scopophobia maybe



On Sith
Male Agent and Keeper
On Sith

so I’m playing my new pro-Sith agent

and so first time at HQ after Jadus left this happened and BOY YOU GOT TOLD


I have never been pro-Sith in Keeper’s face before. I did not know he was that… openly opposed to them because wow that tone

for real Keeper actually scared me more than Jadus at that point


some rough sketches of my angel!ross in my ghoul grumps au

uhhmm hes.. got one eye?? and it freaks them out sometimes bc it can mean hes in deep contemplation ,, or that hes possessing someone ( usually its arin) and normally either of those are never good

he has a bad habit of lurking in the corner of the grump room or kitchen whenever arins around just to scare the shit out of him its his fav pastime (Just,,, imagine a giant tiger hissing at nothing wow)

also, Barry :o