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Look at these two oh my goodness just LOOK AT THEm



@MingNa_Wen : Here comes the Cavalry!!! Hahaha
Behind the Scenes at #dragoncon2017! My knee couldn’t last the whole day so I had to use this scooter for the last couple of hours. It’s got some pep to it!!!@therealstanlee used it the day before, so #itsallconnected. Lol #marvel Big thank you to the staff at @dragoncon & Det. Craig Cooper & folks at @heroesforhireco for taking such good care of me! Also, loved spending time with my castmates @lil_henstridge (who took this video), @imbrettdalton & @mallory_jansen and of course all the #Mingalings and fans who came by to say hello!! 😘❤️😘❤️😘

Pls help.

Hey friends, so I’m a little down on my luck here. I need gas in order to continue working (I drive for postmates) and my rent is due soon and I am $127 dollars short. Pls, if you can donate like $5 for gas (that’s a full tank for me, I drive a scooter), a couple bucks for food/rent, what have you. I can crochet you a hat, draw u a pic of u like. Please keep this small gay alive…thank…

If u can’t donate pls share… love u all

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I walked out to an ombré of blue. Bright blue chipped rooftops mellowed with a backdrop of the setting sun, a turquoise ocean that glistened with every small wave that would soon push the fisherman and the sailors home. And the sky, an endless, warm, clear sky. I wandered and twirled through the hills of the white houses and I was often welcomed by the purring of stray cats, young men rushing by on scooters or by couples enjoying a cigarette on their balcony. Yet it was quiet. And peaceful. And it felt like a dream I had 6 years ago but it felt real. I was here. And I followed the smell of cigarette smoke and coffee beans to the seaside cafes. I would fill my pores with the salty sea as I absorbed the last rays of the sun. It didn’t take long for my hair to hold new streaks of gold and the sun to leave me some darkened skin. I was here and I was loved. I always trusted the wind to push me to where I was supposed to be. Everyone in Greece left a bit of themselves with me, and I wish I could go back 6 years ago to tell myself that dream I had was real and that it was going to be so so wonderful. I danced and twirled and I will never look at the wind, the sun, or the sea the same way again.