scope installation


Marlin 336W

Classic lever-action rifle chambered in .30-30 Winchester. Popular truck or bush gun, it has that nostalgic wild west feel but still a very capable hunting rifle. Receivers are drilled and tapped for mounting optics and Marlin made the hammers offset to the side for use with a scope installed. (GRH)



Sort of a Vietnam-era style build, this M14 or M1A has an old AN/PVS-2 Night Vision Scope installed. It requires a special mount that places the scope offset from the axis of the more. Early night vision optics were gigantic due to the technology being in its infancy when it was deployed for use late in World War II and up to Vietnam. While it is far from being ergonomic, the rifle itself has that nostalgic silhouette that still makes it very desirable to some gun owners. (GRH)

Mosin Nagant 91/30 PU

Classic and affordable, but also heavily copied and faked, the Mosin PU sniper rifles are great rifles in their own right. However since they are surplus Mosins, they can still suffer from issues such as “sticky bolts”, counterbored barrels, and poorly installed scope mounts, the latter usually seen on the fake examples. (GRH)


Mosin Nagant 91/30 PE

A reproduction sniper rifle, actual examples are much harder to find than the more commonly seen 91/30 PU. Since Mosins come in either hex or round receivers, buying the correct mount that corresponds to the proper shape is important. Most if not all of the reproduction PE scopes are based on the adjustable focus model. As with the PU scope and mount, installing the PE does require bending the Mosin bolt handle in order to clear the optic. (GRH)

Mosin & Mauser

Meant to post these purchases sooner but was busy. The Mosin is the one I put on layaway at my local gun shop. For most Mosin collectors, the rifle is a blasphemous abomination. It’s a Polish M44 that has a PU scope and mount installed. 

The Mauser I picked up while I was on vacation back in November. It’s an older Mitchell imported “Tanker”. I intend to get the Mauser scoped. Since it is a modern day production rifle, it does not hold any collector value like a real WWII Mauser. Initially I was told it was a .308 but it turns out to be a 30-06.

They do serve a purpose; a comparison to the Mosin Project since barrel lengths are somewhat similar.



The Romanian Model 1969 (M69) is a .22 LR bolt-action rifle that was supposedly used as a training rifle before a soldier was issued his AK. Capacity is 5+1 ones in a detachable box magazine. The receiver is dove-tailed so you can install scope rings if you intend to run optics.

Mauser & May

Sorry for the sparse if not sporadic posting lately. Been busy at work and my birthday is actually next week. For the past few weeks I’ve been looking for a new gun to purchase. I haven’t actually bought a gun since December, which is long overdue since I used to buy 1 to 3 guns a month. 

I decided on a gun that has plagued me with bad luck over the past few years, not because they’re bad guns, but because I made bad choices. I’ve owned several Mausers and each one was a bit regrettable because I didn’t shop smart. They all worked fine, it’s just that they weren’t what I was looking for after I got them, if that makes sense.

So I took a chance and picked up a “bubba’ed” German Mauser K98 that had a Redfield mount and Weaver scope installed. Other than that the rifle is still in it’s original configuration. However I bought it based solely on 4 grainy pictures and a minimalist description; that it was in poor to fair condition. 

No cracks in the stock, no rust or pitting on the metal but I thought the barrel was a lost cause, a sewer pipe. I couldn’t see the condition even with a light shining through it. Almost thought I would have to rebarrel it, but I took some Breakfree and a bore snake to it and the barrel is actually in amazing condition.

Anyway to cut this post short since I don’t have pics yet (left the Mauser at work),because it’s already been worked on, I don’t plan on restoring it but will turn it into my own personal hunting/pseudo-WWII sniper rifle. Might end up putting a ZRAK mount and scope to replace the Redfield and Weaver the previous owner had on it. Something like this one…although my Mauser is pretty damn ugly.