scorpio steele

The Aqua Sun x Scorpio Moon contradiction

I want whats best for everyone. Scorpio: But, with how many times we’ve been screwed over I think they should just die by my hands. Aquarius: And if I do that, who will I have left. Scorpio: It doesn’t matter who we have left. The pain we gained from their selfishness deserves repercussion by ten-fold. Aquarius: Just because we pain doesn’t mean they have to. Scorpio: Just join me revenge is sweet. Aquarius: For once in our life can we stop arguing? 

Scorpio: We will never see eye to eye, but we all know who the more stubborn one is out of us. Aquarius: Then I will resist you no matter how long it takes. Scorpio: Just remember everyone has a breaking point. Aquarius: Then I’m glad we’ve been through all that shit! Because I’ll at least know that I’m the one stronger than tempered steel. Scorpio: One day, I’ll be the one in control. Aquarius: Let’s not forget you’re a part of me and not me.

I am a walking contradiction. I love and hate at the same time. I am happiness and wrath simultaneously. I see the world as any humanitarian is yet want to destroy it because I am destroyed myself. Because i can’t get along with myself I will never be at peace. I love those who will never be able to love me and I hate those who love me. [info on sun and moon signs]

The Signs as Crayola Metallic Crayons

Aries: Big Dip o’ Ruby
Taurus: Shimmering Blush
Gemini: Metallic Sunburst
Cancer: Sonic Silver
Leo: Alloy Orange
Virgo: Illuminating Emrald
Libra: Steel Blue
Scorpio: Deep Space Sparkle
Sagittarius: Cyber Grape
Capricorn: Blast Off Bronze
Aquarius: Metallic Seaweed
Pisces: Razzmic Berry

Signs as good TF2 maps
  • Capricorn: cp_steel
  • Taurus: cp_steel
  • Sagittarius: cp_steel
  • Virgo: cp_steel
  • Gemini: cp_steel
  • Cancer: cp_steel
  • Leo: cp_steel
  • Scorpio: cp_steel
  • Pisces: cp_steel
  • Aries: cp_steel
  • Libra: cp_steel
  • Aquarius: cp_steel
the signs as pokemon type combos

ARIES- fire/fighting/flying/dragon

TAURUS- grass/ground/rock/normal

GEMINI- dark/fairy/bug/flying

CANCER- water/fairy/rock/ice

LEO- electric/dragon/fire/flying

VIRGO- bug/ground/flying/fairy

LIBRA- flying/normal/steel/fairy

SCORPIO- fighting/dark/psychic/ice

SAGITTARIUS- flying/dragon/fire/ghost

CAPRICORN- ground/rock/dark/ghost

AQUARIUS- steel/electric/ghost/fairy

PISCES- water/psychic/ghost/poison