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"What should we name him?" "hopefully he grows up to be just like his daddy" - Quintis :)


Toby held his newborn son in his arms and knew that any minute now the rest of his and Happy’s family would be pouring into the room, ready to meet the newest member of the cyclone.

They just had one thing to clear up first.

“He’s going to need a name,” he reminded Happy who was looking at him and their son with a quiet, contented smile.

“You vetoed all my suggestions,” she reminded him, holding out her hands so Toby reluctantly handed over the baby swaddled in a green blanket with a fine fuzz of hair as black as his mother’s.

“We’re not naming him after anyone,” he reminded her. “Studies show that kids who are named after-”

“Real people complexes and grow up to be crazy.”

“Yeah, pretty sure that’s not what I said,” Toby pointed out as he sat on the bed next to his wife and tried to get Baby Curtis to grab on to his father’s finger.

“Well, whatever we name him hopefully he grows up to be like his dad.”

“You mean smart enough to screw things up until he finds the one thing he wants to get right?” Toby asked with eyes focused on Happy so he could see the exact moment she understood.


“I’m serious Happy Quinn, you and the kid here, you’re the best things I’ve ever done.”

“Right back at you,” she assured him and leaned forward to kiss him with her son safely cocooned her arms.

“Are we interrupting?” a smiling voice came from the door.

Recognizing the voice as Paige’s Toby turned to wave her and the rest of the team in. They circled the bed, each trying to get a look at the baby they’d waited the past 16 hours to meet.

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