The Signs as Girlfriends

Aries: At first appears shy, but is actually fiercely protective and outgoing, all they need is to feel comfortable and they’ll come out of their shell. Lots of wrestling and neck kisses, able to unhinge her jaw like a snake. Constantly devouring small animals whole when she thinks you’re not looking. 

Taurus: Quirky and fun. Lots of hand holding and tight tight hugs. Can sometimes have difficulty voicing how she feels, and so shows affection through actions rather than words. She only feels comfortable speaking in words she has stolen from other lesser girlfriends. Wants her mouth back.

Gemini: More controlling than some people would like, knows all your casual little kinks, idly plays with your hair. Playful bites. Intense skincare routine, made of porcelain, joints bend backwards. During quiet moments you catch her staring dreamily at you.

Cancer: Big sweaters and warm drinks. Constantly wants attention in small ways. Would prefer to just be in the room with you whenever she can. Wants to play video games with you but her claws make it difficult. Sleepy a lot, especially during winter and rainstorms. 

Leo: Always taking pictures with you. Super outgoing, loves to show you off to other people, even when it can be awkward. Can be a little jealous, to the point of exploding into a cloud of sentient mist that only leaves bones behind. Never stops flirting with you.

Virgo: Eager to a fault, she never stops wanting to try new things with you. Impulsive and adventurous. Host to a colony of parasitic invertebrates that feed on knowledge. A knack for fixing things and a wellspring of trivia.

Libra: Charming as all hell, content with a simple, classic relationship. Lots of movie dates and night drives. Corny but sincere. Never sleeps. Confused by electronics. Always wearing the same set of clothes. Makes noises like intense radio static when scared. 

Scorpio: Hoodie thief extraordinaire. Tons of inside jokes. You feel like you’ve known her forever. Extremely knowledgeable about poisons. Two sets of eyelids. Asks a lot of questions about your blood. Always concerned for your health.

Ophiuchus: Sarcastic, wise beyond her years. No hair due to the burn scars. Good with her hands. Expert marksman. Handmade prosthetic arm. Wanted for piracy. Able to sleep pretty much anywhere.

Sagittarius: Constantly wrapped in a blanket. The epitome of netflix and chill. Can drink you under the table. A good listener. Overwhelmingly strong. Scars from where manacles were branded to her flesh. 

Capricorn: Knows a little bit about just about everything. Witty jokes and gentle roasting. Loves hearing about your interests. Pet falcon that watches you all the time. Every member of her family also has a surprisingly well trained pet falcon and owns the same curved sword. 

Aquarius: Competitive and carefree. Encourages you to practice your interests.  Bites her lip when she sees you. Infectious smile. Brags about you. Refers to you as an endovertebrate. 

Pisces: Loves to make you things. Buys you lots of small presents. Loves just listening to you talk. Bio-luminescent blood. Completely prehensile limbs. Very thoughtful.

the signs as controversial magical abilities

based on harry potter!

parseltongue (speaking to snakes): taurus, libra, aquarius

lycanthropy (becoming a werewolf): aries, virgo, pisces

seers (seeing the future): cancer, scorpio, sagittarius

legilimency (mind-reading): gemini, leo, capricorn

“There is no such thing as a pure ‐ extrovert or a pure introvert. Such a man would be in the lunatic asylum.” ~Carl Jung, Evans Conversations, Page 23.


  1. Extroverted side - participates in challenges and competition with others. voyaging through new environments and social structures strengthens their sense of self and place in the world, interacts with external surroundings with great curiosity to extract the fragments that construct the identity - they constantly observe their surroundings and relate what they see with what they know. present in their leadership role, relationships are vital sources of inner conflict, however one of the grand aspirations of life is to win the heart of true love. outspoken and opinionated in the social and domestic spectrum, the energiser and battery of illumination for friends and loved ones
  2. Introverted side - dreamer of unrealised possibilities. there can only be one winner, and it can be a lonely place at the top. Substantial self-reflection follows the chaos of their living reality, to mark the progression or reset the target goal, and they need to be left alone and undisturbed in order to take a step back from the chaotic haze piece together the memories of the day that will shape tomorrow. if the world has become too boring they will retreat into their own inner wonderland of amusement 


  1. Extroverted side - seeks to create a sanctuary of beauty, comfort, and security for the people they love, measures a portion of self-value on the capacity to provide for dependants financially and emotionally. desires a material synthesis of the inner world - a product or design that captures their inspiration, creativity, and work ethic, professionally influential and invested in utilising, maintaining, or enhancing their natural resources into talents that can supply humanity’s demand, invested in maintaining the wellbeing of friends and loved ones so is typically very observant of these people in looking for signs that something is not right
  2. Introverted side - has a privately developed and enforced inner value and morale system, strongly influenced by the internal instability that threatens the sense of long term security and being useful and needed, very capable of departing from the world into their own mode of autopilot in complete trance to the task at hand, personal sensual bliss, or rest, relaxation, and awakened sleep. can be quite private with the imagination and their unformed creative visions - tendency to play instruments, paint, draw, and write, or whatever when alone


  1. Extroverted side - geminis are introverted and extroverted at the same time, and as the day goes they are highly communicative and active or contained inside their celestial mind. they are energised and grounded through conversation, natural communicator, interacts with the immediate environment in a curious, playful, and alert manner that allows for multiple learning processes to occur at once, holds the microphone and plays the role of the teacher and the student, very interested in the possibilities of everything, swift adaptation and ability to re-arrange the expression and dialogue to gain the most from the interaction and conversation
  2. Introverted side - distracted by the volume of activity in the mind and seduced into the thinking daydream, becomes increasingly bored by people and retreats into their own matrix of inner personalities that keep them amused for days on end, emotionally evasive and reticent to let truly let inside, is socially active to gather information like a butterfly and slips into the chrysalis of isolation to reflect and digest this new stimulus, the contradiction is being very open but closed off to the same so you always get the sense they are hiding something


  1. Extroverted side - responsive and deeply invested in the lives of loved ones, depends on people relying on their presence and support, makes emotional connections based on shared experiences, constructs the sanctuary of love and comfort in the home formed by inner unformed visions and emotional needs for external security and longevity, business minded with a natural talent for growing abundance by virtue of their social intuition, enjoys teaching and sharing stories with children and loved ones. 
  2. Introverted side - develops resilience in the face of invisible and internal obstacles that manifest in reality, the dream life is highly active and tends to manifest in reality so they are never completely present, responsive to the inner child and often finds self-reflection a dialogue between the younger and older self, very immersed in the private emotional experience and developing methods to manage this unseen chaos, retreats into their private music box of memories and re-imaging of childhood fantasies


  1. Extroverted side - the response given by human interaction substantially influences the self-identification process, driven to design and demonstrate the highest potential and unique self, desire to demonstrate the internal experience, creativity, and divine fire through the self-expression and appearance, engaged in matters involving human relationship, justice, and defence, provider and supporter, leader who inspires the way through nobility and love, need to command and control the environment actively or subconsciously and inadvertently, enjoys being in a position of mentorship or guidance 
  2. Introverted side - Intense preoccupation with self-development and tuning the inner world to attain the most positive outward response, private self-reflection that can become quite depreciating and self-shaming, isolates from people to reinforce feelings of loneliness and inability to receive love, the shadows can whisper unfounded suspicions regarding being unwanted and humiliated by others using the medium of silence when alone, builds the defences and weapons alone for the fight on behalf of the innocent and vulnerable 


  1. Extroverted side - the mind and nervous system is highly responsive to the external environment, seeks to develop the skills and proficiencies that resolve disturbance and chaos, slips into their own self-regulated and internal mode of operation where the world disappears and they become entranced in the physical or mental task at hand, driven by the desire to communicate and offer service to other people through the development of their intellect, skills, and knowledge. very needy for the external response that validates their hard work
  2. Introverted side - tends to blossom in the later years when self-consciousness has relinquished its captivating grip, gathers knowledge from the external environment and privately gestates this into wisdom, sets the standard through internalised dialogue and uses negative external experiences to reinforce their need for self-improvement, keeps dreams and aspirations secret and typically undergoes a lot of unseen battles with the swords of their own mind 


  1. Extroverted side - highly responsive to social interactions and measures self value through the abundance of relationships in their life, engaged in teamwork and collaboration that brings out the unique qualities of everybody, highly responsive to shared experience - bliss is double the delight in company, present in the social and business aspect of daily life as a natural advisory, to ensure justice is served, and to find similarities and differences in people that help them self-identify and define themselves
  2. Introverted side - is deeply and privately self-reflective and often desires remedial alone time to clear out everybody else’s feelings and thoughts and see their world clearly, devotes copious personal time into bettering themselves, reflecting upon their relationships and the people in their lives - during which they tend to construct a lot of inner dialogues and conversations with themselves, frequently disengages from a distressing reality into their private lagoon of dream where all of their wildest fantasies are played out just for them


  1. Extroverted side - open display of passion and power, unconscious desire to re-write the story of reality by telling the truth, remaining convicted in the face of disbelief, and the will to be a revelatory maverick, upholder and asserter of self-justice, a leader, very invested in forming entrenched and long lasting bonds with select special people, appreciates being in a position of mentorship or guidance to vulnerable or lost people, the healer must become intimate with the darkest conditions of the human psyche and spirit to cast and enforce the transformation that heals from the depths 
  2. Introverted side - Intense preoccupation with inner growth and deep change, more reactive to internal and subjective interpretations rather than external stimulus, personally liberates themselves from their own demons through private, enduring, and intensive transformations where they feel themselves burning alive to death in sensations they can never tell, appreciates and values solitary time and becomes unsettled after a short period of social exposure, tends to learn, research, create, and speculate in private. in depth dialogue with the inner experience, images, and sensations, does not easily trust others, is answerable only to the authority of their own soul


  1. Extroverted side - makes the lifelong voyage as far as they can roam searching for the disguises of god that reinforce their intuitive speculations, strong desire to share and explore their philosophies of life with other people, invested in conversations and encounters with many different people from diverse backgrounds and cultures to expand their eyes and sight further to the world, enjoys the high of group experiences that involve shared spiritualism, faith, and music, they can really bring people together and create a higher power with the collective belief of magic
  2. Introverted side - intensely self-reflective regarding the meaning and purpose of their existence, exclusively private construction of their philosophies based on the connection and correlation between internal and external experiences, profound internal leaps in intuition that steer the outward compass, privately imaginative and creative, tendency to play instruments and write when alone, they self-define their own limitations and tend to mark success as a succession of accomplishments 


  1. Extroverted side - responsive and deeply invested in the lives of loved ones, remarks on inner value through the capacity to provide support and substance to loved ones and the community, invested in uplifting the social profile and family name, focused on attaining institutional recognition and identifies closely with the role in the community, degrees, ascension, and acclaim, engaged in the constant learning process of life, born to lead and inspire, enjoys being in a position of mentorship or guidance 
  2. Introverted side - Intense preoccupation with self-development and mastering the internal instability, confusion, and lack of control that impairs or self-destructs the progress being taken in the world toward their aspirations, external demands are internal projections that set standards that exceed anybody’s expectation, very protective and defensive of their personal space - does not easily trust others, typically keeps a lot of memories, feelings, and fears contained in this private vault


  1. Extroverted side - socially engages with a general fascination about the human psyche and complexities, appreciates sharing and bouncing their ideas around with like and opposite minded people - their hunger to know and learn more is driven by the desire to inform and enlighten people with their wisdom, so they are typically focused on building a social platform to distribute this from, involved in a service role to humanity and typically quite active in social, political, artistic, and spiritual groups and communities, generally likes to be surrounded by a crowd of 2 or 3, born to lead and inspire
  2. Introverted side - intensely self-reflective regarding the meaning and purpose of their existence, disregards external influence regarding the self-expression, appearance, and direction of aspirations -  is only answerable to the inner authority of the spirit, tends to develop mental attributes and master the mind in a private and unseen process, rampant internal fantasy land and utopian imagination with images that only they can conceive, feels lonely in a crowd


  1. Extroverted side - emotionally responsive and adaptive to the surrounding environment, idealistic, romantic, and deeply invested in forming beautiful and long lasting relationships, their empathy is powerful and naturally expressive, strong desire to communicate the images of the inner world, feelings, and philosophies with other people to impart beauty, healing, love, and make relatable connections with others, seeks a person that can make them feel special or provide the sense that nothing else exists
  2. Introverted side - more reactive to internal and subjective interpretations rather than external stimulus, isolates themselves on an island of escapism for the sake of survival, can carry the inherent sense of being ‘different’ or incapable of truly relating often reinforced by constantly finding themselves alone. pisces are introverted and extroverted at the same time because they know that even though you are by yourself, you are never truly alone 


Water signs (cancer, scorpio, pisces): *tries to read someone else’s entire personality based on a tiny mannerism or expression they used and rides the assumption train straight to hell* 

Air signs (gemini, libra, aquarius): *gets unrealistic crushes on strangers and obsessed with the concept of how it would be like to date them in a really serious way, then forgets about it and moves on to the next fantasy*

The Signs again and again and again and again and again

Aries: Down by the lake you could have sworn you saw a toad wearing a tiny suit of armor. The pain in your neck starts to throb again. The world feels heavy. You must sleep.

Taurus: You tried to put on clothing today and nearly collapsed from the impossible weight. The world at full tilt, lop-sided. You must sleep.

Gemini: You stopped feeling the cold hours and hours ago. You’ve never seen snow that color before. You smell her perfume. You smell what you would have had for breakfast that day. You must sleep.

Cancer: Is it too early in the morning or too late in the night? You cant tell anymore. The world is so mercifully quiet at this hour. You avoid the streetlamps and roads. You must sleep.

Leo: The stairs have all been nailed over with ramps. There are locks on the doors but no handles. A tiny third floor. A place like the leftovers of small shops pretending to be one place. You must sleep.

Virgo: The sea stretches on for miles. The trees here have grown like upturned umbrellas, bowing to the wind. Souls caught in the branches. You must sleep.

Libra: The comforting sensation of fingers in you hair. Fighting against morning grogginess to take the medicine. You must sleep.

Scorpio: At this point you could draw a map of the highways from memory. Part of you thinks that maybe you thought up the maps first, and that someone has just been laying down the pavement. You must sleep.

Ophiuchus: The world ran out of VRAM today and had to start recycling old assets. People you met in the past but just aged up. You must sleep.

Sagittarius: You always felt that the angels tasted better roasted. You must sleep.

Capricorn: You hold a glittering crown on a small pillow. You have no idea how you got here. The chorus of horns blares. You must sleep.

Aquarius: You can already feel your skin turning to salt. Your moments are slowing but you still have time. You still have time. You must sleep.

Pisces: You are the last one still awake. What are you still doing up? This late at night, with only one pair of eyes. You might see something you weren’t supposed to.

The signs as things in my house













How To Connect With The Moon Signs

Fire Moons: Connection through passion, impulse, and adrenaline. Spontaneous adventures and get aways, conversations about philosophy, religion, and/or life ambitions, compliments, creating things together, helping them cool down when their feelings overwhelm them, late night conversations, road trips, attending social or artistic events together, standing up for them, recognizing their talents and efforts, giving them space when needed

Earth Moons: Connection through sensuality, spirituality, and comfort. Sharing food, food “dates”, nature walks, going to concerts, museums, or movies together, being patient and understanding with their feelings, telling them a certain song, picture, post, etc reminds you of them, thoughtful gifts, letting them borrow your possessions, giving them music or movie suggestions, napping together, making them feel ‘at home’, physical gestures, making them feel useful and valued, helping them remain productive and focused when experiencing difficulties

Air Moons: Connection through intellect, humor, and mental stimulation. researching and intellectualizing your emotions and your problems together, indulging in gossip, cracking jokes when things get too serious, deep late night conversations, sharing humorous posts with one another, providing distractions when overwhelming feelings take over, offering intellectual reasoning behind certain emotions and difficult situations, texting/messaging them more often than seeing them (they need physical space), playing games together

Water Moons: Connection through compassion, nourishment, and understanding. Physical affection, voicing your care and concern, making something creative and thoughtful for them, listening to their problems and coaxing them through by talking about them, allowing them to express their feelings fully, listening to music together, bringing them their favorite comfort foods, drinks, movies, etc., remembering small things they have told you about them, adapting to their moods so you can understand how to handle each one, encouraging them to partake in artistic outlets for their sensitivities 

things your sign doesn't get enough credit for
  • Aries: putting 100% into the people they care about
  • Taurus: being focused and super hard-working
  • Gemini: twisting situations in favor of their loved ones
  • Cancer: being really strong under pressure
  • Leo: always making sure everyone around them is happy
  • Virgo: their motherly nature and healing abilities
  • Libra: the amount of emotional labor they do for others
  • Scorpio: how much they bury within to keep the peace
  • Sagittarius: their unhesitant generosity
  • Capricorn: their wicked sense of humor
  • Aquarius: their kindness, humanity and love for people
  • Pisces: their high intelligence and mental dexterity
September Lessons

aries: you must find the beauty in the simple things. do not dwell on the past, simply focus on the now and what is ahead for you. 

taurus: believe in yourself and manifest what you really want. 

gemini: this is not all there is. there are great things you haven’t experienced yet, you just have to believe it. 

cancer: immerse yourself in what you love. drown in it. 

leo: don’t care about what other people think, the only thing that really matters is what you think about yourself.

virgo: it’s okay to feel sad, what matters is how you pick yourself up.

libra: don’t forget about the people who love you.

scorpio: forget about the people who don’t make your life better and happier. you deserve to be surrounded by positive, supportive individuals.

sagittarius: the more you focus on your goals and believe in what you’re doing, the more great things will happen.

capricorn: don’t always focus on moving ahead, you’ll forget to appreciate where you are now, you’ll forget it all. 

aquarius: embrace the new changes that are coming, they will be hard, but they will also be beautiful.

pisces: stand up for yourself, even when you’re afraid. 

The Sun Signs and Their Truth

Aries: They may seem flighty, defensive, and dramatic upon first glance.. picking battles and defending their integrity in any way that they can, but deep down, they are at war with themselves. They push themselves to do their best, believing they hold more potential than they have. The closer they get to their goals, the more expectations they weigh on themselves. The anger and dominance they express alleviates them of the battle they have with themselves.. the battle that no one sees.

Taurus: They may find it hard to listen to differing opinions and statements from others due to their stubborn demeanor and their inability to accept frequent change. In their mind whispers various thoughts and decisions for them to linger on. They hear it enough from themselves already and this is why they are so closed off. How can they rely on others for support when they are seen as the stable and reliable ones? What will people think of them when suddenly their controlled persona is gone..?

Gemini: Chattering away as if their every breath depends on it, they express unpredictability, wit, and mischief. Their words are their power - their weapon and their healer. Communication is their strong point, often utilizing their time with social media, humor, and socializing to hide behind a mask. The symbol of Gemini is the twins.. One you see most of the time and one you will rarely ever witness; this twin is with them sun up to sun down but mental distractions are lost when they are all alone; plagued by their own worries, doubts, fears, and troubles.. It is their whimsical and witty lifestyle that keeps them going.

Cancer: Often labeled as moody, over-emotional, and melodramatic, Cancers are the earth bound nurturers of us all. They provide the world with charity and warmth.. rarely taking the time to comfort themselves on an emotional level. Their exhaustion can be seen through their obsession with physical comforts such as affection, food, cozy blankets, sleep, etc.. This is their way of providing themselves the energy they need to continue protecting and caring for those around them. The reasoning behind their sensitivity and moodiness falls back onto their service and compassion for others.

Leo: Lustrous, charming, dynamic.. forever basking in the sun and shining like the rays of the luminary lives within them, they are self-assured and dynamic. They know who they are and they live their personal truth with pride. The exception here, though, is that they have trouble accepting rejection and disapproval. Major blows to their capabilities provoke the feline within them.. They must gain attention in some form or fashion.. Will they lash out or will they try harder to achieve their desired recognition? 

Virgo: The Virgins of the Zodiac enjoy providing criticism, service, and routine to/for others, though sometimes, they do not realize the scrutiny of their words or their actions. They want to help anyone they believe needs saving, so when someone denies their efforts or critiques them, they become the victims they once saw others as. They thrive on control and productivity - which becomes threatened when another person, who did not ask for it or receive it in the correct way, stands up to them. Their biggest critic is themselves, which is why they take it so personally when they are outed.

Libra: Don’t ever take it personally when a Libra accepts both sides to the story.. when they accept the enemy and the victim. They are capable of seeing the positives and negatives in every situation. They are simply looking to find harmony in between - but usually get trapped in the middle attempting to pull the others there with them. The only way they can accept themselves and find balance within is if they help others achieve the very same. In doing so, they may come across as fake, air-headed, and obsessed with conformity.. but they are deeply misunderstood. 

Scorpio: Tangled in webs of secrecy, they hide their essence to appear interesting… It is their method of gaining control and domination, but their method often leaves them vulnerable to prying eyes and controversy. Though they are private, their emotional intensity is often hard for them to veil completely.. the webs they form are dusted away to reveal their true nature. So, they must destroy it all and produce another web.. Each time becoming more and more cautious and resistant.. much more powerful and complex.

Sagittarius: The exploration of philosophy and truth leave them restless, forever expanding their horizon further and further away from themselves. They see fascination and excitement in everything but in themselves and their immediate surroundings. Everything becomes boring.. routine.. a mess for someone who craves experience and unpredictability. This leaves them to distance their focus on the little things that make life so grand. Their thirst for knowledge and freedom will never be completely quenched. They commit to their inability to commit to the practical life. 

Capricorn: Level-headed.. contained.. traditional. They see it as their responsibility to maintain their ambitions and help others reach the top, as well. Keeping things professional means they see their personal feelings as vulnerabilities or faults. You can say that they are emotionless and demanding, but they are trying their best to keep everything together; themselves, their routines, their careers, and their loved one’s lives, as well. The truth is they know they are not really in control, they instead attempt to gain it regardless of this truth.

Aquarius: It’s natural to become offended or hurt by the “ghosting” tactics of Aquarians but it is not common knowledge that Aquarius Suns also “ghost” themselves. They are so afraid of their depths, they rebel from them, assuming their emotions will override their individuality. They possess an awakened mind and a comatose heart. Though they understand humanity well and make it their life’s duty to honor independence and originality, they see their feelings as a threat to their intellectual, bold persona. They would rather advocate for humanity, set trends, and shed light on life’s controversies.

Pisces: They feel so misunderstood because they, too, do not understand who they truly are. It is as frustrating for them as it is for everyone else. Often, they do not take accountability for their actions because they refuse to perceive them. Constantly in the state between the real world and the afterlife, they are vulnerable bodies walking hand in hand with their soul instead of their soul breathing inside of them. Their soul walks along the plane of reality, clearly seeing the souls that reside in every body in every person. It is difficult for them to face reality because they have seen suffering, pain, anger, and hatred.. they have felt it from others. They feel imprisoned by their intuition. 

Dating the Venus Signs â˜†

* Also check your sun and moon signs!

ARIES: A relationship should be like playing with fire - fun, daring, and a little risky. They will provoke you with an outrageous idea then shut you up with a rough kiss because they just love joking with you like that. Wants nothing more than for you to become the best version of who you are so they’ll always actively support your endeavors. Open-minded but will always challenge your point of view to ensure that you are well-prepared for any situation. Being with them entails play fights, light-hearted debates, and lots of physical/sports activity.

TAURUS: Pride means nothing when they have you. Watch as they soften up over time, finally letting their walls down because they know you won’t ever take advantage of their kindness. They’ll bring you to their favorite places because you deserve to share these wonderful experiences with them. Open to meaningful conversations about values and beliefs because they stand strongly by theirs and will always support yours. Very protective of you and will stand up against anyone who tries to push you around. Being with them entails movie nights, shopping dates, and slow dancing.

GEMINI: Communication is the key to their heart because they want to know everything about you. They’ll whisper soft I love you’s while you’re sleeping and leave you with a forehead kiss before work. Your bad days instantly turn around because you can count on them to bring a fun and lively conversation to the table. There is no such thing as too much reassurance because they want to love and be loved through the promises of words. Being with them entails laughter, timeless jokes, and late night talks about most bizarre things.

CANCER: Watch as they melt into you when you tell them how much you love them. Love means coming together as one, and they can’t make that anymore obvious. Will make you breakfast in bed when you’re sick and give you the best massages. Sends good morning and good night texts because you’re the first and last thing on their mind every day. Vulnerability no longer scares them because they trust you to take care of their fragile heart. Being with them entails meeting their loved ones, showering together, and butterflies in your stomach.

LEO: Love is a stage. A relationship should be dramatic, passionate, and as obvious and apparent as possible. A BIG fan of PDA and always wants to be physically in contact with their lover. Has a “it’s us against the world” kind of approach. Will brag about you to all their friends so that everyone knows how amazing you are. Sings and dances to serenade you despite how silly they look because they just love putting a smile on your face. Being with them entails being spoiled rotten, elevated confidence, and endless compliments.

VIRGO: Words aren’t necessary, you’ll see and feel their love when they pick up your favorite coffee on the way home or cook you a meal after seeing how tired you are from a long day of work. They will make sure your comfort comes first, even if it makes taking on more responsibilities to lessen your load. Quality time with them doesn’t need to be much; they’re content with just hanging out a cozy cafe and catching glimpses of your face over their favorite book. Being with them entails falling asleep on their shoulder while watching your favorite shows, walks in the park, and making future plans together.

LIBRA: The courting won’t stop, even after you officially start dating. They will surprise you with secret handwritten notes tucked in the pocket of your coat, or unexpectedly show up on your doorstep with a bouquet of roses. Flirts with you because you’re still just as attractive and beautiful as the first day they met you. Sacrifices will be made as a way of showing you how much you mean to them. Being with them entails romantic date nights after work, small tokens of appreciation, and cuddles by the fire.

SCORPIO: Emotions and feelings are their power; once you’re theirs, they won’t hold back on telling you how much they care, want, love, and need you in their life. A possessive, intense kind of relationship that keeps the spark going even after the honeymoon stage is over. You won’t ever have to question whether they’re in love with you because you just know they are. Will let you borrow as many hoodies and shirts as possible because they love seeing you in them. Being with them entails hot make out sessions, security and protection, and a soulmate kind of love.

SAGITTARIUS: Their fun-loving personality is contagious; being as energetic as they are, it’s hard not to join in on their adventures. Love means having the door open but never wanting to leave. Trying new activities is their favorite past-time, and you’re their go-to person because there is no one else they would rather make memories with. In a room full of people, their eyes only search for you. Being with them entails going to music festivals, watching documentaries together, and a youthful, care-free relationship.

CAPRICORN: Working hard is their way of expressing how much your future together means to them. Long hours or overtime is a just temporary inconvenience because they know it’ll pay off when you two finally get to go on your dream vacation. Expect warm hugs and words of reassurance when you’re feeling insecure or afraid of just about anything. Call them in the middle of night for help and they will be there in a heartbeat. Being with them entails reliability, honesty, and a steadfast relationship for the long haul.

AQUARIUS: Independence is sexy. To them, love means two people coming together simply because they enjoy each other’s company. Alone time is necessary, but so is being with you. Despite their hectic schedule, they’ll always make time for your relationship. Always down to help you out because they hate seeing you struggle but also makes sure to teach you everything they know so that you can become stronger on your own. Being with them entails individual growth, knowledge, and a balanced relationship.

PISCES: Experiences are the best when they’re shared with a lover so count on them to invite you to everything they do. They express their love through their artwork; with you as their muse, they will dedicate many songs or poems to you. Great at comforting you when you’re sad and will always try to cheer you up with small treats or desserts. Scrap the luxury items, they’re all about the sentiment behind handmade gifts. Being with them entails ice cream dates, stargazing, and tons of kisses to show you they care.

'out there doing it'
  • aries: spreading joy, exuding energy, running their mouth with ideas and inspiration for fun things to do
  • taurus: such an enamoring personality, hitting us with excellent personal taste, offering a chill presence
  • gemini: making the room laugh, offering new perspectives and witty jokes, taking us to random places
  • cancer: adorably smiling, inducing love in everyone around them, spreading good vibes
  • leo: glowing, shining, making the world a happier place, making sure everyone feels good
  • virgo: effortlessly taking care of people's problems, coming up with solutions, healing our spirits
  • libra: stunning everyone, chatting in the most delightful manner, giving off pleasant vibes
  • scorpio: lounging, intimidating weak men on purpose, getting people into you with a simple gaze
  • sagittarius: pulling off jokes no one else can, wisecracking, spitting the truth with a cute smile
  • capricorn: slipping in hilariously dark jokes, working hard, rising above, teaching us to become greater
  • aquarius: charming the crowds, impressing us with their originality, standing up for the real issues
  • pisces: exuding creativity and mysticism, caring for everyone, making bold leaps in the name of love and art

Important Dates for the Signs in October - 2018

Z O D I A C G U I D E / / I G

Aries: 19, 24, 30

Taurus: 8, 13, 23

Gemini: 12, 22, 30

Cancer: 9, 20, 24

Leo: 2, 12, 20

Virgo: 16, 25, 30

Libra: 3, 20, 29

Scorpio: 8, 15, 27

Sagittarius: 1, 18, 25

Capricorn: 11, 14, 29

Aquarius: 7, 11, 14

Pisces: 14, 23, 29

In general I am ___. (1st)
Aries - passionate, ambitious
Taurus - nurturing, indulgent
Gemini - talkative, curious
Cancer - sensitive, shy
Leo - warm, fun
Virgo - shy, analytical
Libra - peaceful, aesthetic
Scorpio - private, intuitive
Sagittarius - adventurous, philosophical
Capricorn - serious, work-oriented
Aquarius - humanitarian, goofy
Pisces - empathetic, dreamy

I give off ___ vibes. (7th)
Aries - energetic, motivating
Taurus - patient, stubborn
Gemini - bubbly, chatty
Cancer - paternal, creative
Leo - childish, friendly
Virgo - critical, reliable
Libra - social, harmonious
Scorpio - secretive, loving
Sagittarius - bold, humorous
Capricorn - hardworking, social
Aquarius - detached, helpful
Pisces - zoned out, wise

Socially, people see me as ___. (10th)
Aries - inspiring, impulsive
Taurus - grounded, hard working
Gemini - well spoken, open
Cancer - compassionate, emotional
Leo - vibrant, fun-loving
Virgo - analytical, kind
Libra - diplomatic, cooperative
Scorpio - magnetic, observant
Sagittarius - unpredictable, free
Capricorn - well-mannered, disciplined
Aquarius - charitable, detached
Pisces - endearing, wise

On the internet I seem ___. (11th)
Aries - obnoxious, friendly
Taurus - graceful, luxurious
Gemini - curious, informative
Cancer - tender, sensitive
Leo - creative, theatrical
Virgo - practical, factual
Libra - aesthetic, peaceful
Scorpio - private, formal
Sagittarius - reckless, knowledgable
Capricorn - reliable, responsible
Aquarius - intellectual, different
Pisces - mystical, enlightened