scorpion emperor


Here we have the emperor scorpion viv set up at last since my live moss came today. All plants are living, only fakes things in there are the two caves and water dish. I hope to order the scorpions sometime next week if I hear back from the place I’m buying them from. Moss came with a few bugs and loads of worms that I had to spend ages washing the moss and getting all worms and buggies out of it. 


The moths weren’t even the reason I was visiting this friend of mine. 
He lives next to a rubber plantation, and with the start of the monsoon season, all sorts of animals have been making their way into his home. Snakes, centipedes, and scorpions being some of the most frequent guests seeking shelter from the rains. 
I visited him with the goal of taking home a scorpion! And oh my god, there were so many of them. 

This lad is a juvenile asian forest scorpion whom I have named Damocles..! 
(Or…Jeffy, for short.) 
From what I read, they’re quite a feisty species compared to others like the emperor scorpion. They’re keen on using their pointy end when stressed–but their venom is mild, with similar effects to a bee sting.
I don’t like any kind of sting, so this good boy won’t be seeing any disrespect from me. I’ve never even seen a scorpion in the flesh until just a few days ago–and so I’m very keen to observe and learn more about these gorgeous, specially honed animals. 

The knowledge that Theodore Roosevelt had to move back in with his parents after graduating college while he was in law school and that his political career didn’t take off until his 30s and 40s is enough to make any young American Millennial who is brow-beaten by older generations feel just a little better about their present position in life.

Roots of Your Craft 30-Day Challenge - Day 27

27. Do you have an affinity with an animal or type of animal? What does it mean to you? If you don’t, but had to have one, what do you think it would be?


Barn owl - I’ve had one come to me in meditations and rituals, starting at a critical point in my spiritual journey. He’s told me his name is Prometheus, which has lead to a lot of incoherent and inconclusive thinks. But, Barn Owl also represents Bloudeuwedd, one of my patron Goddesses, Who also came to me at that critical juncture.

Corvids (crows, ravens, magpies, jays) - Because of the Morrigan. She was behind strength and aid given to me during a health crisis that could have easily been deadly. She is another patron.

Lions - They represent a Sun God to me, and also Lugh, another source of spiritual thinks and ponderances for me personally.

Unicorns - They have fascinated and enchanted me since I was young. “The Last Unicorn” was one of my favorite movies, and images of them always catch my attention. It makes me smile to know also that they are the national animal of Scotland, where some of my ancestors are from.

Stags/harts/other similar antlered animals - For the Horned God, in the many guises He wears. It’s because of His presence in my life, and that of the Sun God, that I consider myself not entirely cis but also partially deogirl. These animals are also important to my Familar/spirit companion.

Scorpions - My sun sign is Scorpio. Some people find them creepy or threatening but I think they’re beautiful, especially Emperor scorpions. I could watch them crawl around all day.

Pigs - I love pigs. I have for a long time. Until I found out that every breed of minature pig was only minature because they’re systematically starved their entire lives, I wanted one as a pet some day. I still think pigs are adorable wonderful creatures. It’s only been recently that this made any kind of spiritual sense to me; I’ve started feeling Called by Freyja (and possibly Her brother Freyr as well), and pigs are sacred to Her (Them).

Wasteland critters and mutants

“Naturally” developed mutants:

  • Mole rats and pig rats, huge rats (New California)
  • Mantises, from praying mantises (New California)
  • Radscorpion, from north american emperor scorpions (New California, DC Wasteland and the Mojave)
  • Brahmin, from regular cows (All fucking over the place)
  • Ghouls and feral ghouls, from humans, origin debated, possibly “accidental” combination of background FEV and high radiation
  • Slags, from humans sealed in an isolated environment (New California)
  • Giant ants, ants (All over)
  • Geckos, from pre-war geckos (New California and the Mojave)
  • Swamp folk, humans from a unique combination of radiation, local toxicity and possible inbreeding (Point Lookout)
  • Trogs, humans affected by Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion (The Pitt)
  • Yao Guai, from black bears (DC Wasteland, Zion Canyon)
  • Bloatflies, from bloatflies (DC Wasteland, the Mojave)
  • Mirelurk and swamplurks, from chesapeake bay horseshoe crabs (DC Wasteland)
  • Mirelurk kings, swamplurk queens and lakelurks, from snapping turtles (DC Wasteland, the Mojave)
  • Radroaches, from cockroaches (DC Wasteland, the Mojave)
  • Marked men, from humans (The Divide)
  • Bighorner, from bighorn sheep (The Mojave)
  • Tunnellers, from people (The Divide)

Genetically engineered mutants:

  • Deathclaws, from jackson’s chameleon among other creatures DNA (Pre-war government)
  • Intelligent deathclaws (Enclave)
  • Cazadors, from tarantula hawk wasps (Dr. Borous, Big Mountain)
  • Nightstalkers, from rattlesnake and coyote DNA (Dr. Borous, Big Mountain)
  • Centaurs, from a large variety of creatures thrown together, most notably cats, humans and dogs (The Master, New California)
  • Floater, most likely from flatworms (The Master, New California)
  • Mariposa super mutants and nightkin, from humans (The Master, New California
  • The master (FEV accident)
  • Wanamingos, no fucking clue what they were made of (Pre-war government)
  • Spore plants, from venus flytraps (Vault 22)
  • Vault 87 super mutants, from humans (Vault 87)
  • Fire ants, modified giant ants (Doctor Lesko)
  • Giant mantises, from praying mantises (Vault 22)
  • Ghost people, from humans changed by the Cloud (Big Mt experiment in Sierra Madre)
  • Spore carriers, from dead people (Vault 22 and Big Mt)
  • Frank Horrigan (Enclave)
  • Harold (FEV accident)