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Title: What The Hell?

Tony Stark and his daughter seeing an alternative version of Peter on TV and confront him, which leads to a whole lot of confusion.

Words: ~ 1800

A/N: This is not exactly how I wanted it to be. I combined it with another idea (Tony setting up his daughter with Peter) and things got a bit confusing… but I hope you like it anyway! :) [It’s not edited yet. I’m too lazy at the moment. So it’s filled with mistakes…]


My dad and I were having one of our very rare evenings in the movie room of the Stark Tower together that I appreciated more than anything.
Of course, I understood that with him being Iron Man he had a lot of duties and not much time for his daughter.

I snuggled deeper into my soft blanket when I rested my head on my father’s shoulder, both of us enjoying an evening without stress.
“You wanna watch a movie?”, he wanted to know and I only shrugged. “Let’s zap through the channels first.”

A few taps in the air and the channels changed. We sat in silence until something caught my attention, “Wait, what’s that?”

“Lip sync battle? Sounds interesting.”, I chuckled and my dad only nodded in agreement.
It didn’t took me very long to notice something very, VERY strange. And I wasn’t the only one noticing it, that was for sure.

The boy on TV who was wearing a black wig and a rather inappropriate outfit looked like Peter. And I mean EXACTLY like Peter. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of our TV. Peter was by far the most handsome and cutest boy I’d ever seen and this was very entertaining.
“That’s Peter.”, I stated, my eyebrows narrowing in confusion.

“What goes on in this boys head?”, my dad questioned in disbelief. With a shrug I grabbed my phone and started filming this weird occurrence.

Neither of us said a word as we watched Peter swinging his umbrella and grinding against it. The whole time dancing in the middle of other dancers while water was raining down on him.
Jesus, he looks so hot, I only thought before I subconsciously pressed my knuckles on my lips.

“What?”, my dad asked in shock. Of course I had to say that out loud…
I quickly stopped the video and chuckled nervously when I turned my head to look at my father.
“Uh, I m-mean… well, he’s this cute, innocent boy… usually. And now…”, I stuttered, my face heating up, “I just thought that… you know. It’s different. Good different. Not that I… I mean that’s-”

“So I was right? You actually are smitten with that spider kid.”, he smirked at me before wiggling his eyebrows, making me want to vanish into thin air.
“NO, I’m not. Okay?!”, I insisted, even though it was more than a huge lie. But my father didn’t need to know that I was head over heels for Peter.
“Don’t worry, honey. I won’t tell him.”, he laughed and brushed over my back.
“Thanks.”, I mumbled defeatedly, slowly admitting that I couldn’t hide it from him anymore. Or at least there wasn’t a point in arguing with him.

Not wanting this awkward silence to last, I grabbed my phone to send the video to Peter but not before cutting out the end.
Peter didn’t need to know about my thoughts.

Nice wig, Spidey. I didn’t know you could dance like that. , I texted Peter and threw my phone on the pillow laying next to me before my dad took the remote.“Let’s watch something else. That was terrifying…”

After a couple of minutes the door opened and Happy stood in the door frame.
“Tony, the boy arrived. He’ll be here in a minute.”

“Ah, perfect. Thanks, Happy.”, my dad replied and I looked at him, tilting my head to express my confusion. “Did I miss something?”, I wanted to know but I didn’t get an answer. Only a secret smile.

Not many moments later Peter stood in the door frame, wearing one of his cute nerdy shirts and holding his phone with a bewildered look on his face.

“Hi Peter! What are you doing here?”, I asked nervously, my voice jumping an octave.
“Hey, um… I am… No, it’s… Mr. Stark said there’s another mission?”, he stuttered while he approached us.

“Surprise!”, my dad chuckled when I looked at him in disbelief.
“But dad, it’s movie night!”, I complained, “You promised that-”
“I know, honey.”, he started, placing his hand on my arm. But before he could continue I raised my voice, “Dad, this sucks! You never-”

“Hey, hey, hey, calm down. Okay?”, he soothed me, his grib getting tighter while I gave him my famous death glare before speaking up again, “I hate it when you do that. First you-”

“I wanted him to join us.”, my dad interrupted me again, this time it was actually working. I shut up.
“Why?”, I wanted to know, realising that Peter still stood there, awkwardly watching us. “It’s my secret mission.”, my dad smirked, causing me to roll my eyes.

Peter slowly opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but said nothing. “Come here, kid.”, my dad tugged at his wrist, pulling him towards us and practically forcing him to sit right next to me.
My heart stopped beating when my head realised how close our bodies were, not to mention his face being only a foot away from mine.

He seemed to notice this, too. He only stared at me for a few brief moments, which made me blush incredibly, before he remembered what he wanted to say. “You sent me a video a couple of minutes ago.”
“Yeah, I did. Did you see it yet?”, I chuckled, trying to loosen the tension. Peter shook his head, pulling out his phone to watch it.

My dad scooted over and so did I even though I had already been sitting pretty close. I just wanted to be even closer.

Peter let out a quiet sigh before pressing play. Peter’s face went blank almost instantly. “That guy looks like me!”, he squeaked, pure shock on his face.

“What? I thought that was you…”, my dad replied but Peter violently shook his head.
“But look, that’s Michelle.”, I claimed and pointed at the girl in the background.

“That’s not me. That’s for sure!”, Peter mumbled, “I would wear a costume like that.”
“What a shame… Y/N said you look hot in it.”, my dad blurted out and I looked at him with wide eyes, “even if this isn’t you. But he looks exactly like you, doesn’t he?”

Peter’s head slowly turned to me, a confused smile on his lips, but didn’t say anything.
Is he… happy about me thinking that he’s hot?, I thought while I sent my father a warning look and mouthed ‘What the hell?’ after Peter’s eyes went to the floor.

“Maybe it’s still on.”, I wondered and took the remote to switch back to the channel we had been watching.
Fortunately, the show was still on showing this exact copies of Peter and Michelle.
The presenter had just confirmed that “Tom Holland”, who seemed to be Peter’s lost twin, won the Lip Sync Battle, causing the audience to cheer in agreement.

What happened next made us stare at the TV in shock.

A girl looking like me walked up on stage and ran in Peter’s -No, what was his name again…? Tom’s arms and kissed him hard on his lips.
“What the hell?”, were the only words that left my words even though I was packed by seeing me and Peter kiss, more or less… I looked to the left, watching Peter’s and my dad’s faces.
While Peter’s face was as red as his Spiderman suit, my dad had a huge smile planted all over his face.

My double continued to kiss Peter’s clone, who excitedly kissed back, and the presenter appeared on the screen again. “Aren’t they the cutest celebrity couple ever?”, he asked and the audience cheered loudly, making the presenter laugh. Then, the screen showed a close up of our doubles pulling back from their kiss and looking into the camera, which was the perfect moment to pause the show.

“That’s us! But it’s not us… it’s not making any sense and it’s confusing.”, Peter pointed out and looked at me, catching me staring at him.
But I couldn’t help but stare at his lips after seeing ourself kiss. What would it feel like to kiss him? Are this lips as soft as they look? And how would he taste like?, I wondered before my dad interrupted my thoughts.
“I think I know what’s going on.”, he claimed.

“Yeah, what is it?”, Peter and me asked at the same time.
“Parallel Universe.”, my dad said proudly but we only looked at him blankly.

“Maybe something went wrong and this tv show aired in our universe. This is why they look exactly like you. They are you! But they’re the alternative version of you.”, he explained and we nodded, finally understanding what he meant.

“They have the same looks, same interests, same love life… Oh, and that explains why you find Peter so hot!”, my dad rambled excitedly, “Because he’s your boyfriend in the other universe.”
“What the hell, dad?!”, I said frantically, “You promised you wouldn’t tell him.”

I saw Peter looking at me with a smile from the corner of my eye but I couldn’t look at him because I was so embarrassed of this whole situation.
“No, I promised I wouldn’t tell him that you’re in love with him.”, he blurted out and I looked at him in shock, blood rushing to my face while I felt Peter tensing up.

I won’t be able to look in Peter’s eyes ever again…

“You got a problem with that, Peter?”, my dad asked him and Peter took in a sharp breath before speaking up, “N-No, not… at a-all, Mr. Stark.”
He looked at me briefly, “Actually, I uhm… I’ve been…”, he looked to the ground and then back to my dad, who smirked widely.

“Perfect.”, he clapped his hands, “Initialising last part of the mission.”
Suddenly, he pushed Peter into me, his lips crashing into the corner of my mouth making my heart skipping a beat.
Peter nervously adjusted himself and looked in my eyes, waiting for me to push him away but closed his eyes when I didn’t do anything.
I had mirrored his actions when he leaned forward, causing his lips to touch mine carefully before he pressed himself into me. I felt my heart jumping to my throat when his lips started to move and my brain processed what was happening. My hands found the way to his neck, pulling his face closer and my fingertips started to wander over the back of his head, making Peter sigh.

“Mission completed.”, I heard my dad say and I jumped slightly when I realised that he was still sitting right next to us.


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Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Daughter!Reader | Selina Kyle x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: None?

Prompts: to lazy to summarize, sorry!

Words: 821

Translator: Ahv = Father

Em = Mother

A/N: I just randomly got this idea?? so I’m just going with it.

You were abandoned at a young age, only 4 years old. You knew nothing about your family, only one thing, that your mother seemed to be raised in a Jewish household, where they only spoke Hebrew and little English. During your 4 years of living with her, you only knew Hebrew, just a little bit. The simple words like, father, mother, hello, goodbye, food, and help. So when the Selina Kyle found you she asked you multiple things, you not understanding anything.

After that raining afternoon in Gotham, you had a new mother. Selina Kyle couldn’t abandon you, you were just a little toddler with big (e/c) eyes, (h/l) (h/c) hair, and a smug look on your face that seemed to familiar. So, she took you home, raising you with help of Ivy and Harley, whom absolutely loved you. 

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Fck Cancer.

Request: Y/N is known as Justin’s girlfriend/backup dancer. These past few months have been rough for Y/N as she experiences harsh symptoms which she later understands are symptoms of cancer and she is estimated to only live until next month, now she has to tell her family, friends and Justin.

You glance slowly towards the clock. 4:57 a.m. You let out a groan before flushing the toilet for the third time this night. You weren’t sure what was wrong but these past few months have been hell. You’ve been experiencing migraines, extreme fatigue and seem to never have an appetite. As unhealthy as it sounds, you decide to ignore it thinking it was just allergies or a phase.

You walk towards the sink and rinse out your mouth before taking a glance at yourself in the mirror. You touch you face not realizing how thin you became, you brushed the thought off thinking it was probably from appetite loss and overworking during rehearsals.

Yes, you were one of Justin’s backup dancers whenever he had a concert or tour. That’s also where the two of you met. Weird or romantic? You chuckle as you remember the thought of how you two met.

You walk out of the washroom, and suddely you began to lose balence. You quickly grab the chair next to you. Your grip was firm. You ngrabbed your phone on the drawer and dial Justin’s number. After a few rings, he picks up. “Uh hey…” You whisper softly over the phone.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” Justin says worried, you hated the fact that no matter how many times you tried to hide it, he would always know if there was something wrong.

“It’s nothing. I think I just have a cold or something. Probably due to the weather.” You say trying your best to sound convincing.

“Maaybe you should stay home. Don’t force yourself to come to rehearsal. I’ll let Scooter know, but for now you need to get some rest.” Justin says gently and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Thank you.”

Suddenly your chest began to hurt. You clenched yor chest with your hand at an attempt to reduce the pain but it wasn’t working. You tried your best to speak but no words were coming out, all you heard was Justin’s muffled words over the phone.

You began to let out a cough which led to one after the other until your chest began to hurt.

After a while you finally calmed your cough down and your chest hurt less. You heard Justin call your name multiple over the phone. “Sorry something just got caught in my th-”

What the- you thought to yourself. You attention moved towards your sleeve on where you coughed and noticed the blood.

“Y/N?” Justin says annoyed but you knew he was just trying to get your attention.

“Oh sorry uhm what were you saying?” You still were focus on the blood, you felt your heart race.

“I’m going to leave rehearsals early to go buy you medicine and I’ll be there to take car-”

“No!” You blurt out. “I mean no babe I swear I’m fine. I’m just going to drop by the doctors office then I’m heading straight home. You don’t need to leave.” You say nervously trying to persuade him that you were fine.

You didnt want Justin to agonize, that was the last thing you wanted. Besides he has a career to focus on.


“It’s nothing serious. I promise.” You say reassuring him.

(A few weeks have passed and Y/N has been in and out of the hospital for checkups without Justin’s knowledge. She finally received a call from the hospital.)

You tap your foot continuously, as you waited impatiently for the doctor to come in with the results.

What if something is wrong? You thought to yourself. You obviously didn’t want to think negative but there’s always a possible chance. You felt your heart skip a beat when the doctor entered. The two of you exchange ‘hellos’ as he takes a seat at his desk.

It was silent for a while and you felt your gut sink, something was definitely wrong.

“Ms. Y/LN I hate to say this but I have some awful news about your results…” he says lowly. Your heart was beating so fast your chest began to hurt once again.

“What are you trying to say?” You ask confused.

“I am very sorry Ms. Y/LN but you are diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 4….”

Lung cancer….stage 4?

“W-what?” You say shocked. You couldn’t believe what he was saying nor did you want to believe it.

Tears began streaming down your face as you tried to comprehend what was happening but nothing seemed to focus.

“No, no, no there’s got to be a mistake!” You say feeling tense. You didn’t want to be convinced it was true and you pulled out every excuse you could think of to make the statement false.

“I’m really sorry, but we ran multiple tests and they all came out…positive.” The doctor says. Your world came shattering and it hurt more than you could handle, physically and emotionally.

“How long do I have?” You manage to say.

“One month…”

“Justin she’s just running late…” One of the staff members say. Everyone was eating breakfast but the only person who wasn’t present was Y/N and Justin was beginning to fret.

“Even though, she would have answered my calls or respond to my texts…” Justin says still worried, as he dials your number once more.

“Bro, she’s probably avoiding you…I know I would if you called me that many times….” Ryan, Justin’s best friend says jokingly.

“Shut the hell up Ry” Justin says before shooting him a glare.

“He’s just moody because he didn’t get any morning sugar…” another member calls out causing the whole crew to burst in laughter.

“I fucking hate you guys!” Justin says with a stern tone but he can’t help but crack a smile.

(An hour has passed and the crew is packing up)

“There she is!” You head one of the dancers call out. Instantaneously all eyes were on you.

“Babe! Where were you?” Justin says as he jogs towards you worried.

“I’m sorry I’m late, it’s just uh-”

“Is everything okay Y/N?” Scooter asks worried aswell. You look at both of them as you place a fake smile reassuring them.

“Uh yeah I just had to drop something off at my moms place and it took longer than I expected…”

I lied I know but what I couldn’t do it, you thought to yourself.

“Hey…” Justin whispers as he places his hand gently on your face causing you to look at him. “Are you sure everything’s okay? You look pale-”

“I swear I’m okay!” You yell. You didn’t mean to raise you voice, it wasn’t your intention but all the questions made you feel sick. You sigh, avoiding eye contact. “I’ll just go talk to the choreographer to see what I missed. Excuse me.” You say before excusing yourself, walking towards the choreographer.

Scooter walks towards Justin, confused. “Is Y/N alright?”

“I honestly have no clue…”

You take a break from stretching as you see Scooter standing near the doorway.

“Hey Y/N? Can I talk to you for a minute?” He asks motioning you to come with him to the hall.

“Uh sure…” you say, slightly confused. Scooter has never interrupted a rehearsal unless it was about something important. You jog towards Scooter. “What’s up?” You say curiously.

Scooter take a few deep breaths and it was starting to make you worry. “You know you can tell me anything right?”

“Yeah of course, Scoot you’re like my dad.” And it was true, Scooter was the closest thing to a father figure ever since your real father left. You knew what you said was a lie but you didn’t have the strength to tell him the truth.

Scooter looks at you unconvinced before taking another deep breath. “Look, I’ve notice earlier you looked awful…no offence.”

“Wow thanks.” You say offended.

“Wait. Let me finish.” He says and you knew he was was being serious. “I couldn’t help but stare at your wrist, you had a hospital band?” He asks and your heart stopped.

“No I uh was just getting a checkup, I had a really bad cold and I thought I was coming down with somethig.” You lie, once again.

“I did some digging and Y/N you’ve been in and out of the hospital these past few months-”

“Scoot!” You yell, out of all people you didn’t expect Scootet to be the person to go behind your back and do some research. “You have no right-”

“I do! I have the right to know if something is wrong with your health. Now tell me what the hell is going on?” Scooter yells furiously. You were taken back, Scooter never yelled at you, and you have to admit you felt hurt and ashamed for keeping the secret from everyone.

You take a deep breath. You felt tears peak at the corner of your eyes.

“I have stage 4 lung cancer…” you say vulnerably. You couldn’t even look at him once you said it, it hurt too much. “One month Scoot, that’s all I have.” Your voice was shaking and your eyes became so watery all you saw were you tears repetively coming down.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Scooter says almost in a whisper and you knew he was hurt.

“I was scared…” you say truthfully before looking down.

“Y/N you can’t keep something like this…”

“I’m sorry…” you sob once again and Scooter immediately pulls you in for a hug. He silently wipes his own tears.

“You need to tell the others….especially Justin.”

(Y/N finally told everyone, family and friends about her illness except for Justin).

“What’s going on?” Justin asks agonized but no one answered. He quickly walks towards you. “Why are you crying?”

You began to cry, more than you have today. You didn’t know how to tell him or how he was going to react. If he was going to be upset or angry? You didn’t want to know.

After a while you finally gained the courage.

You look him in the eyes and take a deep breath.

“I’ve been diaganosed with cancer…”

“W-what?” Justin says shocked.

“Stage 4, lung cancer….” you felt tears streaming down your face once more.

Justin runs his fingers through his hair, his jaw was clenched and he couldn’t even look at you after many attempts to get his attention.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” Justin says raising his voice. You were taken back by his sudden outburst but understood he was just hurt.

“I was going to-” you begin to say but immediately get cut off by Justin.

Justin chuckles sarcastically, “When? The moment you’re gone? What did you expect was going to happen? That you would just be gone, some random person will explain it to me and everything would be okay?” He yells as tears were running down his face.

You felt sudden guilt, you hated to see him like that.

“Justin, take it easy…” one of Justin’s staff members call out.

“No!” Justin yells, everyone was now staring at us. “How the hell can I take it easy knowing my own girlfriend isn’t going to be here with me the next few months…”

That hit you. Did he expect this to be easy for me aswell? You thought to yourself.

“Jay…” you say gently as you try to hold his hand but he pushes you away.

“I can’t do this right now…” Justin immediately leaves the room, a few of the members plus Scooter follow him out.

“Justin!” You call out as tears ran down your face.

Your head choreographer walks up beside you and wraps his arms around you. “Just let him be, he needs time to adjust, its a lot to take in.”

You nod simply before getting ready for the show.

Justin was midway through his last song of the night. You danced and gave it your all, afraid that it was your last.

Suddenly, the music stops.

You stop dancing as you look at the other dancers confused and wondering if you should keep going. You watch as Justin adjusts his mic before centering himself on stage.

“Hey guys….” Justin says and the crowd goes wild causing you to chuckle. “Change of plans tonight I want to dedicate this show not just to you guys but to my girlfriend aswell….” he says as he turns to look at you, the crowd erupts into “aw’s” and excitement. You look at him shocked but you show him a smile to show your appreciation. He takes a while before speaking up. “Horrible news came up and my reaction wasn’t the best nor was it supportive, I was angry, hurt and bitter.” His voice was shaky and he kept looking at the floor. “Now I just want to do something special for her, so before the show I had help from my amazing friends and crew to put up this tribute video of Y/N it took a long time but every part is worth it… I hope while I play this tribut I hope you keep a small place for Y/N in your prayers and she needs all your love and support tonight. I know you may all be wondering what the hell is going on? That’s for Y/N to personally tell you guys when she’s ready but all I’m asking is to pray for her and for your moral support”. Justin turns around towards you and smiles. “So babe do you mind joining me over here?” The crowd goes crazy and you can’t help but smile, you let out a few laughs before heading towards him.

You suddenly hear the music to “Be Alright” one of your all time favourites begin to play. You felt tears streaming down your face but this time they were happy tears.

Justin begins to sing and you cant’ help but melt at the sound of his voice. As he sings, he would wipe away your tears, hold your hand and pretend to dance with you on stage causing you to laugh.

He then turns you around to watch the video and it just made you cry more as you watch your closest friends and family giving you motivation to keep fighting.

“Everything’s gonna be alright….” Justin sings the last few words before pulling you in a hug. The crowd erupts into screams once more. You whisper in his ear “thank you” before hugging him back tighter.

As the screams die down you both pull away, but Justin grabs your hands.

“I love you and nothing’s going to keep us apart not even what you’re going through right now. You’re not alone baby, I promise”.

You gently grab Justin’s face before pulling him in for a kiss.

“I love you Jay….thank you.”

Fuck cancer.

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Sneaking Out

Request: Hi could you please do a scott x daughter!reader where she sneaks out to a party 

Warnings: Mentions of underage drinking.


Originally posted by jessicahenwicks

Hey- dad?” You scooted into the seat next to your dad.

“Yes?” He raised an eyebrow.

“So… there’s this- party,” You began, slowly.

“No. Absolutely not.”

“But! You haven’t even-”

“No, I was a kid once, I know what you guys do at those parties!” He lifted his hands up, signaling the end of the conversation.

“I bet that Parker kid’s going to be there! You like him right!?”

“Uh…” He looked down.

“Okay, I see how it is.” You crossed your arms and stood up. “See you later.”

He narrowed his eyes at you and watched cautiously as you walked away.

“Go do your- homework! Or something!” He called after you.

Once you got to your room you grabbed your phone and dialed.

“Hey,” Your friend answered the phone.

“Hey, Uh… I don’t think I can come tonight.” You bit your lip.

“What!? Why?” Her voice was amplified by one thousand.

“My dad said no, so… I’m probably just going to finish my homework.

"Y/N! You have to. If you don’t show up, who am I gonna hang out with?”

You could just see her pleading face through the phone.

You sighed, “Fine.”

“Yes!” She squealed.

“See ya’ later,” You hung up

‘What am I gonna do now?’  You thought. You didn’t really want to sneak out, you weren’t that kind of person.

But on the other hand, you had told your friend you were coming, you didn’t promise your dad anything.

You just had to find out a way to leave. You looked at your window. Lucky for you; you lived on the bottom floor of your apartment.

“Y/N?” Your dad knocked on your door.


He opened it slowly. “I’m gonna go out tonight okay?”

“Yeah that’s fine.” You told him, trying not to smirk.

“I’ll see ya’ around-” He looked at his watch, “Eleven.”

“Okay. Cool.” You nodded.

“Don’t leave.” He pointed a finger at you.

You smiled and rolled your eyes.

Once he was out of the house, you grabbed your bag, cell phone, and locked the door.

“Well that was easy.” You said to yourself after you had crawled out of the window. “Wait, why didn’t I just use the door?…” You mumbled.

Lucky for you, the house you were looking for was only a couple of blocks down from your apartment.

“Y/N!” Your friend greeted you at the door.

“This is a small gathering?” You looked around the room. There had to have been at least sixty kids. She shrugged. Although it was a bit crazy, it couldn’t have been anything like what your dad thought it was going to be.

You spent the next few hours dancing, and watching as your friend flirted with just about every guy there.

“Hey Y/F/N, I should probably get home it’s-” You looked at your phone with wide eyes. “ELEVEN THIRTY! My dad is going to kill me!” You grabbed your bag from the couch.

“I gotta go,” You looked back at her as you sprinted to the door.

You were running without looking where you were going, so you weren’t surprised when you ran into somebody behind the door.

“Sorry!” You looked up at them quickly. “D-dad! What are you…”

“I’m not stupid, Y/N.” He crossed his arms. “I’m gonna cut right to the chase; have you been drinking?”

“What- no! Dad, I’m not stupid.”

You looked behind you and realized that half of the people watching you were probably drunk.

“Alright, let’s go.” He put a hand on your shoulder.

“Okay, I know you’re disappointed in me,” You said once you had gotten back home.

“But?” He opened the door for you.

“But you will never guess what happened!”

“Uho What happened?” He smiled. He just couldn’t stay mad.



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Search and Rescue (Part 2)

Summary: It’s your big day, but there are still a few doubts you need to square away before you’re welcome into the family

Pairing: Chris Beck x Reader

Word Count: 1691

Warnings: just prepare for some heart melting fluff

A/N: Due to popular demand, I’ve written up a part 2! I hope you like it and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it :3

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You were notoriously famous for being late. Infamous; known all across the NASA facility you worked at. So, it was no surprise that Carina had been assigned to you on the big day, considering she had a track record of waking up with the sun.

Carina didn’t bother being sneaky an hour after the morning light appeared in the hotel room as she ran, bouncing onto the bundle of sheets in which you were cocooned.

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i miss you sideways daily (Pidge)

Title: i miss you sideways daily
Summary: “I just meant—as long as I have you, Mom, and Matt around, I’ll never be lost, you know?” / Pidge character study of sorts, oneshot.
A/N: Pidge is my favorite and I’m still not sure I’ll ever do her justice but. here is an attempt.  Also inspired by some lovely art by @kidworm and @tropicoola which made me very emotional. anYWAYS.

{Leave a comment over on Ao3} or continue under the cut. 

“Sideways because I have to beam my love in all directions, hoping it bounces off something and eventually finds you.”

            —Richard Siken


The engineers called it a marvel, a feat. The media said a whole new frontier of exploration, an unprecedented display of human curiosity and determination.

Katie Holt stands in front of the Kerberos mission launch site, eyes the towering white shuttle, and says, simply: “Whoa.”

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BTS: Finding Out You’re(His Girlfriend) The Daughter Of A Demon

Anon Asked:  How Bts would react if he discovered that their girlfriend is the daughter of a demon thank you😘😘

Ah I liked this request! Here you go sweetheart!~


*When you take him to meet your father for the first time* “Oh Uhm- Is- is that your father? He looks like a very *voice cracks* very nice man.” *internal screaming*

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*talking to your father* “So, if me and Y/N get married that doesn’t mean I turn into a demon too right? Wait,Is Y/N a demon?!”

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*when you are at your parents house and are taking pictures together* 

Your Dad: *roars*“Scoot closer in the picture and smile bigger! You’re standing next to my darling daughter so you should be beaming from ear to ear!”

JH: “Y-Yes sir!!!” *shakes and forces a smile*

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*You’re Jackson, telling him about your bloodline*

S: “Are you kidding me? Tell me this is a joke. Am I dreaming?” :O

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*braces himself* “Well I guess when I meet your dad I will just have to show him how strong and capable I am of taking care of you, even if I am just a normal human.”

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*at your parents house and already aware of your parents* 

J: “Don’t go, let’s just wait for her outside.”

V: “Y.N It’s time to goooOOHHH! You are still talking to your family? That’s fine I will take Jimin’s advice and go wait in the car. It was nice meeting you all!!” *scared*

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You: “Alright it’s time to go so you can meet my mom and dad. Don’t worry I’m sure they will like you.”


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Gabriel's Daughter

Request: May you do a gabriel one shot where the reader is his daughter? Maybe make it to the theme of the song Guardian Angel by Abandon All Ships? I love your work btw! <3

Request: Well urm may i have a gabriel one shot where he is the readers dad and one night it starts storming terribly and the reader is scared but gabe pops in and comforts her? Maybe some daughter and dad fluff like her cuddling with him and saying hes the best dad or somethin? :)

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You & Me - Pre Z

Pre Z - You and Me

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Tommy and I were playing down by the river, while our dads fished together. We ran around trying to catch frogs and dragonflies. Our giggles filled the air. The way his blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight. His dark raven hair shone brightly. We were trying to enjoy our last few hours together. Trying to forget that my dad and I would be moving away tomorrow. At the time I made a serious effort to forget what was to come. In the end, I did a fairly good job. Until the sun was beginning to set, and our dads were packing up to leave.
Tommy and I were sitting in a giant tree, looking at the sunset as it slipped away over the waters edge.
“I hope tomorrow never comes.” I said softly.
“Will I ever see you again?” Tommy asked, looking at me.
“I’ll make sure of it. First chance we get, I’ll come visit.” I smiled at him.
“Promise?” Tommy asked
“Promise.” I replied.
“Hey Kids! 5 minutes then we gotta scoot!” My dad yelled up to us.
“Ok Dad!” I yelled back. Sadness crept into me. I leaned into Tommys side and soaked in the final moments I had with him. Tommy wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged me tightly.
“Y/N we gotta go!” My dad yelled faster than I had hoped.
“Y/N? Can I tell you a secret?” Tommy asked me before I could leave his grasp.
“Hmm?” I hummed, trying not to cry in front of my best friend.
“I - I love you.” He whispered.
I pulled away and stared at him. Tears fell from my eyes.
“I - I love you too Tommy.” I whispered back.
“Y/N! TOMMY!!” yelled Tommys father.
We both scurried out of the tree we were in and ran to meet up with our dads. We hugged one final time, before going our separate ways.
That was the last time I saw Tommy. That was 12 years ago.
Now at the age of 19, I still think about my first love. By now he’s surely dead. Hell with the apocalypse 99% of the human race is dead. I should have forgotten Tommy a long time ago, but for some reason… I could never shake him.

I was snapped from my thoughts when Sketchy and Skeezy opened up the car doors. I sat up from the back seat and stretched.
“ Morning Argo!” Skeezy beamed, tossing me a bag. I opened it and saw fresh new clothes inside.
“We’ve gotta sniping contest today, so I hope you’re rifle is ready!” Sketchy said as he leaned against the car.
“She’s always ready.” I sassed.
“You know the drill?” Sketchy asked.
“Yeah- yeah. No talking. Hood up. Win the big prize to keep it for yourselves. I’ve got it down. We’ve been doing this for how long? 2 years now? I’ve got your back boys.” I said, as I began to remove the new clothes from the bag.
“As long as you keep me fed, I’ll keep your precious little gun.” I smiled.
“Alright. Get dressed, Skeezy will go get you food and ammo. While I go entertain the crowds for awhile. The contest starts in an hour.” Sketchy said, before closing the car doors and walking away.
After they left I quickly dressed in my new outfit. Navy blue shirt, black jeans, hoodie, black beanie, scarf, and biker boots. I tucked my (length) (color) hair underneath the beanie, and pulled the scarf up to cover my face. Only my (color) eyes could be seen. Once I was dressed, I grabbed my sniper rifle and exited the van. Just as I shut the door, Skeezy came up to me with a bag of chips.
“How’d you score those?” I asked.
“Traded a few bullets for em.” Skeezy said heading them to me.
“Thanks man.” I said as I hugged him.
“No problem Argo.” He replied.
“Let’s go scope out the competition.” Skeezy said, playfully punching my shoulder.
Skeezy and I walked around for awhile, until Sketchy announced that the competition was gonna begin.
Skeezy climbed up in the truck next to Sketchy and showed off the grand prize. I set up in the dead middle of the tables that were set up. There were 15 rounds. First round was 25 yards out. I easily took out the Z. 50 yards, 75 yards, 100 yards, and further were easy. Almost too easy. Soon it was down to me and some teenage boy.
“It’s down to Argo and Ten thousand.” Sketchy announced through the bullhorn he was using.
“You got this kid. He’s got nothin on you.” said an old dude with a bushy white beard.
“He’s a she.” I whispered to myself.
“250 yards away!” Sketchy beamed.
I took a deep breath and aimed for the Z that was out in the field. I took a shot, and missed.
“Damn it.” I cursed.
Ten thousand looked at me from the corner of his eye. He must have been caught off guard by my feminine toned voice. Ten thousand steadied his aim, and shot the Z that we were both aiming for. Ten Thousand and the white bearded man went and collected his prize. Skeezy and Sketchy were sad to see it go. Sketchy gave me a pointed look. We’d have to steal it back. Ten Thousand’s victory was short lived when a swarm of Zs flooded through the fields and toward the Bar/Barn that was set up. I picked up my sniper rifle and began to take down the Zs. Everyone was running around, frantically. In the mad rush my hoodie and scarf fell down. My hair slipped from under the beanie, exposing that I was a girl. I was having a blast taking out Zs, until shit hit the fan. My gun jammed. The Z in front of me was getting closer by the second.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” I muttered, freaking out. As the Z stepped in front of me, a shot rang out. The Z dropped dead. I whirled around and saw that Ten Thousand had saved my life. For the first time today, I saw him. His blue eyes, his onyx hair. He was my Tommy.  Ten Thousand, or Tommy, stared at me and tried to connect my face to his memories.

“Y/N?” he asked.

“Tommy?” I asked as tears came to my eyes. I dropped my jammed gun, and ran to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and wrapped my legs around his waist. I closed my eyes and I hugged him. Tommy pulled me close and held onto me tightly.

“H-How?” he asked.

“I don’t care how.” I said as I pulled away and looked at him.

“I just care that you’re here. In my arms again.” I smiled.

“10k! Move it!” called a woman.

“We’ve gotta go.” Tommy said as he set me down. Fear of abandonment set in.

“What? No! I just got you back!” I said as I grabbed his vest. I clenched my hands around the material.

“Come with me! We could use another sharp shooter.” Tommy asked, hopefully. I nodded my head. Tommy grabbed my hand, picked up my jammed gun, and ran towards the vehicle he arrived in. Once inside the trunk of the vehicle, Tommy and I curled up and tried to get some much needed sleep. Later that night, I drove while Tommy took watch. He stood out the sun roof, while Warren ( the leader of their little group) slept in the passenger seat.

Tommy squatted down, away from the cold wind chill.

“Argo?” he asked.

“Ya, that’s the nickname Sketchy and Skeezy gave me. I was the best sharp shooter back there. Argo means swift in Greek. They figured it was a fitting name.” I explained quietly.

“Ten thousand?” I asked.

“Its how many Zs I’m going to kill.” Tommy explained.

“How many so far?” I asked.

“1,768.” He replied.

“Dressing as a boy?” Tommy asked after a while.

“Everyone knew me back there. The only way to keep the grand prize was to have me dress as a boy, and always win it. It was a good little scam we had until you came along.” I laughed, teasing him.

“We’ll Im glad I came.” Tommy smiled.

“Me too.” I smiled as I looked back at him briefly. I turned my attention back to the road, as Tommy stood back up.  I drove into the night, as everyone slept and Tommy kept watch. Things were looking up in the apocalypse.

Fic: Familiar

Four snapshots from Kurt’s life, four times a heartbeat is what helps him get to sleep that night. Ft. Kurt’s mom, Burt, and Blaine. Canonical character death. More hurt/comfort than true angst.

PG-13, ~1700 words.

It was raining, and Kurt couldn’t sleep.

Trying to outrun the shadows that were streaking along beside him, he dashed into Mama and Daddy’s room, where the two of them were asleep on their big bed, curled up on their sides like mountains.

“Mama?” Kurt whispered, poking her arm gently. When she blinked sleepily at him, he continued, “I’m scared.”

“Come up here, baby,” she whispered back, tucking a strand of her long brown hair behind her ear and scooting back against Kurt’s dad to make some room.

Kurt clambered up onto the bed, squeaking in fear when another crack of lightning revealed monstrous shapes throughout the room. “Mama!”

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when are we getting the next installment of the breakup fic? I re-read it almost every day while awaiting for more #obsessed

Sorry for the long wait, guys! Thanks for being patient with me. <3

Part One, Two, Three, Four.

The rest of November is eventful. The press refuse to relent about the goal he gave away in Chicago or his scuffle on ice with Patrick, his lack of focus, his offensive struggles this season, his development with a new team. It’s not that he doesn’t expect the questions or the heat being directed his way. It’s more that he hadn’t accounted for how intense the media’s focus on his transition would be.

“I’m just another player,” he tells his Dad over Thanksgiving break. “I’m not even a captain anymore.”

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