How Austria sees other countries

Due to a request, here is an extension of this post (x)

Note: this is just a general point of view. It does not reflect my individual feelings towards said countries and please do not take it personally.

Netherlands -  Weed paradise. also, bycicles are the only transportation.

Belgium-  annoying EU regulations come from there. 

Ireland-  greener than Styria.  Great drinking buddies too.

UK- all those trashy stereotypes, UK=England.  (what is a ScoOTlaNd?? What is a wALEss ?? who knows ??? well, austrians dont.)

Spain-  holidays & football. 

Portugal- Spain 2.0 feat. Cristiano Ronaldo

France- pretentious af. but can be really charming too

Greece-  and here we see all our tax money being wasted

Cyprus- i’m sure that half of the austrian population legitimately thinks its a part of Greece. 

Turkey- We love going to them but we dont like them coming to us. 

Croatia-  good for beach holidays. now EU and somewhat trustworthy

Bosnia/Serbia/Albania/Macedonia -  third world. probably still at war. Also, many of their people live here, your neighbour is probably one of them and is making burek right now.

Romania/Bulgaria-  sorta balkan. sorta poor. why were they accepted in the EU again?

Moldova-  dat the river rite

Poland-  either Church or boobs and there is no inbetween

Sweden- IKEA empire, vikings, ABBA !!!

Norway- rich bitch, good at winter sport like us and vikings

Denmark-  vikings too. we dont know, scandinavia is all the same rITE 

Iceland-  a swimming Geysers theme park

Finland- snooooow.  they do saunas. Also, Kimi Räikkönen  

Russia- Follow for more retro communism 

Belarus- Isn’t this Russia?

Ukraine- unstable at the moment byee

Estonia/Lithuania/Latvia - ???????????


USA- So cool!!! So fabulous!!!  Wouldn’t we all wanna live there???  YES, we would!…. but then again, that would mean actually living among Americans nope.

Canada - Sorta like Americans but with mounties and Celine Dion

Mexico- kinda dangerous but food is A++