokemon
  48. Flaschund - The Energy Pokemon
  49. Rottlustre - The Channelling Pokemon
  50. Glodach - The Nexus Pokemon
  51. Cychrome - The Pigment Pokemon
  52. Cooloak - The Vision Pokemon
  53. Gownowl - The Epiphany Pokemon
  54. Shivrill - The Strain Pokemon
  55. Meltoxik - The Megavirus Pokemon
  56. Frienome - The Selfless Pokemon
  57. Coraleanse - The Cleansing Pokemon
  58. Babalone - The Mussel Pokemon
  59. Adolone - The Aloof Pokemon
  60. Abathrone - The Majesty Pokemon
  61. Scububble - The Bubbling Pokemon
  62. Takommando - The Naval Pokemon
  63. Sundali - The Swirl Pokemon
  64. Swirloge - The Whirl Pokemon
  65. Horrorloge - The Vortex Pokemon
  66. Junkwatt - The Junk Pokemon
  67. Fightbulb - The Assembled Pokemon
  68. Twolips - The Blossom Pokemon
  69. Bouquiss - The Bouquet Pokemon
  70. Leeflet - The Literary Pokemon
  71. Libraisy - The Bookkeeper Pokemon
  72. Nibbless - The Blessing Pokemon
  73. Clofty - The Prayer Pokemon
  74. Tiameden - The Benediction Pokemon
  75. Duallot - The Vengeance Pokemon
  76. Echollegra - The Sonar Pokemon
  77. Echodagia - The Recital Pokemon
  78. Temporoach - The Sand Pokemon
  79. Jellifaux - The Prankster Pokemon
  80. Meduceive - The Trickster Pokemon
  81. Guidrozoa - The Guidance Pokemon
  82. Giraphomet - The Bloodshed Pokemon
  83. Alphish - The Guppy Pokemon
  84. Bettata - The Betta Pokemon
  85. Omegoura - The Gourami Pokemon
  86. Malleti - The Brat Pokemon
  87. Saspade - The Brute Pokemon
  88. Axquatch - The D.I.Y. Pokemon
  89. Scallyrag - The Mischief Pokemon
  90. Vesperado - The Spellcaster Pokemon
  91. Livorogue - The Gravekeeper Pokemon
  92. Annelit - The Leech Pokemon
  93. Flamprey - The Indigestion Pokemon
  94. Nymfaint - The Dwarf Pokemon
  95. Glintern - The Lantern Pokemon
  96. Glintesce - The Nova Pokemon
  97. Umberego - The Alter Ego Pokemon
  98. Turretot - The Golem Pokemon
  99. Bowlem - The Statue Pokemon
  100. Bowlossus - The Immense Pokemon
  101. Mettoyle - The Stillness Pokemon
  102. Gangsheol - The Guardian Pokemon
  103. Lensmal - The Sight Pokemon
  104. Oculux - The Observant Pokemon
  105. Urchill - The Mitten Pokemon
  106. Frostacean - The Ice Floe Pokemon
  107. Microct - The Enzyme Pokemon
  108. Creephage - The Biochem Pokemon
  109. Crawlytic - The Viral Pokemon
  110. Banshegara - The Algal Pokemon
  111. Hribroc - The Progress Pokemon
  112. Mazdein - The Stasis Pokemon
  113. Sophyen - The Balance Pokemon