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DK soulmate AU

Yellow. The one color you couldn’t see. Everyone said it was at least. You’d never seen it before and you weren’t sure if you ever would. While most of your friends had found their soulmates, you sat alone, focusing on your work.

“It’s bound to happen.” They’d say. Of course it is, but when? You decided years ago not to even think about your soulmate anymore, but when you can’t see a color, you’re constantly reminded about it. Every time you go outside you see it, well the lack of it. You would look around and see grey, and remember you were alone. Then, you’d bury yourself deeper into your work, quickly becoming a very successful PD.

You often met many kinds of people, idols mostly. They didn’t pay much attention to you though, it’s not like you were an MC. But you didn’t mind, you liked your work and you liked that it distracted you from the fact that you were soulmate-less.

Often times, your friends would invite you out to eat with them, but you’d decline, knowing they’d bring their partners. Most people knew you didn’t have one. Most.

There was an incident. You, as the PD, get asked a lot of questions, so you are used to answering. You just wanted to get your lunch. That’s all you wanted. To eat and get to work. But when the stylists for the oncoming guests stopped you, you of course, accepted their offer to give your opinion.

“So what do you think? Is the yellow too bright in contrast with the other shirts? Or do you think it’ll go well?” You cringed at that word. Yellow. You stared at the garment and cringed again, sighing deeply. “I don’t know.” The stylists nudged your shoulder,”Come on, (Y/N)-PD, I know it’s not our thing but we really need an outsider’s opinion.” You pushed the garment away and shook your head, “I said I don’t know.” They once again nudged you and you snapped, “I don’t know! I can’t see it! I can’t see yellow, so stop asking me!”
Everyone in the building heard you, and you felt their stares on your back. The stylists apologized, while practically crying, for outing you on being alone. You pushed away from them and grabbed your lunch, heading outside.

So now, everyone knew. They knew you were alone, that you couldn’t see it. Yellow. You hated it. That stupid color that reminded you constantly that you were alone. But again, you buried yourself deeper in your work.

You focused solely on planning for your next show. Making mini games and prizes. “Why the hell are there so many of them? How am I supposed to supply prizes if they win? The budget won’t like it.” You sighed as you continued to think about it. You decided to put them on teams, that way you’d only have to give some of them prizes.

When you arrived on set, you saw hardly no one was there. You sighed in relief and put your headphones in, beginning to gather the props and prizes before the idols or staff arrived. You picked up the squeaky hammer and sighed as you stared at the handle. Grey. Your second most hated color. You shook your head and set it down, walking to your props table for more.

“Oh I love these!” You heard someone say before you heard the squeak of the hammer. You quickly turned around and faced the person with it. “Please don’t touch the props.” You said staring at the tall idol. “You must be from Seventeen, correct? Your dressing room is down the hall, and so is the waiting room, please get dressed.” He nodded and handed you the hammer, and you stared at the handle.

“Wait. What-what color is this?”

He turned around and spoke, “Yellow?” You nodded and stared at it. “Don’t tell me…Did you just find your soulmate?” You looked up and nodded, “WAIT, who is it?” You thought back to five minutes before and felt shock fall upon you.

“I-I don’t know.”

“We have to figure it out! Come on—” You watched as he turned and stepped out onto a little scooter you had set down. He fell, and you went after him. “I did not see that there.”

“How did you not it’s bright blue?”

“That might be why. I can’t see blue, this,” he said picking the scooter up, “is grey to me-e-e-OH MY GOD ITS NOT GREY.” He stared at the scooter and then at you, “I CAN SEE IT. IS THIS BLUE?!”

You nodded smiling as you helped him up. “Well now we have two soulmates to find. Mine and yours.” You both began to walk and then it hit you. Both of you.


“Hold up,”

“Are you?”

“My soulmate?”

You both spoke, finishing each other’s sentences. Then, you both jumped back, covering your mouths. Then, you pointed a finger. He stared at you, and you at him. A wide smile spread across his face and he lept forward, hugging you and jumping up and down. You joined him, and soon you were both screaming.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you?” You screamed, and he stopped jumping, “About as long as I’ve waited for you, I presume. Oh yeah, I’m Seokmin.”

“(Y/N). It’s nice to finally meet you, soulmate.”

whysamwhy123  asked:

Hey there, buddy! May I request a super fun/fluffy flash fic with Jeremy where it's one of the kitties' birthday so she and J decide to throw their pet a birthday party, just for laughs and because they love their fluff babies? :3 Thanks a million, dude, love your writing! :)

Word Count: 401

“Scooter, get back here!” you shouted, chasing after your cat, “It’s your brother’s birthday and you need your party hat!”

Jeremy suddenly whipped around the snatched up the cat, “Gotcha!”

You smiled and walked over to meet your boys, placing a tiny hat on Scooter, “There we go.” You kissed the cat as he tried to bat off the hat. You stood on your toes and leaned over to kiss your boyfriend, “Thank you.”

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Because who doesn’t want pictures of Jared on a scooter on their blog.

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18. First date

First dates were something you dreaded, every single time. Not that you would’ve been on too many, of course - the one you would have with Soonyoung in an hour was only your third first date, and only one of the previous ones had actually led to more dates. Nevertheless, you were slightly nervous and fidgety, going through all kinds of scenarios in your mind. What if it would be awkward? Or really weird? What if you didn’t have anything in common, or you made a fool out of yourself?

The more you through about that kind of possibilities, though, the more you remembered who it was you would be going out with.

Kwon Soonyoung, quite likely the friendliest and most comfortable guy to be around that you knew. You hadn’t talked a whole lot, but whenever you had, you had felt like you could actually talk to him without thinking about it too much, and like he was actually listening to you, which he naturally was. He also made sure that whenever a silence fell over you, it wasn’t the awkward kind, and you couldn’t appreciate him enough for doing that. You let out a relaxed sigh and tapped your warm cheeks.

“It’ll be fine,” you told yourself, jumping slightly when you heard your phone buzz.

I’m downstairs, come when you’re ready. Can’t wait to see you ❤︎ - Soonyoung

A smile crept up to your lips as you packed your things and rushed downstairs, and were soon met with an excited Soonyoung, smiling as brightly as the sun, his eyes disappearing in the process. “You look great.”

“Thanks,” you replied with an almost shy smile, tucking some of your hair behind your ear as you complimented his appearance, too. You started walking once Soonyoung had given you a direction. “So what’s the plan?”

“You’ll see,” he hummed mysteriously, catching your hand in his swiftly. Interlacing your fingers, Soonyoung looked at you cheerfully. “Where would the fun be if there weren’t any surprises?”

You just shrugged, squeezing his hand as you still got used to how it felt in yours. It was warm and slightly sweaty, but most importantly, it fit perfectly in your hand, which was more than enough to make you ignore the sweatiness.

The walk to wherever you were going was pleasant on every possible level; the weather was good, Soonyoung was entertaining and showed interest in you, and you felt good, too. You learned a lot of new things about him, for example while you had for a while known that he loved dancing and even had his own group, he also did choreographies and was skillful enough to actually do them for known artists.

“Will you show me one of your works sometime?” you asked with a grin, and got back a playful wink and a chuckle.

“You bet.”

When Soonyoung suddenly stopped, you assumed you had reached your destination, and noticed that it was a restaurant, one of those that didn’t require formal clothes but still expected something neater than a t-shirt and sweatpants. Luckily you were one to step up your game for dates, if only a little, and Soonyoung was wearing black jeans and a button-down, too, something you hadn’t seen him wear before, and quite frankly, you loved it.

Soonyoung nodded approvingly and reached for his back pocket, only to freeze and have his eyes widen. Noticing this, you frowned a little while he tapped all of his pockets, clearly in search of something. “Everything okay?”

He turned his head to you slowly, appearing sheepish. “…There’s a slight chance I forgot my wallet at home.”

“…Oh,” you said, your mouth forming a perfect “o” as you stood there, dumbfounded. Soonyoung apologized profusely, dragging his hands down his cheeks in frustration while groaning and saying that he couldn’t believe he forgot one of the most important things home on such an important occasion. Reassuring him that everything was fine and saying that at least you had your wallet, you rubbed his back and giggled quietly; he was adorable.

Soonyoung sighed heavily and looked at you. “Now what?”

“I’ve got an idea,” you grinned, intertwining your fingers once again as you started leading the way, an idea already forming in your mind.

When you got to the door to McDonald’s, Soonyoung clicked his tongue in disbelief. “Really?”

“Hey, it wasn’t me who forgot their wallet home, I wasn’t prepared for anything fancy,” you laughed and dragged him in despite the multiple “But”s that came out of his mouth. It wasn’t the food, it was the fact that it was your first date and he had wanted it to be nice - fast food didn’t really fit in the picture.

You placed your orders and you paid (and Soonyoung kept complaining that he got dirty looks from the cashier), and once you had found seats, you let out a sigh.

“Not quite how I imagined our first date,” you said with a chuckle and shook your head a little, moving your eyes from your meal to Soonyoung, who was looking back at you brightly while getting his fries out of the box. “But I’m not complaining.”

“Me neither,” he said, snickering a little at how the date had turned out. “I can’t believe we ended up here instead of that restaurant… I had it all planned so nicely, the reservation and all…”

You smiled sympathetically and shook your head. “Don’t worry about it, we can do that some other time.”

Soonyoung’s face brightened up remarkably at that. “Are you saying we’ll go out again? You and me?”

Feeling your cheeks heat up a little, you pursed your lips and took a sip of your drink. “I want to think so, yeah? Unless you don’t like m–”

“No, that’s not the case!” Soonyoung said almost panickedly, not even realizing how loud he was. “I love being with you, Y/N, I’d love to go out again.”

Massaging your temples at the attention you were drawing, you broke into a wide smile when you looked into Soonyoung’s deep brown eyes. “Then it’s set.”

Admin Scooter

Imagine Request - On Stage Surprises

Can you please do an imagine where y/n surprises Justin on tour (use your imagination, you can make y/n go on stage or surprise him at his tour bus its up to you). Thank you & take your time (:

Taking a break from work to visit Justin on tour seemed like the best thing to do considering how you were feeling. You missed him more than anything, you needed to feel his arms wrapped around your waist and his breath on your neck.

You’d called Scooter and set it up with the crew, and your heart started to race as you got off the plane, knowing for the first time in months, you were in the same city as Justin.

You’d originally planned to go to Justin’s hotel and wait for him there, but Scooter gave you the even greater idea of surprising him on stage. As far as you knew, at least most of Justin’s fans were accepting of you and your relationship with him, so that wasn’t a thing for you to worry about.

While you sat in the cab on the way to the arena, you contemplated on changing. You wore black shorts and one of Justin’s sweatshirts, not the best thing to impress your boyfriend after not seeing him for almost four months, but you decided to keep these on. You knew Justin wouldn’t mind what you wore.

Your heart started to thump as you saw the arena in sight and the thousands of fans waiting outside. You asked to be dropped off a little out of sight so you wouldn’t be spotted and the whole plan be ruined.

You eventually found your way backstage and met up with Scooter.

“[Y/N], we haven’t seen you in months! How have you been?” Scooter smiled before bringing you into a hug.

“Ditto!” You chuckled. “I’ve been a little busy with work but it’s all been good, just been missing my man, that’s all.” You smirked, knowing you were going to be in Justin’s embrace in a few hours.

“You could happily take my place, that boy has been driving me insane.” Scooter laughed as you walked down the halls. “Now, Justin’s going on stage soon, but until then you’re going to have to be careful. And expect texts from him before he goes on stage, you’re probably already aware but he always refuses to go on stage until he’s texted you something.” Scooter chuckled and rolled his eyes.

Before you knew it, you heard Justin singing his heart out on stage. You watched happily from the side, smiling as you saw his face.

“As you all probably know, I haven’t seen [Y/N] in like year. I’m kidding, it hasn’t been a year but it feels like it.” Justin laughed through his microphone as he spoke to his fans in between songs. “I miss her, but I’m glad I have you all here with me, are you ready for another song?”

You stood near the entrance of the stage, ready to walk out. Before the next song could start, you ran out behind Justin, causing the crowd to scream.

“What? What are you all screaming for?” Justin laughed as he walked to the right a little.

Seeing your opportunity, you started dancing stupidly behind Justin, making the crowd laugh and Justin frown in confusion. You were too busy twerking to see Justin swing round to look what the crowd was laughing at, only to find his girlfriend twerking.

“[Y/N].” Justin breathed out as he attacked you into a hug, almost knocking you over. “I-Is this real? Are you actually here?”

“I’m here.” You chuckled as you wrapped your arms around his neck.<p>

“I’ve missed you so much. Guys, she’s here!” Justin smiled widely and turned towards the crowd.

“I missed your annoying ass too.” You chuckled, leaning into his side.

“And I have two questions.” Justin turned to you. “One, why were you twerking? And two, why do you never twerk for me?” Justin smirked, the screams from the crowd making your face turn red.

“Well, if you’re lucky..” You trailed over suggestively, winking at him playfully. “Anyway, you better sing, your fans ain’t gonna wait forever.”

“Only if you kiss me.” He grinned, making the crowd scream once again.

“Justin, no.” You whined. “It feels weird, like you’re theirs and I can’t just go around kissing you in front of them.” You attempted to express what you meant, but Justin just looked puzzled and laughed.

“You don’t mind, do you, guys?” Justin looked out and grinned as he pulled you closer.

The crowd began to chant ‘do it’ over and over as you saw Justin waiting for you to make a move. You sighed, leaning in and pressed your lips down on his for a second before pulling away. Only Justin moved himself forward so your lips connected again.

“Thank you, baby.” He smirked.

“Yeah, yeah. Get on with the show.” You rolled your eyes. “I’ll see you backstage.”

“Alright, see you later.” He tapped your ass lightly, letting you walk backstage.

“[Y/N] [Y/L/N], everybody!” You heard Justin chuckle. “She acts like she hates me, but she’ll be begging for me and my attention later. Keep checking snapchat, I’ll record it.” His voice and laughter rang through the speakers, making you laugh and roll your eyes.

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I'm struggling with the problem of werewolves and clothes. I hate when authors have the clothes disappear when the person transforms and then magically come back, because it's an obvious cop out and doesn't make much sense, but it's turning into a logistical nightmare for her to end up naked on the middle of the battlefield every time. Any ideas?

Whoa, me too, my friend. Let’s do some problem solving. 

For starters, is there magic in the world you’re writing about? This might seem like a silly question because werewolves, but werewolves can range anywhere from high Magic to soft sci-fi on the Improbable Creature Scale. If there is no magic, you’re going to have to follow the rules of our world’s logic- if there is magic, you should figure out what the magic rules and how it does and doesn’t operate (and then stick with it). 

Additionally, consider 
- How long your character has been a werewolf 
- Are there a lot of werewolves in-universe? If so, how much do they interact with each other?

I’m asking because if your character has been a werewolf to be a real pro at it, and/or there is a werewolf community, somebody has had to figure out this whole clothing gig. 

Here are some ideas I can think of:

Non-magical solutions:

  • If your character spends a lot of time in the same area, they might plan ahead and pack themselves some go-bags to stash around town. They could pack a bag with a change of clothes, a burner phone, maybe some emergency snacks, and then hide it.
  • Call in a friend. This could be as simple as asking a friend in town to keep some of their spare clothes so that they can stop by and ask for them (barking might annoy the neighbors, but maybe their friend is helpful enough to put in a dog door or let them know where the spare key is). 
  • Call in a friend pt II: In your battlefield example, if your character just needs normal clothes, they could have a squad/squire/buddy whose job it is to follow them around and carry their stuff. That said, if it’s a life or death moment, nude might just be what they have to be, more exposed or not. If they need armor, I’d have them plan ahead and commit to one shape before kitting themselves out in people armor or dog armor, (check out historical war dog gear, kevlar vests for dogs, and pig-hunting outfits for the dogs) because that shit takes time and sometimes help to get in and out of. 
  • If your character stays roughly the same size when they shape-shift, they could just keep their clothes on. This could look reasonable if they’re of the bipedal variety, or kind of silly (but v cute) if they’re the quadrupedal  type. Pants and shoes would be a real problem in the four-legged option, but if they just need to be covered, wearing a dress or large shirt and then hiking it up and tying it before shape-shifting would do the job.
  • Another option similar to wearing the clothes would be to carry them somehow. They could pick them up with their mouth, tie some clothes on (it’d have to be somewhere that wouldn’t change size much, though, which would be tricky), put them in a small bag around their neck, or get one of those rad dog backpacks if they need to carry a lot of stuff a long way. 
  • Your character probably has killer foot-calluses from galloping around in bare puppy feet all the time, which makes shoes a little less of a big deal depending on terrain. They might also have a built up tolerance for cold. (However, sharp things and exposure would still be dangerous). 
  • If it’s not dangerous (or they don’t have another option), your character might just not care about being nude. It might simply become part of your character’s life, if there’s no avoiding it. If werewolves are a well known fixture of society in your story, it’s totally possible that citizens might see a hairy naked person walk down the street and shrug it off as not a big deal. 
  • Again, if werewolves are common, they might have a community solution, such as lockers that you can rent, and a public locker room to change clothes in. Maybe there’s even a delivery service that you can phone, and somebody will show up on a scooter with a set of clothing to where you’re stranded in a state of undress. 

Magical solutions:

  • If the magic rules in your world allow it, having clothes pop in and out of existence wouldn’t be that much of a cop out. Magic, in my opinion, is always more believable if it’s inconvenient, difficult, or has strict limitations. There are tons of ways to make appearing and disappearing clothes more of a pain- for example, your character can’t make clothes, they have to summon clothes out of their closet (and if they’re not paying attention, they end up wearing mismatched and situation inappropriate clothing). 
    When I think of magic as an institution in a universe, I try to think about it like a cell phone. Cell phones are, honestly, pretty magical. They let you call people who are far away, send written messages, do calculations, tell time, make pizza appear- don’t get me started on smart phones, or this list is going to go on for far too long. To someone who has never seen a cell phone before, the phone would seem incredible. However, to someone who uses a phone as an everyday item, they’re not nearly as magical. They’re expensive, need to be charged and always run out of battery at the wrong time, they ring at inconvenient times, if you don’t have bars the phone won’t help you, and putting it in water turns it into a brick- and that’s not even getting into butt dialing and autocorrect failure (or trying to get Siri to work). To the people in your world, magic devices and practices are cell phones. 
  • If physics aren’t important, your character could keep a reasonable wardrobe in a small, easy to carry item that’s bigger on the inside and isn’t as heavy as it should be (though the weight of a single change of clothes isn’t that much). 
  • Glamours or illusions are an option. Your character could create their own fake clothes, but maybe that’s not an ability that they have, and they have to purchase a pricey charm that projects clothes where clothes should be. (The sci-fi option would be a very literal cloaking device). The drawbacks would be that, while your character is presentable, clothes that aren’t really there wouldn’t protect them from injury, cold, or elemental exposure. 
  • A lot of the non-magical solutions listed above can be adapted for a magical setting as well, which I encourage you to consider!

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head! I think that you’ll dream up even more solutions that fit well with your story and ideas. Logistics can be a nightmare to figure out, but considering them and finding solutions adds an extra level of thoughtfulness and consideration that allows readers to feel like their questions have been answered rather than waved off- which, at least in my case, lets me get more immersed and invested in the story. 


Good luck!


Hannah x Lucas x Scooter Fic

A/N: WHy did I write this. I don’t know. The temptation was too strong. Based on this.

This is simultaneously the best and worst thing I’ve ever written. Please enjoy.

jo-martinez thecoyotetrickster

Scooter always knew that summer was the best season.

Some days, Hannah took him to the pond and he was captain of a newspaper ship until it curled and warped and sank to the silty bottom. Then he could lie on the sun-baked rocks at the edge of the water and dip his little paws in to keep cool. Other days, he napped in his human’s lap while she watched hours of Netflix. He bounced around when she laughed and nudged her with his little nose when she cried over her fictional friends.

Yes, Scooter loved summer, and Scooter loved Hannah.

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The big ol’ train i’d caught out of Hanoi set off at mid morning with its final destination of Ho Chi Minh City a mere 34 hours away. Thankfully my destination of Ninh Binh was only a couple down the line! 🚈

Having found a scooter to hire, I set off on my exploration of the Tam Coc region. Being the first time I’ve ridden a manual bike, the manic roads of Vietnam were naturally the best place for a beginner like myself… 🛵

A close encounter with a dog later and I found myself at Bich Dong: an old old Buddhist temple a few kms west of Ninh. It was here that I snapped the wee close up of Gary the Goat. 🐐

The next stop was Parc à oiseaux. I spend a couple hours here dandering about in the beaut weather. I’d thought about jumping on a canoe tour but there was one more stop I fancied fitting in before sunset.

It was a tough old climb but around 600 steep steps later I reached the top of ‘The Dragon Mountain’? Unsure of the name.. have to check. Stunning view nonetheless! ⛰

Tonight I’ll be heading on the night train to Huè, let’s hope it’s a comfy one! 🇻🇳

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I was stalking you blog and saw something about a pantomime, Hello Kitty Scooter and a russian proposal what was that about?

Right before we start, I want you to bare in mind that I am socially awkward and effectively my life is a series of dramatic failures destine for cringe attacks. And this story is one of them. By reciting this, it is causing me a lot of pain. But we shall begin. 

I want you to set the scene - it’s England, beginning of December so it’s cold and icy, and had a bitter wind. Not a mildly wind that you’re like ooh that’s a bit cold NO IM ON ABOUT YOU STEP OUT THE DOOR AND GET HYPOTHERMIA but I still refused to wear a coat. I was in a zip-through hoodie, a pair of light blue skinny jeans and a baggy blue shirt. I live in quite a hilly place, and I live on top of this steep hill near two woods, with those weird trees that drop weird lumpy seeds. I had also been cast to play one of the ugly step sisters in Cinderella in our schools Christmas pantomime and required two scooters, one I had already brought into school - just a gray, metal scooter, and today was the day I would bring in the second scooter, a bright pink metal Hello Kitty scooter. Scene set? 

So I had no lessons until nine and all other students would be in at 8:40, so I left a bit later, so I didn’t get seen riding this monstrous scooter 2 miles it takes to walk to school. My friend, who lived near school, a-dinosaur-stole-my-skittles, was waiting for me at her house for me to come and knock for her to go to school. So I left about half past eight, knowing I could get in there in time for my lesson. Went up the tiny hill to the top of my road and noticed it was a bit icy - nothing much, just a bit of black ice and frost but I decided scooting was a good idea. Because I’m an idiot. But I went across this flat expanse of road with house one side all fine and I saw two men, hugging.

Now, in no way am I homophobic. From a distance I could hear them talking and from the sharp, harsh tone I could pick up it was either Siberian or Russian. It sounded Russian, and one of the men were doing a speech so I scooted past smiled, and wished them ‘Morning’, like I always do. They smiled back and carried on, and so I got back on this Hello Kitty scooter and rode down the hill. The hill was scattered with these tiny, brown seeds, and covered in ice. Can you guess where this is going. I sped up, but when i tried to break, i just skidded so as soon as i went to jump off, I hit a seed and a pothole, and was flipped over the handle bars and skidded down the hill.

I wasn’t in pain. I was lying on the floor like huh that went well, and i heard one of the men yell in broken English 'Ma'am you okay?’ So I jumped up and waved to them and yelled 'I’m fine thanks!’ and only then did i see one of them on one knee, with a ring box in his hand and the other male, crying with silent tears. Then I stood up, picked the scooter up and went to hide to assess the damage thingy FUCK SHITTY FUCK COCK BALLS I JUST RUINED THEIR PROPOSAL but it didn’t really sink in. 

I assessed the damage, just a hell of a bruise and a cut on my knee that didn’t stop bleeding. So I called Lauren saying i’ll be late ad my mum telling her im coming home to get changed, and i ruined a Russian gay couples proposal. And only when i got changed (i split my jeans across the knee, so hipster) and i rode back into school (NOT DOWN THAT HILL OH MY GOD) that it sunk in. I fell off a scooter, a bright Hello Kitty pink scooter, I was 16, and I ruined a Russian couples proposal.

A few months passed, and I had really bad rib pains in only one rib, the bottom left hand side, and after a doctors examintion they found that when I flipped over the handle bars of the scooter, i cracked my rib and broke it, and it was pushing into my lung and the muscle grew back around it.

So, summing up the story, I fell off a Hello Kitty scooter down a hill, ruined a Russian gay guys proposal, broke my rib and had it for 8 months pushing into my lung, ripped a pair of skinny jeans, get cringe attacks when I go down that hill, and can’t even look at that scooter. Enjoy laughing at my embarrasement