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Philipp Lahm | DFB Pokal | Bayern München x FC Augsburg | 26.10.2016

thickness1988  asked:

How did Fenix and granger hook up. I try going back in your tag to very beginning but I couldn't find it.

shhhh.. there’s no need to go back. but askjhasd hook up how though cause they met when she was about 16 and their relationship matured overtime from their friendship. Granger had taken to Fenix because of his fondness towards Dupree and Fenix’s infatuation lead her to cling to him everywhere.


                  #3 Best Dressed Celeb of 2014 - Solange Knowles 

Style is something that you breathe and can’t be taught. Style is putting on an outfit without having a stylist help you. Style is doing what feels right, not what’s going on in the magazines or whatever is trendy at the moment.

Solange embodies style - There are moments that I get Diana Ross disco era and at other times I get Princess Diana elegance. 

Solange’s 3 wedding day outfits has definitely left a mark on my 2014 Best Dressed Celeb list. She killed this year and I can’t wait to see what she’ll do in 2015. 

other things that I didn’t notice on my first viewing: when Steve runs off to check on Bucky after the power outage, we get a quick view of T’Challa, looking up from his phone while everyone panics. That means that while the Avengers are freaking out about the morality of the Accords, T’Challa is just, idk, playing angry birds or checking emails about the new stats on Wakanda’s GDP or catching up on the group chat with the Dora Milaje and I really love that

{23.07.16} // 89 days to O Levels

[11-13/100 days of productivity]

// what is cold war even. //

for the past few days i’ve been revising and trying to improve on my electives, ss and history by doing practice papers, doing notes and seeing teachers for consultation. i can definitely say i’ve improved because for the first time ever i scored really well for my ss sbq practice AND i finally understand some topics in history!! (*´▽`*) hope you guys are doing well too!!

High Score Event: Ventus Armour Ver

March 10 - 16

Defeat enemies to increase your score! Being defeated will not allow you to continue, but your score will still be recorded.

There are three paths, each separated into the three elements.

Here’s how the scores work/are calculated.

Tap the medal in the reward screen to check its ability upgrades.

General Ranking Rewards

  • 1 - 10: Title [高得点王] “High Score King”
  • 1 - 4 000: Ventus Armour Ver
  • 1 - 100 000: Mystic Stone
  • 1 - 7 500: Mickey & Broom Servant
  • 7 501 - 20 000: Broom Servant

Score Rewards

  • 5 000 000: Magic Mirror x1, 6* Moogle x5
  • 7 500 000: Magic Mirror x2, Cid x3
  • 10 000 000: Magic Mirror x2, 6* Chip/Dale x3
  • 15 000 000: Magic Mirror x3, Huey & Dewey & Louie x5

Ventus Armour Ver

  • Ability name: TBD
  • Description: [Whole] +3 strength for 1 turn. Set closer front = more damage. 5 attacks.
  • AG cost: 4
  • Guilt tier: 5

Score Bonus Medals

  • 21%: Ventus HD Ver, Sora Wisdom F HD Ver
  • 18%: Axel Art Ver [EX], Vivi Illust Ver
  • 14%: Key Art AIR, Key Art BOND, Key Art COMING
  • 10%: Xehanort & Vanitas, Key Art #4, Leon Illust Ver, Terra Illust Ver B, Vanitas SP Ver
  • 7%: Owl, Shiki, Neko Cat, Sora & Friends Illust Ver, Master Xehanort, Mysterious Man, Kairi Uniform Ver, Shark