score solder


Can we talk about the fact that everyone that’s not part  the 100 “fandom” sees bellarke? like I have gotten so many people to watch this show: friends,family, people I work with… and all of them ask “so when do Bellamy & Clarke get together?”

 one of my friends text me after the CL kiss & he was so confused! he was like” I thought L was giving Clarke heart eyes,but clearly Clarke is in love with Bellamy” THIS is coming from my 28 year old married guy friend. EVERYONE sees at least a hint of bellarke.

I binged season 3 with a friend over the weekend & I asked what she thought about Clarke & Bellamy. and her response “ever since he did that thing when he was teaching her to shoot,all I’ve wanted is for them to smoosh their faces together.” And the CL story didn’t change her mind.

 So pay no mind to the CL’S or this new crop of Re//amy shippers. the audience is picking up on all the cues the writers, cinematographers,and muscial score dept have painstakingly soldered together over three seasons. It’s a matter of “when” not “if”