scorpion lollipops

some cool stuff about my OC Lani:

  • her birth mother is Hawaiian
  • is bisexual
  • has DID and is a co host
  • is autistic
  • comfort item is her red leather jacket
  • is a Ravenclaw; knowledge for knowledge’s sake
  • listens to early 2000s pop music
  • gets angry when faced with locks/barriers/secrets
  • hates jogging and reading
  • can read braille but very slowly
  • glittery Brittney Spears lockscreen
  • punched a dude in the shoulder and broke his collarbone
  • sleeps with a stuffed animal
  • loves scorpion lollipops

Buckle in idk which one u meant so I’m doing all of the ones I remember

Daemon Crew:
Macalla: macalla probably likes sour candies and those lollipops with scorpions in them
Áthas: fairy floss….
Zuera: uhhhh her mouth sewed shut she ain’t eatin much(it used to be sushi tho)
Mr Pink: raw meat and pixie sticks
Aradyne: granola bars and tea
Silnes: this fucker will eat anything but mostly eyeball jawbreakers for the aesthetic
Nintep: jello, nice to meet you
Yamir: hot dogs and ramen

Kaelynn: she makes her own food, mostly Mac n Cheese tho
An: human garbage disposal who’s go to is ice cream
Becca: hasn’t eaten in 2 days but enjoys sushi

Rainbow Squad(need to introduce this to y'all bluh):
Amaranth: slushies and ham
Tawny: caaake
Sunglow: fatty foods and sugary stuff
Fern: very very weird but super picky. Probably eats eggs a lot
Marine: She’s probably an art hoe™ with food presentation and loves rock candy and sugar crystal stuff in general
Indy: eats a lot at once. Pizza for sure, all sorts of meat toppings on it
Violet: she’ll eat anything tbh

Danger In Action(I haven’t even drawn all the characters but fight meh I will eventually):

Wava: birb gorl loves Brownies and spicy foods. 10/10 has jars of hot sauce stashed in her dorm
Sarah: salads everything. Someone stop her
Quari: snacks for days but refuses to eat doritos
Angelino: he’ll usually eat wildly conflicting foods for the hell of it. Mac n cheese with shrimp? Sure why not
Mikey: eats like a normal person. Loves barbeque. Eats fries religiously
Ricky: cryptid. No one knows if he eats bc there’s no food allowed in the library and that’s where he is all the time. Mikey says he eats tho. We have no proof

Yeet I have too many kids

darcyreads  asked:

Odds for dig a little deeper

Do you prefer blue or black pen? Blue!!!!!!!

If you learned a new skill what would it be? Well I’m starting to box!!!! It’s really fun and apparently I’m terrifying when I’m boxing ^^

What was your favourite book as a child? PERCY FUCKING JACKSON

If you could be a mythical creature what would you choose to be? Wyverns are really cool!!!!!

Favourite item of clothing? My totoro sweatshirt

Who is a mentor to you? The first people who come to mind are my siblings, Spot and Race, and Darcy

Are you a restless sleeper? Sometimes

Which element best represents you? Earth

Do you miss someone at the moment? Yeah

What is the strangest thing you have eaten? Uhhhhhh a Scorpion lollipop

What are you most thankful for? All my friends

Have you ever met someone famous? A couple Broadway people, Neil Patrick Harris once said I was cute when I was like 4

Pen or pencil? Pen

Crunchy or soggy cereal? Nonexistent cereal I hate it

Do you like reading? Yeah! I’m re-reading Percy Jackson

Do you like ice in your drinks? Not really tbh

What is your favourite scents? Pastries, saltwater, flowery scents, new books

If money was not a factor, how would you love your life? I’d donate to Trevor project and equality centers a lot more and make sure all my friends are happy and safe and id have LOTS of pets

What would you do if you found $50 on the ground? Try to find out whose it was

What is one thing you would want to teach your children? Whatever you love or whatever you learn or whatever you are isn’t stupid

What can you hear right now? Me typing, the sound of dvds shuffling because I’m looking for Les mis

What is one thing you want to overcome/conquer? Self esteem. It’d be nice to not hate myself y'know

What is your most used emoji? 🐝

How would you spend your ideal day? I’d go boxing and then go see Dear Evan Hansen and then have a movie night with everybody!!!!!

What do you regret the most? Being a dick and beating kids up without talking stuff through.