I’m available for drawing commissions again (or rather, I’m still available for commissions and rearranged this page). These are digital commissions that’ll be sent to you as a 300 DPI image file, suitable for printing as an 8x10 image. I’ll draw you, your OCs, your pets, or whatever. For more examples of my work, check out my drawing tag.

The Scootsies above list out the various prices for headshots, full body drawings, and shading in USD. For commissions with multiple characters or huge accessories, send me an email and I’ll quote you a price.

If you’re interested, send an email to with something in the subject line that mentions commissions. Make sure that you have some references handy for the character(s) in question, and can pay via PayPal, which is what I currently use for my online money getting. Also, no NSFW requests, please.


I was messing around with HaxeFlixel this week, to see if I could replicate Space Channel 5’s “copy the enemy’s moves in the same rhythm” gameplay. Here is an early build of the resulting prototype. It has no music and all the characters are different-colored Scootsies.

Download for: Windows | Mac

(This is just a tech demo, and any resulting rhythm game will be much less of a straight-up SC5 copy, so please don’t come after me, Sega. Although, if you like what you see and want me to spearhead a Space Channel 5 Part 3 where the dancing minions are amorphous cats, please come after me.)