scooter pic of the day (caption and photo courtesy of the denver post): ayub khan pathan drives his nephew imran khan pathan drives a self-made electric scooter in mumbai on may 31, 2011. the duo spent three years transforming a second-hand scooter into an eco-friendly solar powered vehicle. the solar powered bike cost 27,000 indian rupees (600 dollars) to build and can cover a distance of approximately 60 kms with a single full charge. afp photo / sajjad hussain

scooter pic of the day: another genuine scooter spotted in philadelphia. i guess you buy a pink scooter when you don’t care at all about resale value. i’m not sure what the eagle band-aid looking thing is on the front. the seat was wrapped in this weird metallic plastic wrap.

scooter pic of the day: another scooter i saw in philly, this one near market and 7th. no idea what this is… maybe some sort of franken-scooter. i think it’s a chinese food delivery vehicle. i think it’s probably electric/pedal powered. or rice powered.