scooter patrol!

Shit My Friend And I Say Playing GTA Starters
  • “i think its pretty impressive that i almost took out an armored truck in a bikini.”
  • “Don’t steal the cop car!”
  • “I stole the cop car.”
  • “so now what?”
  • “We could drive around and look for gang attacks.”
  • “Hell yeah, I’ll do a gang attack in a bikini.”
  • “We’re official cops.”
  • “Stop shooting shit!”
  • “Get off my bike!”
  • “Can I get in the car please?!”
  • “We’re helping [insert name/place]!”
  • “Why do we have a wanted level?”
  • “Rain makes driving hard.”
  • “I was just called a bitch for driving into a tree.”
  • “Can I blame it on the flip flops?”
  • “Flip flops are not proper motorcycle gear.”
  • “I am totally a cop. And not some dumb ass joyriding.”
  • “Just go into the water!”
  • “They don’t look there.”
  • “Just send your bill to the police station.”
  • “We’re gonna blow this car up.”
  • “I wish we could rob a bank.”
  • “I was gonna Tokyo Drift!”
  • “Why do I always end up at the casino?”
  • “We look like two teenagers on spring break.”
  • “We should probably put normal clothes on.”
  • “I’m gonna pull my cop car into the clothing store.”
  • “I am snazzy again.”
  • “My ass looks great in these pants.”
  • “We look fancy as fuck.”
  • “We could totally own this cop car.”
  • “You know what we look like? Detectives.”
  • “____, can you back up into the car, please?”
  • “Stop shoving me!”
  • “Are there dudes in the building?”
  • “Two out of three of my kills were headshots.”
  • “I think I–ohhh no.”
  • “I don’t think that’s how jet-skis work.”
  • “If this thing doesn’t explode I’m gonna be really sad.”
  • “That’s–oh, what the fuck?”
  • “Can I spray down the cops?”
  • “We’re kind of trying not to die.”
  • “I’ve got enemies, I’ve got cops–”
  • “I out smarted the po-po.”
  • “I managed to escape with my firetruck.”
  • “I think I just killed a man.”
  • “Fuckin’ scooter patrol, being fucking rude”
  • “I look like a hooker on the street, what do you think?”
White Tank Tops || Ray x Reader

Pairing: Ray x Reader
Words: 3,515

Rating: R, for sweet sweet love making
A/N: Man did AHWU #198 mess with my head.

Preview: All your mind could think about was Ray taking off his shirt. You could still see the contrast between the white fabric and his just slightly tanned skin. When you closed your eyes for a second you could see the tiny patch of his happy trail that lead south. The tiny part of his belly button that you could recall made your breath stop. The heart stopping fantasy was enough to kill you on the spot.

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What’s this? A newer version of the Scooter-Patrol-crest-thing? Yes indeed, I did not expect the first one to get around as much as it has, and regretted not spending more time on the initial concept (since I did it literally whilst watching the Let’s Play haha), so took a bit of time out and polished it up a little bit.