mlm enjoying dream daddy because there are practically no gay dating simulators where you can be trans, date a trans mlm, and date mlm of color but are still aware of the many issues it has and respect peoples opinions of it

wlw playing dream daddy because even though ddadds is about mlm it’s nice to see a dating sim where there are a lot of lgbt+ characters that aren’t just side characters or used for jokes because of their identity

people who hate dream daddy because of it’s many flaws but still respect the lgbt+ folk who play it

cishet girls who play dream daddy and fetishize mlm + cishet men playing dream daddy because they think the idea of being gay is a joke and get a kick outta it

Please answer.

ya know, in Bloodborne, the names of the monsters don’t really convey their difficulty. or what they look like. for example:

Wandering Nightmare: oh my! the living embodiment of a nightmare? this must be a highly feared enemy!

Loran Silverbeast: oh that sounds like a boss, bet it’s got thousands of hit points and looks really epic and it’s really tricky to-

Giant Lost Child: so it’s like a large toddler? psh, what kind of attack power could-

Winter Lantern: oh so it’s a floating lantern, like it has a weakass ghost in it, probably you just hit it once and it breaks, right?

Fluorescent Flower: oh that sounds lovely! you, like, gather these flowers for XP? neat! i bet it’s beautiful!

Non stavo per niente bene. Non ero assolutamente felice. Mi domandavo spesso che scopo avesse la mia vita, quale fosse l'obiettivo che mi dava la forza di andare avanti. La verità? Non c'era. Non la facevo finita solo perché non ne avevo il coraggio.
—  Winstonbludaventi

took me like 3 day to finish this fanart so im sorta late but HECK YEA NEW GORILLAZ PHASE!!!!!!!!! cant wait till the now now album comes out, i loved humility and its music video!!!

oh yeah and heres a bonus old grumpy bassist (ex-bassist? until hes out of jail i guess sdiyfgsydf)