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Some Highlights from “The Music of Rogue One” Panel at SWCO17 (aka the panel that blew my mind)

So since I can’t find any filmed version of the “Music of Rogue One” panel with David W. Collins I’ll post some of the highlights here. I’m a music theory nerd myself but I was surrounded by people who have never paid attention to music analysis and were still moved to tears so I encourage everyone to check this out (and watch the panel please if it’s ever made available.)

  • the Panel began with Collins discussing the legacy of John Williams and the Star Wars main theme specifically. He discussed how it was originally meant to be Luke Skywalker’s theme, and how that interpretation can still hold true considering Star Wars is the Skywalker Saga
  • The coolest thing pointed out re the main theme is that it’s musical construction mirrors the structure of the Hero’s Journey, the monomyth structure that all of Star Wars revolves around. It rises suddenly with the call to adventure, then builds with the journey, drops during the abyss, is reborn with another musical rise, then returns to the beginning. Collins emphasized that Williams is without a doubt a musical genius and that Michael Giacchino had a big challenge in making a score that lived up to William’s legacy while standing on it’s own. This was a challenge he more than met, as this panel made clear.
  • Now moving on to Rogue One, Collin’s discussed the title theme “Hope.” This theme is clearly heard over the title of the film, during Jyn’s big speech to the Rebellion, and throughout the film.
  • Collins pointed out that, like the main Star Wars theme, “Hope” echos the structure of the film itself. There are heroic major key moments in the theme, but it ends in a melancholy way that almost sounds unfinished. It represents the sacrifice at the center of the film. This is a story of incredible heroism that merely paves the way for others to finish the journey. 
  • Collins moved on to discuss the musical themes for each character in Rogue One, with a lot of focus on Jyn’s theme. Jyn’s theme is the most frequently heard piece along with “Hope” in the film. In fact, we hear it three times in the film’s prologue alone.
  • The fascinating thing Collins pointed out is Giacchino’s use of Dies Irae throughout the score. Dies Irae, or Day of Wrath, is the medieval hym describing the end of the world. It is sung during funeral masses and musically is quoted widely to represent death
  • Giacchino was signaling from the beginning that this is a story about death. He wrote the sacrifice of these characters right into their themes.
  • A notable use of Dies Irae beyond character themes is it’s repetition as Cassian and Jyn begin to climb the tower in the archive during the climax. The first two notes of Dies Irae are repeated as they do so. When Krennic walks down the hallway with his Death Troopers, all three notes play (death literally chasing them). And when Jyn almost drops, than catches the data tapes, Dies Irae is replaced by “Hope”
  • Jyn’s theme in particular is a melancholy theme centered on Dies Irae, but with a lovely, lullaby like feeling. It tells you from the beginning that Jyn’s is a story of hope and inspiration but also death and sacrifice.
  • An interesting use of Jyn’s theme and “Hope” together is during Jyn’s speech to the Rebellion. First we here “Hope” swell as Jyn speaks to the Rebels. Then when her speech is shot down, the theme drops, replaced by Jyn’s theme. This represents that it is Jyn herself who inspires the sacrifice that will eventually bring on the Hope. Jyn is the hope.
  • Another mind blowing moment was a musical parallel that Collins pointed out with the character of Bodhi Rook. In the scene where he recalls his mission, repeating “I’m the pilot, I brought the message,” listen for the flutes. That exact same flute theme plays in A New Hope when Luke discovers Leia’s message hidden in R2. By doing this,  Giacchino is directly mapping the journey of “the message.” Bodhi receives the message of the Death Star and how it can be destroyed from Galen, he brings it to Jyn, who with Rogue One, transmit the message, which ends up in the hands of Leia, then to R2, then to Luke, who must return it to the Rebellion. Those flutes represent the origin of the message with Bodhi through to A New Hope.
  • This panel was full of mind blowing moments, but the most mind blowing moment by far was another musical connection to A New Hope. After we had become very familiar with Jyn’s theme over the course of the panel, Collin’s played a scene from A New Hope for us. It was the moment when Obi-Wan asks Luke to come with him to Alderaan and Luke resists. When Obi-Wan says he’s getting too old for this sort of thing, Jyn’s theme plays clearly under Luke’s hesitation. In the original context, a hint of Dies Irae was WIlliam’s way of foreshadowing Obi-Wan’s death, but after Giacchino used that musical queue to build Jyn’s theme, it suddenly has deeper meaning. It’s Jyn’s sacrifice calling to Luke, compelling him to be the hope she fought for. And it is connecting Obi-Wan’s eventual sacrifice with that of Jyn and her comrades.  
  • Collins also highlighted how Giacchino’s score for the final moments of the film, from Jyn’s confrontation with Krennic through the arrival of Vader and the death of Jyn and Cassian, is unconventional and incredibly effective. Jyn’s confrontation with Krennic is silent, no music, unexpected for such a key moment. Only when Cassian appears does the music return. And throughout the final sequence, as we witness horrifying destruction, death. the arrival of the Death Star and Vader’s Star Destroyer, the score stays distant, gentle, melancholy. It does not highlight the horror. It steps back and mourns over it, like the eyes of history or the Force itself, honoring the sacrifice. 
  • So yeah Giacchino’s score for Rogue One is brilliant, Williams’ music for Star Wars is brilliant, this panel was brilliant, and I can never get enough of analyzing Star Wars scores.


‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2′ had it’s first test screening and managed an extremely rare perfect 100/100 score. This is the highest an MCU movie has ever scored in a test screening. Test screenings are conducted in order to gauge audience reaction to the movie. In this case, it seems like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2’ is excellent on all counts!

Oscars 2017 Complete Winners List

Best picture:  Moonlight

Best actor: Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea)

Best supporting actor:  Mahershala Ali (Moonlight)

Best actress:  Emma Stone (La La Land)

Best supporting actress: Viola Davis (Fences)

Best director:  Kenneth Lonergan (Manchester by the Sea)

Best original screenplay:  Manchester by the Sea

Best adapted screenplay: Moonlight 

Best live-action short: Sing

Best documentary short:  The White Helmets

Best documentary:  OJ: Made in America

Best foreign language film: The Salesman 

Best animated feature: Zootopia 

Best animated short: Piper 

Best cinematography: La La Land 

Best production design: La La Land 

Best score: La La Land 

Best song:  City of Stars (La La Land)

Best visual effects: The Jungle Book 

Best film editing: Hacksaw Ridge 

Best sound editing:  Arrival

Best sound mixing:  Hacksaw Ridge

Best makeup and hairstyling: Suicide Squad

Best costume designFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


Mary Lambert - Know Your Name

Loving this music video! One of my fave parts about this video is actually in the description box itself.

“My assistant, Nadia, actually came up with the concept for the video while we were at a barcade- she suggested the line “I probably should know your name” could be in reference to an arcade’s HIGH SCORE screen, and that’s when the music video baby was born. I really wanted the premise to be something sexy and quirky and fun, and I think Erix Arocha really knocked it out of the park. The main thing I kept circling back to when I started conceptualizing the video was that it needed to be trans-inclusive. I wanted to do a rib off of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video, but nerdier and queer as hell. I have so many beautiful and talented friends and I knew casting would be a breeze. Jacob Tobia, Gabi Fresh, Firda Herryandhy, and Hazel Jade were brilliant and sexy and playful in each of their characters- I feel super lucky to know them. I met Sara Ramirez at a fundraiser for homeless LGBT youth this last year, and we immediately hit it off. When the concept for the video began developing, Sara was the first person I thought of. She was unbelievably generous with her time, energy, and enthusiasm for the video. As I was conceptualizing the video, I had just read Ready Player One, which is an amazing novel by Ernest Cline. It’s packed with 80s references and a ton of video game knowledge, so I knew I wanted the premise to be surrounding this idea that a bunch of killer babes were great at video games. Together, each character and I came up with a bunch of roller-derby-esque names, under the premise that each character had their own backstory and strength.”
'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' Scores Extremely Rare 100 in Test Screening (Exclusive)
The Marvel film, set for a May 5 release, has bested previous crowdpleasers 'Iron Man 3' and 'Avengers' in its own internal metrics.

Insiders confirm that extremely rare if not unprecedented score, saying the movie, which Disney is set to release May 5, bested the previous top Marvel scorers, Iron Man 3 and Avengers, both of which tested in the high 90s out of 100.

Opposites Attract

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“How is the most beautiful girl in all the world?” Kiseok smirked knowing you would overreact for the simplest things.

You blushed hearing the compliment. It wasn’t the first time he had told you this but it never failed to get a reaction out of you. “Who are you talking to” you covered your cheeks with your hands trying to avoid him.

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the world is yours and you can’t refuse it

In which Damian wants to be an adult, accidentally stumbles into friendship with some dumb ten-year-old half-alien kid, and maybe finds appreciation for the kid still in him too. 

Friendship fluff 

Damian Wayne is not a kid.

He lets Grayson call him “kiddo,” sure. And much to his dismay, there have been times when he, Pennyworth, or Father carried him to his bedroom after he dozed off somewhere else in the Wayne Manor. And he lost his last ba–deciduous tooth more recently than he liked. But that doesn’t make him a kid.

Damian’s earliest memories are being pushed to climb mountains, taught how to fling swords into an opponent’s gut, and told, time and time again, of the legacy he will fulfill. Visceral violence and blood. There was never a time for childhood. At least not one in the traditional sense that everyone else seems to describe.

Besides, he’s thirteen. Surely that adolescent age is finally old enough to be considered on his way to adulthood, his lack of growth spurt and still-high-pitched voice be damned.

Jon Kent, the half-alien, on the other hand? Is perhaps the biggest kid he’s ever known.

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Among The Stars
Among The Stars

Happy Birthday Flo!

@flowersandmurders i love you so much and am so happy to be your friend!! i know you love Matt forever and I was thinking about what to make. So I decided to write some music for the Kerberos launch! 

This is a mix of nostalgia for the launch and some excitement as they take off, which I hope you enjoy. This was honestly really fun to score!!! 

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm the sick anon from a few days ago - I recovered! If it's possible to ask for another request (ignore if not), how about the RFA + Saeran + Vanderwood (why not?) go bowling? What kind of crazy shenanigans would happen? (I'm also really happy to see your blog growing - hopefully it gets even bigger!)

good to hear from you again, anon, and I’m glad you’re doing better! now, about your request, well… I had a solid idea of what I wanted to do but it got lost and I don’t know what happened lol. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. 

ohhh~ thanks for the encouraging words by the way! it’s gotten big enough to make us question our entire existence just like zen in this request like rlly guys are you lost? but we love you anyways mwah~

- Admin Cat Mom.

mmkay before we start we’re gonna put these goofballs in teams because that’s gonna make things ten times more interesting:

  • Team Alpha Super Awesome Cool Honey Buddha Squadron: Yoosung, Seven, Saeran, Vanderwood.
  • Team ‘we’re not naming the team as your fur ball, Jumin’: Zen, Jumin, Jaehee, V.

I think you can pretty much guess who named each team.


  • probably something like this.
  • puppy tried his best leave him alone.
  • wants to die, he’s a college student how is he supposed to pay for that?
  • swears he’s good!! he just… needs a bit of warm up, that’s all.
  • the one (1) time he strikes he does a silly victory dance and starts jumping in excitement.
  • one of his shoes ends up who knows where.
  • most likely hitting someone in the face.
  • what in the world… did you do with your legs, boy? what were you trying to reach? the sun? 
  • throwing yourself into the sun sounds like the perfect solution for the disasters you’re causing, though, we can’t blame you.
  • but please tie your laces properly next time.


  • and boy does he deliver.
  • does the weirdest poses while somehow managing to get high scores.
  • is all over yoosung the entire time, hugs and screams and ridiculous “secret” handshakes to celebrate even when their balls land in the gutter.
  • and actually poor thing tried to hug everyone on his team but saeran gave him the cold shoulder and vanderwood took out their taser.
  • gets bored after a while and starts messing with everyone.
  • hacks the system, now the scoring screens are filled with cats.
  • zen is now sneezing and yelling and questioning his existence.


  • bonds with vanderwood and makes fun of everyone.
  • “what do you mean you can’t smoke in here?”
  • is annoyed, even the act of lifting the ball is bothersome to him.
  • maybe he doesn’t feel like playing this dumb game stop staring at him for fuck’s sake.
  • “the hell are you looking at?”
  • death stares, lots of death stares.
  • is actually embarrassed of his poor bowling skills.
  • “there are just too many people here can we please go home now”
  • he only agreed to go because seven promised him ice cream.
  • and instead of ice cream he has a vanderwood and ugly shoes.


  • wonders why they’re there in the first place.
  • knows like half of these people.
  • turns out most of them are fucking hilarious.
  • narcissist rat man won’t stop whining and sneezing lmao why is no one immortalizing this moment on a camera.
  • no worries fam seven’s got you covered.
  • scary lady aka jaehee seems like quite the contestant, the only one worthy of their time for that matter.
  • and the place is literally crumbling down thanks to crybaby #2.
  • anyways, when it comes to the actual bowling part, they look like a majestic fairy??
  • their hair looks fantastic and shiny, they’ve taken off their signature jacket, their posture is excellent and to sum it up vanderwood is a blessing to this world.


  • he’s supposed to be doing this with his girlfriend.
  • and why does he have to be in the same team as mr. trust fund kid.
  • ~more whining~
  • sort of good at bowling, knows what he’s doing.
  • girls around them start staring and whispering because of cOURSE he’s bragging and showing off his muscles, of course.
  • takes pleasure in making fun of jumin at first until he makes it his goal to surpass his scores because there’s no way in hell he can be this good?
  • again, honey, you’re on the same team.
  • before we know it, they start bickering over nonsense.
  • is having the worst of times.


  • oh my oh my what is this commoners’ leisure activity he’s never played before and is now deeply interested in.
  • gets himself his own pair of bowling shoes, and a ball which has a kitten printed in it… yeah, that’s elizabeth the 3rd.
  • he also read books and did research beforehand like did you think this man would attend such a physically demanding event without careful and well thought out preparation? please.
  • does the granny style at some point.
  • the kind of guy to bowl a strike while looking completely clueless.
  • but when he gets the hang of it, he gets so cocky.
  • his winning smirk is priceless.
  • tries to teach zen his ways despite being mocked because he’s got a forgiving and generous soul.


  • feels awkward at first because she doesn’t want to be there?? with her boss?? may god have mercy on her soul.
  • her ball falls in the gutter a few times, she’s so awkward and people are staring oh god it’s kind of a her-first-RFA-party situation all over again.
  • after warming up a little and getting used to it, though… oh boy.
  • she’s enjoying this.
  • aces every shot.
  • everyone’s scared.
  • no one can defeat her, unbeatable, she’s queen.
  • stress? what is stress? stress is for the weak, stress has finally left her sacred body and she’s finally reached that mental peace she’s yearned for years.
  • is so into it she almost calls jumin a sucker.
  • honey, you’re on the same team.


  • is not very good at it.
  • doesn’t even care.
  • to be honest he’s just there to have a good laugh.
  • puts the minimal effort when it’s his turn, prefers sitting in the back to enjoy the show because everyone is so goddamn Extra, all he’s missing is some popcorn.
  • part of him is happy to see them bonding and having fun though.
  • cheers for ALL of them like a proud dad no matter their final result.
  • “goddamn it, v” that was yoosung.
  • laughs and shakes his head because he’s grown so accustomed to his people and their usual bullshit, after all that’s why he loves them all.
Inspired: Yuri Plisetsky x Reader

Request:  Can I request a cute/fluffy Yuri X reader with Yuri meeting someone who started skating because of him?

A/n: I used knife shoes instead of skates because I can.

You watched him from afar, seats at the very back. The place was overly crowded, and you were already happy your father had even got his hands on the tickets at all. You watched the skaters dance on the ice, eyes widened and a bright smile on your face. Your father chuckled as small gasps of surprise left your lips. You could barely see the skaters, but you were still having the time of your life.

“Oh, there he is, honey.” You jumped up in excitement as you noticed your idol entering the rink. But as soon as he greeted the crowd, people  stood up in excitement, and started calling out his name and cheering loudly. The smile faltered from your chubby cheeks as you couldn’t even get a glimpse of the boy.

“Daddy, I can’t see…” You stuttered, a pout on your lips. Your father looked down at you, smiling and lifting you up. He placed you onto his shoulders, so you could see over the crowd. That was when the happy expression returned. You clapped your hands and squealed, watching the young blonde perform his routine.

He was so graceful, and his movements were smooth. He hadn’t failed a single jump, and every time he did jump, you cheered loudly and clapped your hands. But eventually his routine ended, and you watched him leave the ice with a mesmerized expression.

“Yuri Plisetsky, receiving an amazing score, as usual!” The commentator announced and with that, your idol finished his performance.

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My son just made a list of all the Star Wars films with his own, occasionally poorly-spelled descriptions. He lists Rogue One as “sadest”, Return of the Jedi as “cute”, The Phantom Menace as “best.” (with the period after it), and for Revenge of the Sith he actually wrote “Anacin goes crasy. Mom’s best. :’( ”


So many tigers! One of these bad boys is going to be in a Japanese screen printing show! The others will be for sale really soon! Stay tuned!!

cuiwi  asked:

fluffy shidge ficlet, uhh... pidge and shiro playing a videogame together? pidge is losing and she cheats by trying to distract shiro, maybe :3c

“Just write a super quick ficlet,” I said to myself. “It’ll take no time at all,” I said to myself (PS OMG THANK YOU FOR THE PROMPT):

There were a lot of things Pidge would do for love. In fact, she kept an updated and enumerated list of things should would do to love which, as of her most recent count, contained 37 items subcategorized as “Under Any Circumstances” and 12 items listed under “Only Under Extreme Circumstances and Probably with Some Bitching Involved.” As she wiped a sweat-sticky hand across her shirt and tightened her grip on her joystick, she reviewed said list for not the first time that hour. Things she had done for love included but were not limited to:

  • Chopping off her hair and putting up with the reek of teenage boy BO and Axe-soaked dorms for six months
  • Barrelling lion-first into the path of a massive bolt of quintessence despite having damaged both her particle barrier and cloaking shield in battle
  • Occasionally relinquishing the last slice of Hunk’s homemade pizza
  • Learning an alien language, traveling half-way across the universe on her own, and fighting a Druid on her own before Keith could show up for extraction
  • Sharing the blanket and going to bed at a reasonable hour at least three times a month
  • Trading her last Mars bar to Lance, who in return agreed not to needle Keith for a week, as part of a bargain she made with Hunk over a batch of his scaultrite cookies, which she then took to the Swap Moon after bribing Coran with a rubber duck she’d knicked from Lance, where, after some hard bartering, she was finally able to trade the cookies for a classic, mint-condition Earth Atari gaming system and three games, all because Shiro had mentioned once that he used to enjoy spending hours playing his grandmother’s old Atari games.

Pidge squinted at the screen, yanking back and forth on the joystick as she attempted to get her paddle in place in time. The tiny white dot on the screen sailed past her rectangular paddle, and a low, blaring tone announced her epic miss. The score on the screen - the wrong side of the screen - jumped from ‘5’ to ‘6’.

“Halfway there,” Shiro said. “But you can still catch up.” 

Her glare shifted from the big, fat ‘0’ on her side of the screen to the tight-lipped expression on Shiro’s face. Pidge wrinkled her nose; she knew that expression like she knew the back of her own sore and sweaty hands. He was trying, and near failing, not to laugh at her plight.

There was a long list of things Pidge would do for love. But nowhere on that list was “Getting her ass handed to her in a game of Pong by her boyfriend.” Gritting her teeth, Pidge jammed the single button on the controller to start the next round. The ball drifted across the black screen, hit Shiro’s perfectly placed paddle with an electronic blip, and once again missed her paddle by a mile.

“I swear you’re cheating,” she grumbled. With a harumph, she slouched down further into his lap and started the next round.

“I swear I’m not,” he replied. “I guess it’s just like riding a bike.”

 The vibration from his laughter may have coursed down her spine with a pleasant warmth, and he may have placed a gentle kiss on the crown of her head right before he landed another point, but no matter how affectionate, and handsome, and stunning he was, Pidge was not going to let his endless charm get the best of her. She’d fought Lance tooth and nail for the title of “Voltron Video Game Champion” and she wasn’t about to lose it to Shiro over a game that was probably as old as Coran or something.

She had to do something.

Shiro’s score hit ‘10’ and the idea hit her. As they played the next round, she stretched up in his lap until the top of her head came just above his chin. Loose from its usual ponytail, her hair clouded up and out in all directions - including right under Shiro’s nose. Without tearing her eyes from the screen, Pidge tilted her head up a fraction of an inch, then shook it ever-so-slightly.

And just as she’d hoped, Shiro reared his head back to get away from the tickle of her hair and dropped his concentration just long enough for her to score her first point.

“Nailed it!” she cheered, pumping a fist. She turned her head and looked up at Shiro, only to be met with a set of eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“Lucky shot,” he muttered.

He hunched forward the best he could with her in his lap and wrapped his hands back around his joystick. All of the casual ease drained from his face, replaced with a furrowed brow and pursed lips. 

“Just be more aware of where you put your hair,” Shiro continued as he pressed the button to begin.

“Sorry,” she said, sounding far-from-sorry. “The damn thing has a mind of its own.”

The next round started. There was no way Shiro would be fooled by the same thing twice, so this time, Pidge went low. As if trying to get into a more comfortable position, she began to squirm and shift in his lap.

There was nothing Pidge loved more than a smooth, predictable system of operations: Pidge rolled her hips in his lap; Shiro let out a sharp exhale; and a second point went up in Pidge’s favor.

Shiro set the joystick down next to him and planted his hands on her hips. His lips dipped down to brush the shell of her ear, and despite herself, she squirmed against him again.

“Let me guess,” he breathed, fingers flexing. “This thing has a mind of its own too?”

“Yup.” She let her head fall back against his chest to watch his reaction. It was hard to tell in the dim, bluish light of the screen, but Shiro’s eyes seemed to darken as he took her in. His fingers dug into her sides, and he pulled her closer against him.

“You wouldn’t be trying to distract me so that you can win, would you?” he asked, leaning in.

She rolled her eyes, but knew she’d given herself away when she caught her bottom lip between her teeth.

“I’d never.”


Shiro’s lips brushed her cheek. Was it her blush or his touch that burned across her skin?

“Never,” she echoed.

The word sounded distant to her own ears, as if she’d half-forgotten what she’d been saying. When his mouth captured hers, any remaining half-thought vanished, replaced by the sweet slick of his tongue gliding against hers. Firm against hers, his lips pressed hard and moved in slow circles. His hand skirted under the hem of her shirt and slid slowly up her side. He matched her low moan with an unsteady inhale, then broke their kiss.

“Too bad,” he panted. “Because I would.”

Pidge’s brain slogged through the wave of fresh endorphins, trying to grasp at his meaning. A moment later, the 8-bit bong of a ball hitting the edge of the screen cut through her thoughts. Whipping towards the screen, she watched in horror as Shiro’s score turned to ‘11’ - Game Over.

“Y-you-” she stammered.

“I?” Shiro’s lips curled into a grin.

Given her devastating loss, Pidge had no choice but to seek immediate retribution.

“You’re lucky I love you,” she said, grabbing him by his shoulders and dragging his lips down to hers.


Tyler Seguin - New Interviewer

Team: Dallas Stars

Requested: Yes: Can I have a Tyler Seguin Imagine where I replace the old Barstool sports blonde interviewer and I interview him at his new home? Before it starts, Tyler is dreading it since he thinks it would be her again, but since I am super different from her, Tyler likes me more since I know more about sports and cars and I act like I’m not impressed by his possessions so Tyler is smitten and tries to impress me/ flirt throughout the whole video but I play hard to get?

Edited: Yes

Word count: 809

Summary: You replace the blonde Barstool Sports interviewer and interview Tyler in his new house

Link to the video with the blonde interviewer: 

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Earlier this spring, Ryuichi Sakamoto gave an exquisitely intimate concert at the Park Avenue Armory in New York. Surrounded by a small audience in the venue’s opulent Veterans Room, the renowned Japanese composer was positioned in the center of the floor and played through the entirety of async, his first solo album in nearly a decade. Time seemed to stand still as he re-created the album before our eyes, moving from piano and synthesizer to unconventional instruments like a large pane of glass, from which he evoked a mournful wail. Observing this legendary artist perform at such close proximity intensified the feeling of being inside an echo chamber of emotion and ambient sound.

For admirers of Sakamoto’s work, the transfixing power of this performance should come as no surprise. Over the last four decades, he has been captivating audiences with his solo projects, award-winning film scores, and on-screen performances. Many fans have become acquainted with his work through his long-standing relationship with cinema, which began in the eighties, after he had already gained international attention with the pioneering Japanese electronic music group Yellow Magic Orchestra. In 1983, Nagisa Oshima cast him opposite David Bowie in Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, a breathtaking tale of forbidden desire set in a World War II prison camp, marking his film debut not only as an actor but as a composer. This experience led to subsequent collaborations with some of the most acclaimed auteurs in the world, such as Brian De Palma, Volker Schlöndorff, Pedro Almodóvar, Bernardo Bertolucci, and Alejandro González Iñárritu.

Now sixty-five, Sakamoto recovered from a battle with cancer in 2015, allowing him to return to music with full force and exuberance. His new album demonstrates his abiding innovative spirit, blending a wide array of sounds—from natural field recordings to synthesizer experimentation and elegiac organ droning—into a haunting sonic collage. On the heels of its release, Sakamoto and I sat down for a conversation about his immersive creative process and some of the greatest moments in his career.

Sonic Memories: A Conversation with Ryuichi Sakamoto