To All the Students in School

I think this really needs to be said to all the high schoolers freaking out about AP exams, SAT scores, and ACT scores. Hell, even to those who are applying/applied to colleges or other things. The number that you end up reading off the collegeboard site does not determine your worth. The number that you end up reading off the collegeboard site does not determine how smart you are. The number that you end up reading off the collegeboard site does not determine your future. Only you, as a person, can determine that. I know it’s hard, I’m still in high school too. But I think you guys need to, have to, know that even if you get all A’s and a 1450+ (or 2200+) on the SAT that it doesn’t automatically guarantee you a job. You could end up going to Stanford, MIT, or Harvard but end up in a bad place. The school you end up going to doesn’t necessarily grant you a job either. Okay, yes, it makes it a little bit easier but either way, you’re going to have to work hard for everything to get where you want. All of you are so much more important than some score or letter grade. Y’all are gonna do great, as long as you have the passion and drive to work for it. Having straight A’s and perfect scores does not mean you will survive in the real world. Now, this isn’t a way to make you feel better or myself (since I’m not a straight A student either) about all of this because honestly it’s all so true.

Good luck on your AP exams and everything else though. :) You guys got this.


We’re just finishing up our closing ceremony, thank you so much to everyone who showed up! For those who couldn’t….It was super sappy! We’ll be posting more final stuff and maybe some word on what’s happening with servers, blogs, etc soon. But for now…I’ll give you guys here the scores, with art drawn by our very own Devi Kara!

Congratulations to Team Ichi!!! And everyone! Thank you so much for participating! 


A run down of all the rankings throughout the challenges!

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Round 1 Final Scores
  • Nude- 725 points
  • Lenurple- 976 points (Highest Score! Great Job!)
  • Periwinkle- 834 points
  • Emerald- 784 points
  • Razzmatazz- 724 points
  • Pistachio- 788 points
  • Teal- 801 points
  • Mikado- 752 points
  • Peach- 708 points  (I’m sorry, but your team is eliminated)
  • Gold- 695 points (I’m sorry, but your team is eliminated)

Thanks for a great round everyone! Go give some love to Team Peach and Team Gold for their great efforts! We hope you continue being friends and talking to each other even though you are done competing this year. We hope you’ll join us again next year and stay tuned for the survey at the end of the games. To the other 8 teams, enjoy your 24 hour intermission!

now that halloween is nearly upon us, i wanted to put together a small list of some soundtracks/instrumentals i love listening to when i start to feel ~spooky~. i’ll probably add more as the days go on, but this is a start! 

danny elfman: edward scissorhands | sleepy hollow | corpse bride | nightmare before christmas | beetlejuice

classics: halloween (1978) | suspiria (1977) | the exorcist (1973) | the shining | psycho (1960) | scream (1996) | rosemary’s baby | the sixth sense 

moody: the others | the awakening | the village | crimson peak | coraline | candyman | the haunting in connecticut | interview with a vampire | pan’s labryrinth | the woman in black | lady in the water | macbeth (2015) | dorian gray

spooky/scary: it follows | the exorcism of emily rosethe ring | hellraiser | the silence of the lambs | van helsing | the conjuring | dracula | league of extraordinary gentlemen 

tv: penny dreadful | twin peaks | bates motel | the x files (partial) | torchwood | johnathan strange & mr norrell  


Numbers never lie, but they rarely tell the whole story.

This video pretty much sums up issues with applying statistics to the real world–in particular measurement and interpretation. We want numbers to tell the whole story but they almost never do. You have to take it for what it’s worth.

Final Scores for Round 2

Team Nude: 770 (Sorry, your team has been eliminated)
Team Lenurple: 792
Team Periwrinkle: 800
Team Emerald: 837
Team Razzmatazz: 728 (Sorry, your team has been eliminated)
Team Pistachio: 846 (Your team has earned the most points this round)
Team Teal: 822
Team Mikado: 802

Thank you all for participating, see you in round 3

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WE FINALLY HAVE A KELLEX GOAL 😭😭😭 this has been the kellex year for real

for. real. 

@akira-of-the-twilight idk if it’s already to tag you in this but considering it is apparently StarkSpangledWinterHawk and also someone mentioned omegas together in my Regency AU, here we are:

Alphas Steve and Bucky own a gym that has specialized classes for omegas so that they don’t have to worry about being bothered by alphas when they just want to work out. It’s a very lucrative business and they’re very proud of having a safe place for omegas. And then they wonder what fresh hell their lives are because suddenly they have two beautiful omegas occupying their omega-only weight-training classes and they have fucking become the brutish alphas they wanted to protect them from, because they want those omegas. Badly. But who can blame them? With asses like that??? Who could resist!?

Omegas Tony and Clint get a recommendation from Natasha for a gym where they finally won’t be harassed. (Some asshole named Rumlow had actually smacked Tony’s ass and Clint had nearly broken his hand punching him. Rumlow and Clint had gotten into a fist fight that had not been even close to fair because of the alpha’s physical advantage. The only reason Clint isn’t more banged up is because Tony had leapt on Rumlow’s back when he recovered from the shock of his boyfriend trying to fight an alpha and held on long enough for Natasha to storm across the gym and take over. Natasha had been… very displeased.)

So they’re a little dismayed when they see how handsome the owners of the gym are. Steve is all blond and buff and Bucky’s all dark and handsome. This must be the real reason Natasha sent them here—to torture them for getting her suspended from the gym for a month. She knew they had a type for alphas and that type was Tall, Brawny, and Respectful. And Steve and Bucky fit that type. Tony and Clint are independent omegas, alright, they have never needed an alpha. But maybe they’d like one. Or two.

It’s been a while since they’ve been knotted by anything but a dildo, is all they’re saying.

But it’s so obvious that Steve and Bucky are together. Not everyone has an open relationship like Tony and Clint, even if they haven’t actually taken advantage of that openness in a while. What if they made a pass and got kicked out of the gym? This is the best gym they’ve ever gone to. They don’t want to be kicked out.

(Little do they know that Natasha suggested the gym for Clint and Tony because she’s sure that Steve and Bucky will “like” them and that they will “like” Steve and Bucky.)

There’s a bunch of dancing around each other and awkward flirting and backpedalling when they think they’ve overstepped before Clint looks at Tony, exasperated, and says, “I just can’t fucking take it anymore, Tony.” Tony nods back solemnly. “I understand.” “Understand what,” Steve asks, and then nearly chokes when Clint leaps on Bucky and shoves his tongue down his throat. “WHAT THE FUCK.” Tony’s worried because oh no he can’t take on two alphas and Natasha isn’t here to save their asses but then Bucky lets out a snarl and reaches down to grab Clint’s ass and squeeze. Tony looks up at Steve, who is still gaping at them, then reaches out and shyly grabs his hand. “You could grab my ass too, if you want to.”

Steve turns to stare at him for a long time (long enough that Tony is worried that maybe Steve doesn’t like him but likes Clint instead). Finally, though, he squeezes Tony’s hand back and says, “I got the infinitely better deal.” Bucky breaks the kiss to scowl at him. “Steve. Why are you so awful. You can’t just tell an omega he has a better ass than his boyfriend.” Clint leans back from mouthing at Bucky’s neck. “But Tony does have a better ass than me. Don’t worry. I’m self-aware enough that it doesn’t bother me.” He grins lewdly. “It’s not like I wouldn’t know it anyway. You think I haven’t had my hands on my boyfriend’s ass?” Steve and Bucky wheeze at the mental image that brings up.

(They wheeze again when they finally get to take Tony and Clint to bed and Clint grabs Tony by the ass and drags him up against his body, fingers rubbing between his cheeks as they kiss. Little show-offs. They should have known that, though; Clint and Tony were always competing with each other in the gym.)

DCI North Texas

7/20/2017 - Denton, TX

World Class
 1. Santa Clara Vanguard 87.100
 2. Bluecoats            86.350
 3. The Cavaliers        84.900
 4. The Cadets           83.050
 5. Blue Knights         81.600
 6. Phantom Regiment     80.300
 7. Spirit of Atlanta    69.600
 8. Oregon Crusaders     69.400
 9. Pacific Crest        69.250
10. Seattle Cascades     66.200

Open Class
 1. Guardians            58.450