This is the current state of things:

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I had a steady 80 two weeks ago, then it just kept going up.  I’d like to take a moment to thank all the folks who came on-board during that time.

So, in mostly chronological order, we have…

cartpi9, scootaboo, physicallyschizophrenic, twilight-whimsy, patchoulol (return customer), princexcalcifer, bruedetour, thegirlwithweirdthoughts, fullmetalbrony, ask-sexy-pinkie, ask-crabby-himself, askcreepyprincessluna, broadwayflush, ponett, mane-co (return customer[whose blog is fucking gone now known as a-study-in-pinkie]), askthe-goddess-of-chaos, ask-fiw-applejack, obsidian-industries, wirelurker, bumblesweettells (bumped me over 100 :D), yf222, midinote, sugarquebe, askhopper, askslendermann, and of course loudestdecibelle.

Here’s to another bunch more followers!

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