i have only seen bits and pieces of scorpion so i have no idea if its actually good or not but literally every single time i catch a few minutes and i happen to be in the room when its on its always so fucking dramatic like literally scenes of all these doctors dying in like two seconds from Ultra Mold and then the ultra mold is spreading in the hospital and some lady goes into labor and also one of the characters is being held hostage and theres a bomb under the hospital and the one whos being held hostage is hacking into the bombs unicode to reverse the polarity of the nuetron flow but it turns out the nintendo 3ds xl new the char hacked into and is now using to hack the bomb is coated in a poison that is absorbed through skin contact so the others have to figure out how to deliver a antidote by drone which apparently has to be piloted using a mcgivered mind reading device?? for some reason?? oh and drone team is also simultaniously trying to escape a mirror maze that is slowing filling with venomous gas and save a gaggle of three year old orphans?? like wtf is the show always like this or do i happen to catch the three minutes of every ep when Everything Goes to Shit


Congratulation, “Scorpion” fans! 

Dear cyclone, we’ve made it over half way! 


  • Monday April 25th: 23 weeks = 161 days til S3 
  • Thu/Fri July 14/15th= 80/81 days til S3 HALF WAY THERE 
  • Monday, July 25th: 10 weeks = 70 days til S3 
  • Tuesday, July 26th = ~10 weeks = 69 days til S3 
  • Monday, September 26th: 1 week = 7 days til S3 
  • Monday, October 3rd: SCORPION S3 premiere 9pm - 11pm

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Did you know? All scorpions, regardless of coloration, fluoresce under long-wave (360-400 nm) ultraviolet (UV) light, due to the presence of two compounds (beta carboline and 7-hydroxy-4-methylcoumarin) in their exocuticle. 

The significance, if any, of the fluorescence is subject to debate. It is widely thought to be nothing more than an incidental accident of chemistry. UV fluorescence is indisputably associated with the hardening of the scorpion exocuticle: the soft joints between hard plates don’t fluoresce; after molting, the soft plates doesn’t fluoresce until hardened; and the fluorescence increases with successive molts. 

The unique ability of scorpions to fluoresce under UV light greatly facilitates their collection and observation by scorpiologists at night!

Read new scorpion research by Lorenzo Prendini, a curator in the Museum’s Division of Invertebrate Zoology.

Image: A male Brachistosternus telteca scorpion as seen under ultraviolet light. © L. Prendini/R. Mercurio