Socran left out that people also started bringing up the well-known fact that the review industry is corrupt as hell (which is old news), but this seems like a decent summary of the whole “Gamergate” shindig.

There’s also the fact that yes, Zoe absolutely did financially harm the Fine Young Capitalists’ fundraiser by questioning their policy on transgendered contestants (she felt it was arbitrary, they maintain it was necessary to pinpoint a transition point for legal reasons). But the FYC have firmly stated that the claims Zoe “Doxed” them or “hacked” them are false. She just questioned their morals and inadvertently inspired attacks from her supporters, followed by inadvertently inspiring donations from her detractors.*

It’s a fine mess, basically.

From here (although the article itself is obviously biased, since it’s written by Zoe).

*Or, let’s face it, some of the attacks/support could have been false flags.