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For the fanfic trope. A Hogwarts au please and thank you

Ok so before we start the fic, I gotta tell you guys a story. So hogwarts aus are always A PAIN because you usually have to sort the characters into houses, and people get really opinionated about it haha. Like most people will be chill, but then there will be that one guy who’s like “yeah so hunk is such a slytherin”, to which I’ll be like “meet me in the pit you limp dick!”
So anyway, I asked my boyfriend how he would sort the Voltron kids as I was pretty stumped. And he just goes: “Shiro, Lance and hunk are in gryffindor. Pidge is ravenclaw.”
“Hunk is gryffindor?”
“Yeah! I’d say hunk is pretty heroic.”
“And what about Keith?”
“…. I totally forgot he was a character.”
*cue me howling with laughter*
“Alright Keith is hufflepuff because I forgot about him and no one cares about hufflepuff”

So in honour of my dumbass boyfriend, have some gryffindor shiro, hunk and lance, with ravenclaw pidge and Allura, and hufflepuff keith.

Lance, hunk and Keith are fifth year’s at hogwarts and have settled well into their lives at hogwarts. Hunk and Lance became fast friends when they were assigned as roommates in their first year. Their relationship… well specifically lance’s relationship, with Keith had been much rockier. Lance had tried out for the quidditch team and failed, he had been pretty bereft until hunk had explained that first years never made the team. But Keith became the youngest seeker in hufflepuff history. From then on lance decided that Keith needed to be DESTROYED.

But their relationship has since mellowed. Lance became a chaser in his second year under Shiro’s recommendation, and has proved himself to be a valuable member of the team, scoring goals from impossible distances. Hunk is the worlds most savage beater. It’s not unusual to find him at the hospital wing with some fresh brownies for another poor quidditch player that has broken an arm to his hits.

Keith and lance’s rivalry becomes much more joking and teasing, with both of them always volunteering to duel against each other in defence against the dark arts. Professor Alfor has stopped pairing them together. Which is good cuz Keith usually wins. But it’s ok, because Lance is Coran’s favourite student, and he may have sicked a hippogriff on Keith in one of the care of magical creatures classes.

Keith starts sneaking into the gryffindor dorm at night, and Shiro turns a blind eye when he sees him sneaking out in the morning. Keith, hunk and lance stay up late, eating sweets, telling ghost stories, and since Keith is muggle born, he tells them all about their technology and traditions. Keith gets an iPod for Xmas and it BLOWS LANCES MIND. Keith let’s Lance listen to it when they share a bed. Hunk has hit puberty pretty well already, and is too broad now to share with either of them. There’s still the usual “augh! Get your cold feet off of me!”, “did you take a nap in the lake? You real of rotten seaweed”, “better than smelling like sweat and hair grease!” before they pop in the iPod earbuds and drift off to sleep. If hunk catches them frequently spooning he doesn’t say anything.

They have potions with haggar, and both Keith and lance groan. Lance is…. ok at potions, but haggar is such a bitter old crone. He’d much prefer to have someone like Thane as his teacher. Keith is fucking atrocious. He lacks the patience and finesse. Both of them owe all their passing grades to hunk. Hunk is a natural. He’s able to look at potion recipes and mutter “that’s awful advice” under his breath as he goes off book and makes something that impresses even haggar.

They’re making love potions this day. Specifically amortentia, which they’re told will smell like smell like something amazing when it’s finished, but it’s specific to each potion. Hunk finishes his first and reports it smells like fresh baked bread, hot sugar, and nutmeg. Lance is frowning at his cauldron.

“What’s up?” Hunk asks.
“I think I fucked it up. Mine swells like musk and sweat.” He wrinkles his nose. Hunk laughs and goes through all the steps with him, and Lance confirms that he’s done everything. Hunk shrugs.
“Maybe that’s what you’re into? Sweat and musk” he laughs.
“Sweat, musk and soap. Like that real basic kind Kei…” Lance face scrunches like he’s eaten a lemon. He no longer talks about what his potion smells like.

Keith has been perfectly silent on the other side of the table, as his cauldron wafts out the smell of salt, crashing waves, and green tea facial masks.

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Cris is human. He's gonna not have stellar games sometimes. It's part of the game unfortunately. But do I really think we tried our best collectively? That's debatable.

I think we win as a team and win as a team (I realize I didn’t say lose,I SAID WHAT I SAID), we don’t pick one player and agree he’s the reason everything went to shit bc that’s not the type of mentality you’d wanna watch football with .

also,I’m sure you shocked people with the “Cris is human” part,some think he’s a robot built by Flo to score impossible goals and sell shirts 😂😂

Football Physics: The Science Behind the Banana Kick

In 1997 in a game between France and Brazil, a young Brazilian player named Roberto Carlos set up for a 35 meter free kick. With no direct line to the goal, Carlos decided to attempt the seemingly impossible. His kick sent the ball flying wide of the players, but just before going out of bounds it hooked to the left and soared into the goal.

According to Newton’s first law of motion, an object will move in the same direction and velocity until a force is applied on it. When Carlos kicked the ball he gave it direction and velocity, but what force made the ball swerve and score one of the most magnificent goals in the history of the sport?

The trick was in the spin. Carlos placed his kick at the lower right corner of the ball, sending it high and to the right, but also rotating around its axis. 

The ball started its flight in an apparently direct route, with air flowing on both sides and slowing it down. On one side, the air moved in the opposite direction to the ball’s spin, causing increased pressure, while on the other side—the air moved in the same direction as the spin, creating an area of lower pressure. 

That difference made the ball curve towards the lower pressure zone. This phenomenon is called the Magnus effect.

This type of kick, often referred to as a banana kick, is attempted regularly, and it is one of the elements that makes “The beautiful game” beautiful. 

But curving the ball with the precision needed to both bend around the wall, and back into the goal is difficult. Too high and it soars over the goal. Too low and it hits the ground before curving. Too wide and it never reaches the goal. 

Not wide enough and the defenders intercept it. Too slow and it hooks too early or not at all. Too fast and it hooks too late.

The same physics make it possible to score another apparently impossible goal—an unassisted corner kick.

The Magnus effect was first documented by Sir Isaac Newton after he noticed it while playing a game of Tennis back in 1670. It also applies to golf balls, Frisbees and baseballs. In every case the same thing happens: the ball’s spin creates a pressure differential in the surrounding airflow that curves it in the direction of the spin.  

And here’s a question: could you theoretically kick a ball hard enough to make it boomerang all the way around back to you?  Sadly, no. Even if the ball didn’t disintegrate on impact or hit any obstacles, as the air slowed it, the angle of its deflection would increase, causing it to spiral into smaller and smaller circles until finally stopping. And just to get that spiral you’d have to make the ball spin over 15 times faster than Carlos’s immortal kick. So good luck with that.

From the TED-Ed Lesson Football physics: The “impossible” free kick - Erez Garty

Animation by TOGETHER

someone do a tfc cinderella au PLS

neil josten, unwanted child of the Butcher of Baltimore, stuck doing his dad’s dirty work and hating every second of his violent existence.

“step-brothers” riko and kevin joining him on crime jaunts, which riko takes delight in and which kevin micro-manages the SHIT out of. kevin and neil find their escape in exy, and they play whenever they can sneak away from their awful families. 

one night, after the two have broken into the nearest high school exy court to practice, they come across a flyer in the locker room for the ROYAL FOXES EXY TOURNAMENT! THE FOXES ARE RECRUITING AND WE WANT YOU!

the foxes are sports royalty and they keep it in the family - this is the first time ever they’re opening up try-outs to the masses!!!! “prince” andrew’s face is plastered on the poster and he already looks unimpressed at the hopefuls.

neil and kevin train in secret to go to the ball tournament. they hit up an exy store for some specialized equipment because kevin is insistent that they DESTROY every other applicant. kevin also insists neil get the heaviest fucking racquet he’s ever touched in his life because if he can train himself into using it proficiently he will dominate the field. 

betsy runs into them while they’re arguing over the practicality of kevin’s plan and immediately takes a liking to these sad passionate kids. she puts a little fox sticker on the end of neil’s new stick for good luck and tells him kevin’s plan is a good one. kevin is insufferable for days. (lol i wanted wymack the “fairy godmother” SO BADLY but neil and kevin - those NERDS - would’ve recognized him instantly, read:book, ch.1)

neil and kevin go and, true to kevin’s plans, DOMINATE. and neil accidentally flirts with andrew by insulting him vigorously, picking a fight, and then somehow wooing him on accident with his lost wet kitten charm. 

and then OH NO! riko shows up and neil and kevin flee and neil drops his heavy af racquet and andrew picks it up and is like “that is the boy i want to marry want on the team”

except that neil gets in trouble with the moriyamas because of riko and has to go on the run with kevin. so the foxes cart this ridiculous racquet to every school in the country and test it on every exy player they find. no one can play with it, most can barely pick it up, until they come across neil in arizona and neil hefts that racquet and scores an impossible goal on andrew. who grabs him, dips him, and kisses his stunned face. 

and then they live happily ever after. 


Claude Giroux postgame interviews after ending his scoring drought by netting his first goal of the season (November 9th, 2013) and after scoring an awesomely impossible goal [x] to defeat the Columbus Blues Jackets in a comeback win (December 19th, 2013).

…also, please notice Steve Mason skating to the bench to high-five Claude after his first goal :3