scorpion emperor


This particular enclosure was designed for an emperor scorpion, but it’s such a great step-by-step tutorial and the outcome is beautiful. The design could be used for so many different animals and enclosures. I’ve posted quite a few of the images to show off the basics, but the source link goes into way more detail, so check it out!

Wasteland critters and mutants

“Naturally” developed mutants:

  • Mole rats and pig rats, huge rats (New California)
  • Mantises, from praying mantises (New California)
  • Radscorpion, from north american emperor scorpions (New California, DC Wasteland and the Mojave)
  • Brahmin, from regular cows (All fucking over the place)
  • Ghouls and feral ghouls, from humans, origin debated, possibly “accidental” combination of background FEV and high radiation
  • Slags, from humans sealed in an isolated environment (New California)
  • Giant ants, ants (All over)
  • Geckos, from pre-war geckos (New California and the Mojave)
  • Swamp folk, humans from a unique combination of radiation, local toxicity and possible inbreeding (Point Lookout)
  • Trogs, humans affected by Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion (The Pitt)
  • Yao Guai, from black bears (DC Wasteland, Zion Canyon)
  • Bloatflies, from bloatflies (DC Wasteland, the Mojave)
  • Mirelurk and swamplurks, from chesapeake bay horseshoe crabs (DC Wasteland)
  • Mirelurk kings, swamplurk queens and lakelurks, from snapping turtles (DC Wasteland, the Mojave)
  • Radroaches, from cockroaches (DC Wasteland, the Mojave)
  • Marked men, from humans (The Divide)
  • Bighorner, from bighorn sheep (The Mojave)
  • Tunnellers, from people (The Divide)

Genetically engineered mutants:

  • Deathclaws, from jackson’s chameleon among other creatures DNA (Pre-war government)
  • Intelligent deathclaws (Enclave)
  • Cazadors, from tarantula hawk wasps (Dr. Borous, Big Mountain)
  • Nightstalkers, from rattlesnake and coyote DNA (Dr. Borous, Big Mountain)
  • Centaurs, from a large variety of creatures thrown together, most notably cats, humans and dogs (The Master, New California)
  • Floater, most likely from flatworms (The Master, New California)
  • Mariposa super mutants and nightkin, from humans (The Master, New California
  • The master (FEV accident)
  • Wanamingos, no fucking clue what they were made of (Pre-war government)
  • Spore plants, from venus flytraps (Vault 22)
  • Vault 87 super mutants, from humans (Vault 87)
  • Fire ants, modified giant ants (Doctor Lesko)
  • Giant mantises, from praying mantises (Vault 22)
  • Ghost people, from humans changed by the Cloud (Big Mt experiment in Sierra Madre)
  • Spore carriers, from dead people (Vault 22 and Big Mt)
  • Frank Horrigan (Enclave)
  • Harold (FEV accident)

Tomorrow morning I fly out to Pennsylvania to meet my boyfriends parents and some of his family. Along with his best friend, who is the one getting married.

I’m nervous and excited? His parents are republican but he promised me that there would be no politics talk since his parents dont like to talk about that stuff anyways and I gave a HUGE sigh of relief.  

but also… flying… I don’t like traveling. I really don’t.

And since I lost two of my arachnid children last week [my poecilotheria regalis, Hoffman and my emperor scorpion, Furiosa] it makes me EXTRA nervous to leave.

Last year, the Museum was blessed with two broods of emperor scorplings! Unlike spiders, “scorpions give live birth, so there were no egg sacs to prepare us,” explained Hazel Davies, associate director of live exhibits. While youngsters have to be kept apart from adults, emperor scorpions are communal: the scorplets get along as a group, and the adults live peacefully together.

See live scorpions and other arachnids in Spiders Alive! Now open. 


More Furiosa from last night. She’s probably the coolest arachnid I own. I’m so happy I bought her. I looked at prices for Female P. imperator’s and they have skyrocketed since the ban on imports. [if anyone local to the ft. collins area has a male, I’d be happy to set up a breeding with her and split the offspring]

If she were a desert species, I’d be doing my hardest to make her a Mad Max themed enclosure, but I’ll just have to make her ancient temple ruins instead.

GAAAH Her design is so hard to get down. I do like the idea of her face pincer things being more of an armored headress looking thing. Like they are still attatched to her body but they look like a crown and she is an Emperor scorpion.

She does have only three arms though. That is a for sure.