now that halloween is nearly upon us, i wanted to put together a small list of some soundtracks/instrumentals i love listening to when i start to feel ~spooky~. i’ll probably add more as the days go on, but this is a start! 

danny elfman: edward scissorhands | sleepy hollow | corpse bride | nightmare before christmas | beetlejuice

classics: halloween (1978) | suspiria (1977) | the exorcist (1973) | the shining | psycho (1960) | scream (1996) | rosemary’s baby | the sixth sense 

moody: the others | the awakening | the village | crimson peak | coraline | candyman | the haunting in connecticut | interview with a vampire | pan’s labryrinth | the woman in black | lady in the water | macbeth (2015) | dorian gray

spooky/scary: it follows | the exorcism of emily rosethe ring | hellraiser | the silence of the lambs | van helsing | the conjuring | dracula | league of extraordinary gentlemen 

tv: penny dreadful | twin peaks | bates motel | the x files (partial) | torchwood | johnathan strange & mr norrell  

Happy SportsBowl match-game day! We at @oneshipress hope that your squad-team scores many point-goals and claims victory, just like our hero @tracyqueen up there, riding her cyborg-clone creation the Howie-Bot to glory with her best friend Nikola!

(Did we get the wording right?)

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