100-BULBUG [Bulb-Bug]
-The light-bulb Pokemon
-Ability:  Illuminate - Galvanize(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon make their nest at the top of  trees where they can be easily spotted by other BULBUGs, there, they use their glowing tails to communicate via a series of flashes that many scientist has compared to morse code. On summer nights, during this pokemon’s  mating season, they gather in great numbers making the forest lit in what is called by the locals as ‘the season of lights’.”
    -Electro Ball
    -Bug Bite

–>Evolves at lvl. 25<–

101-ELECRAN [Electric-Alacran]
-The Light-bulb Pokemon
-Ability: Illuminate - Galvanize(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon has developed a fascinating strategy to hunt down its prey, by first flashing it’s tail and pincers in a rhythmic way in order to mesmerize its victim and draw it in closer, and when it is at close range, it will light all three bulbs at once at a very high intensity, stunning and blinding its prey, leaving it helpless and open for it to strike. It is known that Kroel’s Military forces has tried to imitate this process to no avail.”
    -Signal Beam
    -Zap Cannon
    -Shock Wave
    -Tail Glow


Quintis - Happy’s wish/dream… GIFs

also… I’ve been saying that a “Quintis will adopt a child” plot is coming…since last year, and I’m more and more sure about it…with every new episode (3x04, 3x07, 3x17)…even with their financial issues, I’m still expecting this show to go there. I mean… even with 317 being more about Happy and her own past, it still felt like a small scare foreshadowing… to the future (s4?)


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