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if temple is telling the story then how did he know the parts he wasn’t there for

those bits i’m assuming are only provided for audience context. the rest of the framing of the scenes very much implies that temple is telling this story to dylan. hence why the bits he wasn’t there for are more in-character, as far as i can tell

but i don’t know, otherwise

the thing about supercorp is that tbh kara is the best gf for almost every character katie has played

morgana? needed a kara danvers to support and validate her bc no one else fucking would
lucy? wouldn’t have an unrequited love, would never get bitten, and would live with her alien gf like the happy blonde lesbians they are
sarah? murderer would’ve been found out in like a day bc there’s no way kara would allow that toxic mess to run loose. sarah doesn’t deal with the traumatic events of the series and kara runs the newspaper
zara? doesnt fucking get eaten

like for every tragic katie character there’s an AU where kara danvers exists and it’s better than canon

                    e l l a
                                  f i g u r a
                                 e s p e j o,
            n o c h e
         t o d o
                              u n i v e r s o.
—  Guillermo M., Mosha IV