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Nervously but proudly rooting for a show

Come From Away
Dear Evan Hansen                                                                                        Falsettos
Groundhog Day
Hello, Dolly!
Holiday Inn
Miss Saigon
War Paint

scoring Harry Potter books based on dragons in them

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: baby Norbert is an important storyline and is the most precious thing, but still very tiny. 9/10 dragon score

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: the basilisk is not a dragon. 0/10 dragon score

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: no dragons, though otherwise my favourite book, but I think Norbert is mentioned. 2/10 dragon score

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: not one, not two, but FOUR DRAGONS. and dragon eggs. and Charlie Weasley helping to look after the dragons. also a Chinese dragon in addition to the European ones, which is yay bc Chinese dragons are awesome. 1 000 000/10 dragon score

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: no dragons. 0/10 dragon score

Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince: no dragons. 0/10 dragon score

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Norbert is mentioned and turns out to be a girl, also the epic dragon breakout from Gringotts, and the dragon is freed from its former abusers. 20/10 dragon score


Cause God, when life here ends
I’ll beg you for m o r e
In temper, I’ll hate you
But please keep no score.

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Nah. It's usually fairly offensive and coming from the sort of people who say things like "the blacks" or call all latinxs "hispanics". Personally, I'll only accept it from older trans people since that (and transexual) was what was used during their youth).

(re: “transgendered”)

I don’t know.  The events of the last few weeks are starting to make me really feel like I’d much rather have “I support the transgenders!  Transgendereds are just people trying to live their lives!” over the sort of people who use absolutely perfect up-to-the-minute gender studies terminology but don’t actually like anyone.

(I mean, not that those are the only two groups, obviously someone can use correct terminology and be supportive and that’s great, but if they’re not willfully misgendering an individual, terminology is like 0.5% of someone’s Trans-Friendliness Score in my book.)

Maybe the difference is whether someone’s just unfamiliar, or whether they’ve been told “transgender is an adjective” and doubled down on “I’ll call you what I want to call you!”  But I see the mere-unfamiliarity more often, and I don’t have a problem with that–it means they’re a new supporter, and new supporters are good and valuable to have.

As many of you know by now, The Great Comet has announced its closing on Broadway.  While some knew it was coming, we still feared this day might come.  And now that it has happened, we are left being sad or even enraged on how a unique show like this received the ax.  I feel sad by this too but for some strange reason, I feel happy.  Why?  Because they gave Dave Malloy a chance to bring a show like this to Broadway for everyone to see.  Normally, a show this complex and odd won’t even get past Off-Off-Broadway but Dave was given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rework on his project to make it special for Broadway audiences.  And for those who have seen it, it’s truly a treat to watch, listen and experience in.  And even though we are sad that this will go away soon, we are going to celebrate its legacy.  Celebrate the goals and feats it has accomplished in its journey, celebrate its gorgeous score and book, and, most of all, celebrate the whole.  And who knows?  This could inspire someone to make a show similar to this and it could be brought to Broadway too. 

As we come up to September 3rd, give the cast and crew love and support.  Tell them how this show has made an impact on your life.  Congratulate them for the amazing work they do on the stage and behind the scenes.   Any type of love you can give whether it is physical like fan gifts or emotional like words of encouragement can help them.  But let’s always celebrate the risk-takers and keep the magic of this show alive by sharing the music and performances with everyone.  Let’s celebrate the Comet.

ID #22012

Name: Nikki
Age: 16
Country: USA

I’m looking for an internet friend. You don’t have to have the same interests as me. I like books (sic-fi), tv shows (like black mirror, game of thrones, shameless), movies (favorites include interstellar, perks of being a wallflower, gone girl, about time, bridesmaids) , music (hip hop, remixes, movie scores, pop), dance (hip hop), calligraphy, different languages and so much more. I also spend my time volunteering as well as filming and editing videos. We could talk about so many different things or send each other memes. I would love to send you mail with little trinkets and postcards every few weeks or so. We could also send messages over social media or email!

Preferences: I’m looking to talk to someone that is mainly the same age as me(16-17). I would prefer to talk in English but I am also fluent in Tagalog and took 3 years of Spanish(not that great tbh but I’d love to practice). I’m open any race or gender. Please don’t be a creep or an asshole. Just looking a friend that’s all.

Can you imagine Hide and Seek at Hogwarts? Like, the entire castle is full of endless nooks and crannies, all sorts of places no one knows about. You could hide for hours. The stairs move during games, picking sides, as the castle chooses its favorites. The kitchens flood with a steady stream of both hiders and seekers, although no one ever seems to settle in the house elves’ domain. Common rooms and dormitories are off limits, because it’s an inter-house competition. 

Gryffindors would end up in corridors rumored to be dangerous, leaving the games victorious, with new stories about the boggart trapped in the unused classroom next to Professor Sinistra’s supply closet. 

Hufflepuffs would make friends with the castle, getting the stairs on their side, so the classrooms they choose to hunker down in for the afternoon become unreachable. 

Ravenclaws using tracking spells to find their friends first. 

Slytherins being in charge of the rule book, keeping score and writing lots of loopholes to use later, winning on hour limits and arbitrary castle bounds.

Hide and seek, man!  

I absolutely hate the theory that Ron and Hermione wouldn’t have lasted because Hermione is too smart and too good for him. I was basically the Hermione of my high school, really book smart, scored highest on all the tests, but guess what I learned from being in relationships and out of high school? Book smarts aren’t everything. Not even close. My boyfriend isn’t the best at that stuff, but he’s so amazing at a lot of other things. I’ve been with someone who was book smart like me, and THAT was boring.

NieR Automata Piano Collection - Official Score Book

This score book will contains piano collection version of NieR Automata OST released by Square Enix. The piano arrangement is written by the composer of NieR Automata, Keiichi Okabe and MONACA team.

Release date: September 29, 2017

Publisher: K.M.P. & Square Enix

Page Numbers: 144 

Track List:

  1. City Ruins (Piano Version)
  2. Peaceful Sleep (Piano Version) 
  3. Memories Of Dust (Piano Version) 
  4. Birth Of A Wish (Piano Version) 
  5. Amusement Park (Piano Version) 
  6. A Beautiful Song (Piano Version) 
  7. Voice Of No Return (Piano Version) 
  8. Grandma - Destruction (Piano Version) 
  9. Emil’s Shop (Piano Version) 
  10. Treasured Times (Piano Version)
  11. Vague Hope - Cold Rain (Piano Version) 
  12. Weight Of The World (Piano Version) 
  13. End Of The Unknown (Piano Version) 
  14. Pascal (Piano Version) 
  15. Dark Colossus - Kaiju (Piano Version) 
  16. Copied City (Piano Version) 
  17. Wretched Weaponry (Piano Version) 
  18. Mourning (Piano Version) 
  19. Dependent Weakling (Piano Version) 
  20. Vague Hope - Spring Rain (Piano Version) 
  21. Song Of The Ancients - Atonement (Piano Version) 
  22. Emil - Despair (Piano Version) 
  23. Faltering Prayer - Starry Sky (Piano Version) 
  24. Alien Manifestation (Piano Version) 
  25. The Tower (Piano Version) 
  26. The Sound Of The End (Piano Version)