Accommodations are not cheating

Look, I know you’re trying to joke around with me. I get it, you have to walk to play Pokemon Go or go to the shops or whatever, while I whiz around on my scooter.

But I am not cheating at life. I got cheated by life, and I get cheated every single day by society to boot.

I’m sure it seems like fun sitting on a scooter or in a wheelchair and not having to use your legs. And there are times - like when we’re in a long queue, or when it’s hard to find a parking spot unless you have a blue badge - when it’s an advantage of sorts.

But sitting down doesn’t make us less disabled. For me, sitting upright causes additional pain because I have bone grinding on bone due to a deformity in my hip joints. Getting cold significantly worsens the joint pain I get from various conditions (and getting cold is easier when you’re not moving much). If you think it’s easy getting around, you haven’t spent a great deal of time noticing how many places don’t have lowered pavements, accessible toilets, ramps etc.

We’re not cheating, we’re not getting more than you are. We’re trying to get to where we get the same things you are.

Here is the summary of my day:

I am so thrilled that the Mets took 2 of 3 from the Marlins and Michael Conforto continues to be a literal angel.

I did in fact cry while watching Mike Piazza and Ken Griffey Jr. giving their Hall of Fame induction speeches. Baseball just makes you feel things sometimes.

I have no words for what Chris Sale did. That’s all just unbelievable.

  • Yang:*walks into the dorm room with a jump rope, a box of matches, three cans of tomato sauce and an electric scooter*
  • Weiss:You're about to do something stupid, aren't you?
  • Yang:I prefer to use the term "innovative".
  • Weiss:Yeah well, just make sure that your "innovation" doesn't land you in the emergency room.
  • Yang:I try not to make promises I can't keep, Snow Angel.

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A big vehicle? A range rover (which Gillian is known to have). maybe a suv. Mini vans not so much. Ill take that sighting with a grain of salt.

Not all SUV’s fit more then five people. And if he’s the one renting it or whatever than it doesn’t matter what Gillian is known for. Not saying it’s true. We take all sightings with a grain of salt. But we aren’t just going to discount it because it’s a van. We never saw his as the scooter/mo-ped type. But then that article came out that said he has one. So anything is possible.


The most popular bench in the neighborhood
Today i counted 2 guys walking, 1 guy on a scooter, another guy on a scooter, 2 other guys on a scooter and another guy on a scooter
They were all hoping they could hang and chill on that bench
So popular

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Holy shit I was not expecting THAT. Now i just go into the carat fam and haven't fully familiarized their real names yet so I ended up shouting OH MY god when I saw the tag that it was Hoshi I was like fucKKKK I will never see him the same way again

Me and Admin Scooter were laughing at your reaction! You’re amazing hahaha

But welcome to the carat fam, there’s drinks to the left and your never ending road of thirst to the right so good luck ;) But I’m glad you seemed to enjoy the story hahaha it was surprisingly tough to write because Soonyoung is such a softie sometimes

- Admin Memesol


Bird of Paradise.

Two weeks ago was Benjamin’s birthday, and Joel, Scooter and I went to visit him and Steven at their place.

Steven had made a delicious dinner of beef and chicken skewers, kale salad, and pork and beans. We brought art gifts for Benjamin which he opened at the terrace and later we cut a chocolate cake from Billy’s.

I went to the get-together straight after work. A few days earlier, I had seen at Key Food on Avenue A myriad sunflowers displayed right by the supermarket entrance. They caught my attention as some of them were orange, and others brown.

Scooter said these were dyed, not unlike the carnations in neon color that vibrated nearby.

For the next few days, I couldn’t stop thinking about the orange dyed sunflowers, as consider them kin to my Jeanise Avilés hair creation.

I asked Scooter to please pick a bouquet of them for me to give to Benjamin. I had a bit of Uber confusion in getting to The Cheyney ($5), getting there a bit late and picking up the flowers from the concierge, who had suggested to Scooter holding them for me.

After dinner, Benjamin took a photo of me next to the kitchen sink, where he had placed the flowers. They looked amazing in the tonal white fantasy of the decor. I was wearing a Commes des Garçons PLAY t-shirt Damion gifted me with a Bubi art object worn as a necklace and Adidas exercise shorts.

The next time I was at their apartment was with Scooter and Van; we were sitting at the terrace on a warm day and I was wearing a beloved Interview magazine promo tee Vanessa had gotten when she visited their offices in 1984. She used to wear that shirt when she painted canvases with acrylic; I remember how she wore it sitting at the edge of her futon on the floor, with the cover of Madonna’s first album leaning against a wall nearby…its Steven Meisel cover staring at us.

As I was sitting throughout the terrace, Van remarked I looked like a bird of paradise fluttering about.

Photos: 1. Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz. 2. Van Wifvat.