scorpio turn on's

The signs’ turn-ons (physical)

Aries: Bright eyes, loose clothes

Taurus: Kind eyes/smile, nice skin

Gemini: Broad jawline, athletic

Cancer: Eyebrows, happy smile

Leo: Big smile, tight clothes

Virgo: Colorful eyes, tall people

Libra: Tan skin, casual wear

Scorpio: Dark hair/features, long/soft hair

Sagittarius: Dimples, adorable smile

Capricorn: Freckles, glasses

Aquarius: Pretty eyes, suits

Pisces: Dark eyes/hair, confident but warm smile

The Signs' Turn-Ons
  • Aries: When their date makes them work for it but not too hard, and also when they argue
  • Taurus: When their date cooks good food for them, and also when they are nice and a little talkative
  • Gemini: When their date is intelligent and independent and not afraid to show it
  • Cancer: When their date is sensitive but also powerful, someone who will open up to them but also protect them
  • Leo: When their date can make them laugh and make them feel special
  • Virgo: When their date is different than other people/weird or eccentric in a way
  • Libra: When their date gives them a lot of attention/chases after them and is very kind
  • Scorpio: When their date is confident and strong, but also sweet and romantic
  • Sagittarius: When their date plays hard to get and plays around with them a lot
  • Capricorn: When their date is hardworking and pays the tab
  • Aquarius: When their date is mysterious and holds them almost possessively like no one else can have them
  • Pisces: When their date is mature but still playful and loves to cuddle
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the signs' turn ons
  • aries: surrender/submission; challenges; power // roughness
  • taurus: soft gentleness // candles, cuddling
  • gemini: spontaneity; movement // nice smile
  • cancer: sweetness/affection // cuddling
  • leo: devotion // hickies, pushing them up against a wall
  • virgo: telling them "i want you"; honesty // ass grabbing and making out
  • libra: romance; spontaneity // well-dressed
  • scorpio: mystery; devotion // hickies
  • sagittarius: challenges; movement // muscles, tender makeouts
  • capricorn: power; mystery // jawlines
  • aquarius: challenges; spontaneity // nice perfume or cologne
  • pisces: romance; affection // cuddling, veiny arms
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The Signs as Classmates

Aries: The classmate that confuses Gym Class with the Olympics

Taurus: The classmate that can’t find group partners but once they do, end up doing the whole project on their own

Gemini: The classmate that is actually there to learn, probably in the top of their grade

Cancer: The classmate thats artwork always gets hung up

Leo: The classmate who… Wait… Did they even show up to class?

Virgo: The classmate who seems to always be joking with teachers
/laughs at your jokes when no one else hears them

Libra: The classmate who is doodling hearts and their crushes name into their notebook

Scorpio: The classmate who thinks they’re class president or the teacher

Sagittarius: The classmate that’s constantly snacking and has a ton of friends who they make beats with on the desks

Capricorn: That kid who wears the same hoodie everyday and has Velcro straps for their sneakers, they tend to scare you a bit or make you uncomfortable

Aquarius: The classmate who’s the class fuckboy ( or fuckgirl )

Pisces: The classmate who is constantly talking, they either make the class laugh the whole time or annoy them