Walter and Paige’s will-they-or-won’t-they relationship has been a driving force for Season 1 and a way for the brainiac to tap into his rarely utilized sentiments. “He has an incredible range of emotions,” Gabel says. “He just doesn’t know how to articulate them.” Viewers will have to wait to see if anything romantic develops between the two. “I don’t see it happening soon,” McPhee says, “because Walter gets confused about feelings versus intellectual logic. The professional line [he refuses to cross with her] is also very confusing, and you can definitely see that she’s disappointed.”
—  Elyes Gabel and Katharine McPhee: On the Set of the Scorpion Finale Episode
The actors have their own requests for Season 2, and for McPhee, that means getting more involved in the action. “I want to sex up the show a little bit,” says the American Idol and Smash alum, who is planning an intensive schedule of boot camp and meditation before production begins in July. “Maybe one day–boom–Paige is in a catsuit like Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment. I want Paige to kick some ass.”
—  Katharine McPhee (On the Set of the Season Finale Episode)
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Scorpion (CBS)

Airs: Monday, April 20 at 9/8c

Team Scorpion has their most urgent case yet – saving their fearless leader Walter, who’s trapped inside a sports car that just happens to be teetering on the side of a cliff. “They are rudderless and unsure of what to do, but at the end of the day, they rise to the challenge,” executive producer Nick Santora says. And even though Walter is horribly injured in the accident, he’s still there for his team, speaking through a “drone with a telephone attached to it,” executive producer Nicholas Wootton explains. Spoiler alert! Walter lives (or this would be a very different show) to see his entire team, including Paige and Ralph, again. Romantics will be happy to learn that “towards the end of the episode, you will see a glimmer of hope for [Happy and Toby’s] relationship in a very simple line of dialogue.”



Observations on these pictures:

Paige and little man (Ralph) are in an airport or train station or something like that. You can tell because of the screen behind her in the first picture. It also looks like it could be an airport so that’s a hunch.

She’s clearly scared out of her mind in the last one. Because she must love him in some way. That is not a look of a friends concern. Sorry but no.

He’s sweaty and saying all what he’s saying because he’s delirious. You can tell by the sweat and the look in his eyes. I mean the poor guy is stuck on a cliff so that’s probably why he looks like that.

So prediction time: They try as hard as they can to get him out. The government gets involved, the fire department gets involved, and the police get involved. They probably don’t come up with the crane idea till closer till the end.
Paige and Ralph are in an airport or train station and they can’t reach her because her phones off. When Ralph sees him on TV, she freaks out and takes off to see and or help Walter. He’s delirious and worried about how it will go with them. So when he sees her he confesses what he’s feeling. Cabe saves him before he dies and then after its all okay, Walter and Paige meet again, agree on something like staying or she goes away for a while with the kid and they have a moment and then it goes black.

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