Q: What’s the secret behind Mad Milk? THE WORLD MUST KNOW!


    Scout: Heya Scoots, can ya keep a secret?

    Scootaloo: [Nodding head]

Scout: My Mad Milk is warmed in the microwave. Great, huh?


Artist note: These renders where done by garyd12. The other artist of this blog.


This is the current state of things:

I had a steady 80 two weeks ago, then it just kept going up.  I’d like to take a moment to thank all the folks who came on-board during that time.

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0: Height: 5'2"
1: Virgin? yep
5: Do you take drugs? nope
6: Age you get mistaken for: uh online people think i’m older i guess but by appearance i probably look my age
13: Biggest turn ons: uhh kiku honda. and crying and other things that i dont want to say b/c they’re weird
14: Biggest turn offs: um probably mean people i guess?? i dont really know
20: What I hate most about myself: i dont really have much emotion anymore i guess
21: What I love most about myself: i think i draw decently
22: What I want to be when I get older: i really dont know but probably an artist of some sort??
31: What my last text message says: uh the last one i sent was to my mother saying “bekah’s mom is bringing me home in 15 minutes”
42: The last thing I ate: i think it was butterfingers candy b/c i bought discounted “valentines” candy from walmart yesterday aww yiiiis