been waffling on posting this selfie for almost a week, and then I found out today is Jewish Women’s Day on tumblr

so here’s me

ETA: So in keeping with the actual theme of Jewish Women’s Day, I’m gonna talk a little bit about this picture.  I was born and raised in an Orthodox household, and I have chosen to stay Orthodox in adulthood.  Which is why, since I’m married, my hair – my dark, curly-with-frizzy-tendencies, very Jewish hair – is covered in this picture by a likewise very Jewish headscarf combination.  I’ve been experimenting this year with some new head-covering styles, and I rather like the effect of this one.


oK I don’t cosplay since 1865 aC but with my wrist out of order I had to spend my time so I re-styled my Eijun’s wig and fooled around all evening 

I am sorry I am expressive like idk a potato