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English Lessons

(sorry, request was really long and detailed and you guys know i don’t like to give too much away in the request line ^.^)

Member: EXO’s Sehun x Y/N x (ft. Baekhyun) x (ft. FX Amber)

Type: Fluff

I slammed another textbook against the picnic table I had commandeered outside of the surf shop. Blowing a free piece of hair off of my forehead, I looked up at Amber who sat across from me, sipping her smoothie happily. I was a new SM trainee and also Amber’s responsibility during SMtown workshops in Hawaii. I felt terrible for trapping her here on the beach while I worked on homework, but there was nothing either of us could do. I had to pass my Physics class for my mother to let me remain training, and that ship was sinking quickly. 

“Unnie, you can go play,” I sighed, looking out at the waves around us. Dozens of other SM artists walked around, playing in the water, enjoying cold treats, and overall having a much better time than I was. I looked over to the table beside us, finding solace in most of the members of NCT Dream working on homework as well, sour expressions on their young faces. 

“I’m fine Y/N,” Amber nodded happily. “The view is incredible. Plus I wouldn’t be a very good unnie if I abandoned you.” 

I nodded slowly, looking back to the equation I was working on. I read it over again, first in Korean, then in English as I contemplated the formula. Speaking multiple languages was difficult in times like these. I had to go through at least two translations in my head before I could even begin to answer. I was mid thought as I felt my shoulders tense at Amber’s voice ringing out suddenly. 

“Sehun-ah! Baek!” she screeched, her hands around her mouth in a makeshift megaphone. My heart froze it’s beating for a moment as her words sank in. I carefully turned my face to look over my shoulder, seeing Sehun and Baekhyun from EXO only a few feet away. 

Although we worked for the same company and it sounded incredibly dramatic, most of the members of EXO frightened me. It wasn’t that they were rude, or scary, but that they were so accomplished for being so young that it was intimidating. I tried to keep from whispering to myself as I calmed my nerves. They were just regular people, just like me, chasing their dream, with an overwhelming amount of talent. 

“Ah, noona!” Sehun smiled cheerfully, approaching the table and plopping along side me. “Y/N-ah, how are you?”

“Don’t tell me you’re doing homework,” Baekhyun clucked, sitting alongside Amber. 

“She has to,” Amber sighed, looking out at the waves again. “Don’t you two distract her either.”

“Yah, why’d you call us over then?” Sehun gasped, crossing his arms. 

“Yeah, distractions are what we’re best at!” Baekhyun laughed, shooting me a wink. I couldn’t help the smile that appeared alongside the heat getting trapped on my cheeks. 

“Whoa, is this all in English?” Sehun asked, furrowing his brows and taking the text book out from in front of me. “You speak English like Amber noona?” 

I nodded shyly, eying the problem I was just working on over Sehun’s large hand. He traced the words carefully, his mouth moving without making a sound. 

“You should teach him,” Baekhyun smiled, jutting his chin out at his member. “He’s nearly impossible to teach anything, but I mean, he’s made it this far so some things must stick.” 

Sehun shot Baekhyun a dirty look as he continued to look at my page. “What are you working on?”

“Physics,” I nodded. Sehun nodded as well as he slid the book back over to me, but continued to look over my shoulder at the pages. 

“She’s much smarter than I anticipated,” Baekhyun grinned. 

“She’s a genuis!” Amber giggled. “You should’ve known since she’s decided to keep my company.”

“She’s decided?” Baekhyun said, elbowing Amber. “I thought you were forced on her.”

“Really the situation is relative,” Amber laughed. “Forced, decided, it’s all a matter of perspective.”

“Why are you studying physics?” Sehun asked, completely missing the exchange between Baekhyun and Amber as he looked up from my text book. “Fall back plan for if you aren’t placed in a group?”

My eyes grew wide as I looked up, shooting a panicked expression at Amber. 

“Sehun-ah!” Amber clucked, shaking her head. “Of course she’ll get placed, of course you’ll get placed Y/N.”

I nodded, a bit unsure now that the words had left Sehun’s lips. I looked toward him as he blinked slowly, an embarrassed smile on his face. “I didn’t mean it like that…”

“I know,” I said softly, giving him a reassuring smile. “I just want to make sure I finish up my schooling. It’s important to my mother.”

“Schooling is important,” Baekhyun nodded surely, crossing his arms. “But aren’t you old enough to make the decision yourself?”

“Well, yeah,” I nodded. “But I guess I’m continuing on because I want to do it for myself as well.”

“That’s admirable,” Sehun smiled. “I’m sure you’ll do well. And I’m sure you’ll debut soon as well. Obviously they thought enough of you to cart you to Hawaii with the rest of us.”

“Such a poet with your words Sehun,” Amber grumbled, sipping the last bit of her smoothie. “I’m going to get a snack, anyone want anything?”

“Yes,” Baekhyun and Sehun said in unison. 

“Sucks to suck,” Amber giggled, getting up from the table. “You want anything, Y/N?”

“I’m fine,” I nodded, giving her a large smile. Amber really was like a real sister to me. She was always incredible in the face of the boys. 

“What she meant to say was she wanted-” Baekhyun began quickly as Amber began to back away from the table. 

“Nice try Baek, you have your own money,” Amber smiled, walking out of ear shot as she waved off the boys’ shouts behind her. 

Almost as soon as she disappeared, a girl came to our table, a confused expression on her small face. “Um, excuse me, could you help me?”

Baekhyun and Sehun looked at each other with large eyes as they both glanced towards Amber’s retreating frame. 

“Uh, uh no English,” Sehun said quickly, shaking his hands. The girl looked as if she was about to cry as she looked up hopefully to Baekhyun. He shook his head as well when her eyes fell on mine. 

“I speak English,” I nodded, giving her a reassuring smile. Sehun and Baekhyun both eyed me from their peripherals as I spoke easily with the girl. “Is everything alright?”

The girl immediately perked up as she crossed the space and came around to the area where Amber had left. She leaned over the table and sighed. “Well my mom told me to meet her at the scooter rental and I don’t know where that is. I can’t find her anywhere. Do you know where the scooter rental is?” 

“Sure,” I smiled. “Would you like me to show you?” 

The girl nodded happily as I stood, shutting my books. I patted Sehun on the shoulder. “I’ll be back in a second.”

I motioned for the girl to follow me as we shuffled down the boardwalk, side by side. “It’s not too far, only a few yards away,” I nodded cheerfully, looking down at her. 

“What language did you speak to those boys in?” the girl asked. 

“Korean,” I smiled. “That’s where we’re visiting from.”

“How far away is that?” she squeaked. 

“Oh, so far,” a deep voice came from behind me. I jumped to notice Sehun had followed us, a large grin on his face. 

“Oh!” the girl smiled, looking up at him. She tugged him by the arm so he was walking on the opposite side of her. “I thought you said you didn’t speak English?”

“Yes, uh, very little. Little English,” he nodded, his cheeks turning scarlet. 

“It’s good!” she nodded. “Better than my grandpa’s. He’s from Germany and he doesn’t even try.” 

“Lily, have you made friends?” a kind woman asked as we approached the scooter shop. 

“Yes mom, I couldn’t find the way here and dad had to go put something in the car,” the girl I now knew as LIly pouted. “These are my friends from Korea.”

“Well thank you for bringing her to me friends from Korea,” Lily’s mother nodded. “I appreciate it.”

“It was no problem,” I said happily, patting the girl lightly on the shoulder. 

“Yes, very much no problem,” Sehun repeated, a proud smile on his face. 

We both gave short bows to the reunited family and turned back around, making our way back to Baekhyun. 

“You’re English is pretty good Sehun oppa,” I smiled up at the tall boy beside me. 

“Not as good as yours,” he whispered, avoiding eye contact. “Your voice is so pretty when you’re speaking English…I mean…it’s pretty all of the time. All of you is, not just your voice. Yah, I’ll stop talking.”

I felt heat rush to my face again as my gaze fell away from Sehun. He thought I was pretty?

“You’re pretty yourself oppa,” I whispered, immediately embarrassed by my words. I winced as I looked at him through my peripherals, my throat dry until he spoke again. 

He smiled at his shoes, casting a charming glance my way. “I know.”

“You know?” I gasped, suddenly not as embarrassed as before. 

“I own a mirror,” he chuckled, placing a cautious arm around my shoulders and tugging me in to his chest. I became very aware of my own body as I stumbled along beside him. I could hardly believe the intimate contact we were sharing as we approached the table where Amber had returned. 

“What’s happening here?” Amber asked, wiggling her brows. 

“Y/N is going to teach me English,” Sehun stated proudly. I looked up at him with wide eyes. When had I decided to do that?

“Is that right? Well, I don’t think there’s any better teacher,” Amber smiled. “But before she does that, she has to finish her Physics homework.”

Sehun smiled, settling into the picnic table again. “That’s fine. I’m patient.” 

He elbowed me in the ribs as I sat down as well, attempting to focus on my notebook. He continued in soft english as his mouth was beside my ear. “Very patient.” 

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anonymous asked:

How would the bros respond to their s/o trying to do some PDA? As in holding hands or a quick kiss?

Ohhh, this sounds delightfully fluffy, doesn’t it? 😚 This is right up my warm, fuzzy, feelings alley. Grab a soft blanket and wrap yourself up real tight - because this one is gonna be mushy as hell. 

(P.S. I threw in some music reccomendations for each one to help you get into the mood and vibe of each headcannon if you feel so inclined!) ❉


  • Song: “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes
  • Even though Noctis is usually portrayed as an awkward, boyish, and somewhat nervous kind of guy, when it comes to his s/o he finds reassurance and confidence
  • Before becoming exclusive with his s/o, any of the guys would have bet mad gil that he would rather run through Pitioss for an eternity in platforming purgatory than be caught sharing an intimate moment in the presence of strangers and their ever wandering eyes
  • The first time Noctis kissed his s/o he was so nervous he accidentally kissed their nose instead of their lips due to the fact that his eyes were clamped shut in fear

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I’m Not Cute...part 2

So this came to mind as we walked around Hanock Village in my current home town. All these events are things actually seen at this tourist destination. Enjoy!

Summary: At a tourist destination, you again get a little jealous of Tae and his girlfriend. Can you convince Yoongi to be cute once again?
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Reader/Suga
Words ~2,300

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“You look like an idiot,” Yoongi made a face at Taehyung when his friend stepped out from the dressing room. Tae was in a traditional hanbok: a sky-blue robe with gold embroidery and a tall black hat tied with a ribbon under his chin. He stepped down the steps toward Yoongi, grinning like the fool he was accused of being.

“Don’t be jealous,” Tae scoffed, turning to look at himself in the mirror provided. “I make this look good.”

Yoongi shook his head, but he didn’t say any more. Instead, he turned to you and rolled his eyes before he plopped on a nearby bench. You had to admit that Tae looked this side of ridiculous, but he was also cute. Taehyung was right; he could make just about anything look good.

Tae’s girlfriend stepped out from the other dressing room. She was also in a traditional hanbok, sky-blue with gold embroidery. Yes. The two of them matched. To be completely honest, it was adorable, and when Tae twirled her around to see her whole dress you felt a twinge of jealousy. Why were they always so stinking cute?

The four of you had travelled to Jeonju to visit Hanock Village, a part of the city that was preserved with traditional buildings and food. People came to dress in hanboks, eat the street food, and visit the gardens; basically, get a general feel for traditional Korean culture. It was one of those places you visited every few years because that’s what everyone did. It was the Korean version of a Renaissance Festival.

You had been excited to go when Yoongi mentioned it. You had forgotten that couples liked to dress in matching hanboks and walk around with selfie sticks and take many cheesy pictures. Of course, Tae and his girlfriend would dress in matching outfits and be adorable together. Those two kids lived to be silly and cute on a twenty-four-hour basis. It irritated you to think about it.

The two of them already had the phone on the selfie stick and were taking pictures in the hanbok rental shop. They were having so much fun you felt the twinge of jealousy spike through you again. You glanced over at your boyfriend, sitting on the bench with his arms crossed, also watching Tae and his girlfriend. Before you even thought to ask him, he said, “No.”

“I didn’t say anything,” you frowned at him. You couldn’t picture yourself wearing matching outfits with Yoongi anyway. You guys had never done the couple things like matching shoes or t-shirts. It had never crossed your mind before. Somehow, however, watching Tae and his girlfriend in their giddiness and silliness was eliciting a desire to try it. Why couldn’t you and Yoongi be cute?

“You were thinking it,” he said, his eyes moving up to meet yours. “I could hear your brain working from over here.”

“You think I want to be cute like that?” you scoffed, motioning toward the selfie taking fools. “They look like idiots,” you parroted what he said from earlier.

“Yep, they do,” Yoongi said, standing up from the bench. His leather jacket over a grey turtle neck and ripped jeans was as far away from a traditional hanbok as was humanly possible. He looked fine as hell, and you wanted to wrap your arms around him, but he was already walking away. “C’mon guys, let’s get this over with.”

You shook your head and rolled your eyes, your desire to hug him now a desire to punch him in the face. You followed him out of the rental shop, hearing Tae and his girlfriend’s giggles behind you. You jogged a few steps to catch up with Yoongi.

He took your hand as you walked up the street, causing you to smile. He could be a grumpy ass, but he was your grumpy ass. There were specific reasons you liked him, and his fight against being cute went along with those. You didn’t have to wear matching hanboks; just holding hands was enough for you.

So you thought. The two of you were pulled into an accessory shop with many sparkly hair adornments and jewelry. Tae’s girlfriend was oohing and ahhing over everything. You glanced through the earrings, but nothing struck your fancy.

Tae’s girlfriend was showing him a bracelet that matched their outfits. Tae was looking at her with such adoration you knew he was going to buy that damn bracelet for her. From what you knew about their relationship, he had a hard time saying no to anything she asked. It was good she treated him well, otherwise you’d have to tell her what was what. Right now, Tae was giving her a back hug, looking over her shoulder at the bracelet and asking if she wanted him to buy it for her. She kept saying no, but when she put the bracelet down, Tae snatched it up and took it to the register.

You walked over to look at the bracelets. They were really pretty. You picked up a simple black and white one, very little bling; subtle and pretty. It was right up your alley. You glanced around for Yoongi to get his opinion on it. You jumped, startled that he was as close as he was, at your elbow. He was watching Tae buy the bracelet nearby. He looked down at you still holding the bracelet in your hand.

“It’s pretty,” he said.

“It is,” you agreed. You would never ask him for it.

“You don’t need it,” he said, taking it out of your hand and putting it back. “You’re pretty without it.”

You knew that he just didn’t want to buy you the bracelet, but the smile in his eyes told you he was telling you the truth. He thought you were pretty without the bracelet and you suddenly didn’t want the bracelet.

You followed Tae and his girlfriend out of the shop. They asked you to take a picture in front of a cool looking garden waterfall, so you did, trying not to be envious of the way he rested his cheek on her head, or the cute poses they were doing. You had a good relationship with Yoongi. You didn’t need all that cute in your life. You’d barf.

However, twenty minutes later you had passed a dozen more couples in matching hanboks, a group of boys dressed in girls’ hanboks, and even whole families in matching hanboks; you wanted to wear a matching hanbok with your boyfriend desperately at that point. The two of you stood at an intersection, waiting while Tae and his girlfriend took a selfie video tour of the street. As the thirteenth couple in matching outfits passed by you looked at Yoongi, your face an open plea.

“No,” he said to your unasked question.

“Pleeeeasse,” you whined. You wrapped your arms around his waist so he couldn’t run away from you. “Just for a little while.”

“They look like idiots,” he repeated for the twentieth time, pointing at Tae and his girlfriend.

“They look like they’re having fun,” you countered, with a pout.

Yoongi sighed. “When did you decide cute was a thing you wanted to do?”

“Not all the time,” you told him. “But we came all the way here to Jeonju. We should get the full experience.”

“You have been experiencing it,” he reminded you, but the look on his face told you that you had already won.

“Yoooongggiiii,” you whined again, rocking side to side, your arms still tight around him. He said your name in a similar manner, squeezing you back, unable to hide his smile. He pressed his nose against yours for a second before stepping away from you.

“I have conditions,” he stated.

“Oh boy,” you sighed under your breath.

“We’re renting black hanboks. Black. No flowers.”


“And I’m carrying a sword. I saw one at the rental shop. I’m renting that with the outfit, too.”

You nodded. “Okay.”

“I am not,” he said, jabbing his finger at Tae, “wearing a hat like that. My snapback stays on my head.”

You didn’t like that one, but otherwise this was going well so you nodded again.

“And we’re renting a scooter because I’m tired of walking around.”

“A scooter is not part of the traditional experience,” Tae said before taking a sip of the fruity iced drink he just bought at a food stall.

Yoongi looked at Tae’s drink, then back at Tae, but Tae just stared at him blankly, not getting the hint. “What?” Tae asked.

Yoongi shrugged, shaking his head, then holding his hand out for you to grab a hold of. “Come on.”

He let you pick out the outfit for him. It was black and it had red and white flowers; Yoongi had to acquiesce that condition because they all had flowers on them. However, standing there, seeing him in a full traditional dress, with a black snapback and a sword at his hip, you couldn’t help but smile. He looked so cute and so hot at the same time you couldn’t help but wonder at how he was yours.

Your hanbok was mostly red with black and white on it, obvious enough that the two of you matched. The smile on his face as he walked with you to the scooter rental place gave away that he wasn’t truly unhappy about wearing the outfit. You were pretty sure it was because the sword made him feel like a bad ass, but the specifics didn’t matter. You got him into a hanbok that matched yours; you were so excited he was willing to be cute with you again.

At the scooter place he noticed a bike that pulled a little tented seat behind it. He eyeballed it, then looked at you with a smirk. You took a moment to picture yourself on the bike, pulling a sleeping Yoongi along with you. He would love it.

It was your turn to say, “No.”

The two of you got a two-person scooter and he proceeded to drive you all over the village, honking the horn every chance he got. Tae and his girlfriend had let you borrow their selfie stick, so you were happily snapping pictures of the two of you whenever possible. You were glad to see Yoongi genuinely smiling in most of them.

There was about ten minutes before you were supposed to meet the other two for dinner at the pre-agreed upon restaurant. Yoongi took the scooter to the top of a hill where you had a gorgeous view of the village. There were a few people up there, but it was mostly deserted. He parked the scooter, took your hand, and walked you over so you could both lean on the railing and look at the village.

The sun was setting and the lights in the village were turning on one by one. It was quite peaceful and beautiful to watch. You leaned your head against Yoongi’s shoulder and you felt him tilt his head against yours. “Thank you for putting up with my stupid requests,” you found yourself saying.

“They aren’t stupid,” he replied. You felt his finger hook some of your hair behind your ear. You snuggled closer as he put his arm around you. “They’re kinda silly, but not stupid.” He sighed. “I don’t mind silly. Sometimes I do, but times like this I don’t.”

“Well, you look very handsome in your hanbok,” you nudged him with your elbow.

“You always look pretty,” he replied, turning and kissing the top of your head. “No matter what you wear.”

“You’re so freakin’ cheesy,” you said, glad it was dark and he couldn’t see you blush at how much you loved the compliment.

“I’m cheesy?” his tone was incredulous and you felt him pull away to look at you. “You’ve got me in a matching hanbok and taking selfies…and I’m cheesy?”

“Yes you,” you grabbed him around the waist again, pulling him close to you.

“I’m just telling the truth,” he said. “I always think you’re pretty.”

“Even without makeup?” you fished.

“Especially without makeup,” his eyes sparkled in the lamplight.

“Even when I’m a mess?” you fished again.

He kissed your forehead, murmuring his reply into your hair, “Especially when you’re a mess.”

You wanted to stay there like that, on the hill overlooking the village, wrapped in his arms, wearing ridiculous outfits, and just breathing each other in. These were the moments that reminded you of why he was yours. As grumpy or stingy as he could be, he loved you and always had the words to prove it.

But you had to meet your friends. Tae’s girlfriend would freak out if you were too late, so the two of you headed back to the scooter reluctantly. You were hungry, but alone time with Yoongi was more filling than food ever could be.

After you were seated on the scooter, Yoongi stopped and stared at you. He stared a long time. You started to get uncomfortable. “What?” you asked, running a hand through your hair.

“You’re pretty without it,” he said cryptically.


“I said you’re pretty without it,” he reached into the folds of his hanbok, bringing out a closed fist. “But I knew how much you wanted it.” He took your hand and slid something onto your wrist. The bracelet you had admired a few hours ago. He must have bought it when you were taking pictures of Tae and his girlfriend.

“Yoongi,” you breathed. “How are you so sweet?”

“I was born that way,” he replied, getting on the scooter in front of you. “But above all, remember one thing,” he said over his shoulder. “I may be handsome and sweet and at time silly,” he nodded along with his own words. “But I am not, and never will be….” He started the scooter up and drew his sword as he pulled away from the top of the hill. “….cute!”

From the Surface to the Sea - Chapter 1: The Pier

Fic Request: stydia mermaid au

Summary: A seaside town, a stranded boy, a strange girl. When a freak storm hits the town, it sweeps Stiles away into a world like he never imagined.

Rating: T

Genre: Mermaid!Lydia, Romance

Author: raspberrylimonade

All Chapters

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