Chemistry - Donatello Poem


Gears Turn

The perfume of Tires

Iridescent asphalt swirl in the oil spills

Endorphin release

 Sparks Fly  

Your witch doctor practices

This sweetness gets me High

I sit as your lab Helper

Oil stained Finger tips

Poptart Flavored Lips

The solar Panels that Lie on your Hips

His flourishing eyes frosted in gold

Guarded by a looking glass

An ever expanding view

One’s heart that is true

A gentle giant’s touch

He stares into his Microscope

I wish I was in your clutch

To feel your warmth

Your embrace

Your aroma

What does your beautiful Mind do;

when you see me?

Do your pupils grow?

Is serotonin released?


I’m afraid if I say “I love you”

you might say

“Do you have evidence to Support your statement?”

Are my thoughts that cold?

That you would say something so Juvenile

My thoughts Intervened

You gestured a new slide

He turned the Fine Focus Knob

As the vision amplified

My thoughts did too

I wish he would pay attention to me

Like he does his work

Such a Philonoist

Do you think you could love me?

I see your eyes furrow

Stained fingers move the slide

I may not be as smart


Or crafty

But I have a Heart I can share

Just with you


He lifted his head to look at me

His curiosity Grew

“Whats up.”

“Do animals leave their packs to Mate with other animals?”

“Innerspecies mating? Yea thats a thing. Why?”


He smiled leaning his eyes back down

I feel this need to tell him

Or i’ll die

But i’m so shy..

Donnie, My love.

What would you say?

“I love you.”

His eyes looked from his scope

I could feel his attention

Drawn to me Like a pulled rope

Cold sweats

Frozen Lungs

Hot palms

“What?” soft words spoke


I stopped

He spoke for me

He zoomed in on me

His hot breath against my skin

His eyes looked at mine

Down to my lips

His cool hand upon my Jawline

He impacted quickly



My eyes shut

His frames were like Ice

My heart was On fire

He let go

My eyes opened

Seeing his gold frosted orbs

“I love you too”


What confuses me about Malvern Yard is that we only ever hear about their racehorses and they have a racetrack, but 6 different times in the book it’s said that they breed “sport horses.” What? Where are the mentions of horses being worked dressage or descriptions of their cross country course? Why don’t we hear the grooms chatting about how scopey the upcoming 4 year olds are? Why doesn’t Sean mention the tack room’s racks of gleaming dressage and close contact saddles next to the tiny racing saddles? Did the term “sport horse” mean racehorse in the past, is Maggie confused, or what?

“He was a very hot, very sensitive, high-strung Thoroughbred,” she said. “He had a tremendous jump; he was very scopey. I had won some things on him, but mostly he was hard to handle. He was a nice, kind horse—very sweet and loving in the stall, but he just was high-strung. He was always a little bit too tense to go fast in the jump-off and and leave the jumps up, but he was a great horse. And saying that, I was also young and didn’t have the skills to handle a horse that was so sensitive. But we qualified for the World Cup and it was just the most exciting event we’d ever done. None of us went to Europe very much in those days.”

But thanks to what she learned by getting the hot Jonesy to the podium in Gothenburg—and beyond—Prudent continued to build on the impressive international resume that she’s known for today.

“He taught me at the time that to make a difference with a horse that’s difficult, you have to spend a lot of time with them,” she said. “You have to be willing and able to spend time with a horse, and in our fast-paced lives now sometimes we forget we have to spend more than the allotted hour with them. I spent a lot of time with The Jones Boy.”

-Katie Monahan Prudent