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The Rise and Fall of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (7th Anniversary)

Back in early 2010, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was one of most popular cartoon shows that ever came out and surprisingly on par with Adventure Time back in the day. Here are the reasons why this was so great.

1) This Show was Created by Lauren Faust

Lauren Faust is one of the best storyboard artist, animator and creator of cartoon shows. What I like about her is before she made the show, she ask questions to fans first about MLP on DeviantArt before setting up her show and then made the pilot. Animated one of the best movies like Cat Don’t Dance and Iron Giant. She worked on great shows cartoons, mostly everyone childhood shows like…

PowerPuff Girls

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Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

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I don’t know why she leave the show but my guess is time, working on other things like Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls, Wander Over Yonder, and DC Super Hero Girls. Overall, she’s pretty great.

2) Plot

The plot is simple, Twilight Sparkle, with Spike the Dragon was given the task is go to Ponyville and learn about friendship. There she meets her friends, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash. Together, they solve problems, go on crazy adventures, and learn the magic of friendship

For story driven episodes, it usually airs on seasons premieres and finales like

Season 2 Premiere: The Return of Harmony

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Season 2 Finale: A Canterlot Wedding

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But most of the episodes are different, no story what so ever and that’s fine because after all, it is a little girls show. Most of episodes are friendship solving and it’s really adorable to watch.

Mane six go on adventure

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Hanging out or an episode about secondary characters

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Although most of the episodes aren’t story driven and feel most of the lesson are repeats to each episodes, they’re very enjoyable to watch.

3) Characters

Almost everyone character are great, there’s not one thing I hate about them. The mares (females) of the show are portrayed as competent and strong and none of them as portrayed as be stronger and better. We’ve got Twilight Sparkle the intelligent, Fluttershy the shy one, Rainbow Dash the action, Applejack the hard worker, Rarity the fashionista, and Pinkie Pie the joke of the show, also the one who keeps breaking the 4th wall

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They develop greatly in the show like Fluttershy, from season 1 to 4, she was always shy and timid, never able to speak up for herself and letting others to push her

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But in recent seasons she now more assertive, speak about her concern

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Even the villains are great in the show such as 

Discord who’s play by an actor that play Q in Star Trek. He’s deceiving and manipulative at first but a very fun villain watch with creating chaos. He also hangs with Fluttershy a lot 

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4) World Building/Lore

The society the ponies live is quite interesting. There are three types ponies

Unicorns that can do magic 

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Pegasus can of course fly, control clouds, and live in them

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and Earth ponies are just like humans but horses

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There’s is one type that rules them all and there called Alicorns. Alicorns are princesses of Equestira. There are only four alicorns, Celestia Princess of the Sun, Luna Princess of the Moon, Cadance, Princess of Love Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship.

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Don’t worry, it’s not just ponies that live in this world, there’s dragons, ox, seapoinies, dog creatures, and many more.

5) Music

For a show that’s for little girls, the songs aren’t good… It’s the greatest sh@t you’ll ever listen to. It’s seriously Disney movie level like oh my god, it give so many emotion such as

The Magic Inside

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This Day Aria

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We’ll Make Our Mark

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Even the mulilanguage openings are great to listen like the Italian one!

I’m sorry Steven Universe, your songs are great but yours can’t compete with this.

6) Fandom

This fandom is probably why most people watch the show. Unlike most fandoms that are mostly toxic, this one is really decent throughout the years. You can ship any character you want and no is going to tell you otherwise (excpet filly with mare/colt), everyone can speak about their opinions, and everyone gets the message of the show by being kind to each other

What I like most about the community is there content. Seriously this fandom makes some great content like music, fan-animation, and fan-art.

For example

Lullaby for a Princess by Ponyphonic

Button Mash Adventure by Jananimation

So great that non-fans of the show listen to a song called “Discord” by Tombstone and people got pissed when they found out when they found it was created by a Brony

The fandom even given names to all the background ponies!

Such as Derpy Hooves, Lyra Heartstrings, Bon Bon, Octiva, Vinyl Scratch, Berry Punch and Doctor Whooves.

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Also, there is one time that the fandom got upset about one thing and it actually very reasonable compared to most fandoms of right now. When “The Last Roundup” came, it was Derpy first time that she talk. People got offended for having crossed eyes, reckless and being a poor portrayal of a autism person and demand for that pony to be removed off the show. 

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The bronies got upset and start a campaign, #SaveDerpy and to that I say

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After that, she stayed on the show. The best reason why the fans get frustrated about that. Not because of a ship, not because of sauce but for a fan favorite character was about to be remove

So now let’s talk how did this show fall


So probably many fans,including myself stop watching the show because with other cartoon shows popping with more mature story-driven, and action shows like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Legend of Korra, Rick and Morty, and Star vs The Forces of Evil, people lost interesting in the show.

Also the show is pretty much over now

The Cutie Crusaders got their cutie mark

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Twilight becomes a princess and even has an apprentice

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Rainbow Dash becomes a Wonderbolt

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Rarity has own fashion buisness

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So there’s no point in watching the show anymore, a similar situation to Adventure Time


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the show that used to be so popular back in the early 2010s, good plot, great characters and have great support by fans. With season 7 actually getting interesting, I think this show will get back on their horse

Happy 7th Anniversary! 

Rusty Nail's Recipes

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HELLO, you probably didn’t see this when I did it. But soon after you started following my personal blog I drew it for funs (or at least I thought it was fun in my head). HERE YOU GOES!

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…and finally, part three of three of stuff I designed for the Moonstuck arc of Scootaloo the Adventurer! (here, have parts one and two) There’s a couple more things I’ve done since that I can also post now, they’ll go up in a few minutes.

This is grown-up baby moon roc, plus some general roc-drawing notes. :B She looks a lot like Summer (the roc that attacked the observatory and batnapped the Super Awesome Ultra Hyper Force Royal Night Guards) ‘cause he’s her dad, and they have the same colors. Yay!

The Great Scootaloo Conglomeration
(33 different Scootaloo’s! + Bonus Parents Included)

All character/scootaloo’s included:

  • Stalkerloo
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  • Scootaloo’s Dad
  • Student of The Night
  • Charmanderloo
  • Scootabot
  • STARRAINBOWS Scootaloo
  • Cutieloo
  • Ghost Scootaloo
  • Hi Scootaloo
  • ScootDash
  • Pirate Terry
  • HOO Scootaloo
  • Future Scootaloo
  • Sleepless Scootaloo
  • Normal Scootaloo (Every Scootaloo with no difference in appearance from the original Scootaloo, I guess)
  • Grown-Up Scootaloo
  • Hipsterloo
  • Factory Scootaloo
  • Terry
  • Gamerloo
  • Motherly Scootaloo
  • Scootaloo (Post-Bath) - 2011
  • Scootarooster
  • Dark Scootaloo
  • Angeloo
  • Crippled Scootaloo
  • Scootaloo stuck in Sweetie Belle’s body
  • ScootaToaster
  • Crinkloo
  • Scootaling
  • Adventurer Scootaloo
  • PC Scootaloo
  • Baby Scootaloo
  • Ghostly Scootaloo
  • Waterloo

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