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Curious Cas

Castiel x Reader

A/N: I don’t know how this will turn out considering it’s my first ever published smut and I probably won’t be taking in many smut requests considering it’s not really my thing, but feel free to send in basically anything else.

Request: What about a smutty cas x reader where cas is asking the reader about sex and all that stuff cuz he’s curious and it leads to them actaully fucking

Warnings: dry humping, smut.

Word count: 1006

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You glared at the television Castiel was so invested in, your eyebrows furrowing at seeing a very explicit sex scene unfold in front of the seraph. Choosing to ignore him, you moved over to the table and looked in the bag of fast food, noticing there was only one burger left. Sam and Dean must’ve dropped these off. “Where’s Sam and Dean?” You asked, continuing to towel dry your hair from the shower you had just come out of. 

 “I believe they are interrogating the latest victim,” He muttered, as if he wasn’t currently watching porn. Tilting his head, he inspected the screen closely before his eyes drifted to your back and slowly lowering down to your ass. 

You threw the damp towel on the edge of one of the chairs before picking up your cold burger and taking a bite out of it, turning around to face the angel, your eyes narrowed when you saw his eyes were pointed towards you. “What do you think you’re looking at?” You asked, picking up Sam’s laptop and joining him on the couch. 

The angel did nothing but turn his head towards the television once more, the silence between you not pleasant nor awkward. “Why does he continue to say such inappropriate words to her while making love?” Her murmured, tilting his head and leaning back into the cushions. 

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Cool Stuff I Have Collected (Part 5 - Last Part for Tonight!)

Signed Psychonauts art by Scott C for winning 3rd place in Double Fine’s Pumpkin Carving Contest.  I love love love Scott C and if you didn’t know he has a book coming out - and I want it…  It’s on my Christmas List although my husband will never get it for me because he relies on shopping on Christmas Eve at the local mall :(

My Little Soldier-Anon Request

Hello, its been a while, I know. But I’m finally back. And I was really inspired by the request, so I wrote quite a lot. Hopefully everyone enjoys it.

-Love, Sarah

(C/n)=Crush’s name (C/n’s l-n)=Crush’s last name (Y/n)=Your name

‘Hey you write super good imagines… I have a huge favor to ask you. Can you write an imagine where your crush is leaving for army boot camp and you hang out with one last time before he goes and then possibly do a time skip to where you see him again after? Thanks xxxx.’


‘’Are you scared?’’ I asked gently as I helped (C/n) wheel his suitcases down to his garage.

I didn’t like saying goodbye. I hated it. It gave me a horrible feeling, like I would never see the person again. I hated feeling so weak, so helpless.

‘’Not really,’’ He shrugged and let his big black suitcase fall to the ground. ‘’I mean, its not like I’m actually going to war or something.’’

A small shudder ran through me as I thought of (C/n) leaving for war. How scared I would be. Terrified. I can’t even imagine feeling worse than I do right now.

‘’I guess, yeah.’’ I mumbled, almost to myself. I sighed and placed his last suitcase with the other two before following him outside in the front yard. There, we sat in the grass with our backs facing his house and our legs spread out in front of us.

I didn’t want (C/n) to leave. But it wasn’t like I had a say in it. Even his parents were reluctant at first, but he somehow convinced them. He really wanted to go. It was important for him.

‘’How long are you leaving for again?’’ I asked after a few minutes of silence. The sun was slowly setting in the distance; we were running out of time. I wasn’t okay. I was chewing anxiously on my bottom lip as I waited for his answer. He finally looked down at me, and when he did, a small frown overtook his features.

‘’They told me 10 weeks, it could be 11. They’re not too sure.’’

My shoulders slumped in defeat at his response. How was I supposed to go 10 weeks without seeing him? Just the thought of that made my heart churn in my chest. I felt (C/n) lay his head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arms around his torso in response.

‘’10 weeks is a lot of time.’’ I said, feeling a lump rise in my throat. (C/n) seemed to have noticed the shakiness in my voice and he was quick to pull me onto his lap.

My head now lied on his shoulder while my hands were tucked in between our bodies. It was getting colder but I didn’t wanna move, I wanted to stay with him for as along as possible.

‘’I know,’’ He sighed into my hair and tightened his arms around me. ‘’I’m gonna miss you.’’

‘’Me too.’’ I whispered back, my voice shaking, my hands trembling.

‘’I don’t like making you sad, I’m sorry.’’ (C/n) pulled back and tucked some of my hair behind my ears. He frowned down at me and wiped the first tear that had slid down my cheek. ‘’If you cry I won’t be able to leave.’’ He mumbled onto my shoulder.

‘’Sorry,’’ I squeezed my eyes shut, tightly and breathed in deeply. After breathing in deeply and exhaling for a few times, I opened my eyes again. ‘’I’m sorry, I know how important this is for you…’’ I felt my voice about to break again so I stopped talking. If I opened my mouth again, I knew I would burst into tears, and I couldn’t do that to him.

I was glad he understood. He didn’t push me to talk; he just wrapped his arms around me, hugging me tightly. We just sat there in silence. It was nice. Just being with him. We didn’t need words, just each other’s companies.

I don’t know for how long we sat there, but it had gotten dark. Sometimes we would talk but for most of the time we were just hugging silently.

‘’I’m hungry.’’ I mumbled into (C/n)’s shoulder.

He chuckled, his chuckle was adorable. I was going to miss it. ‘’I’ll order pizza.’’ Slowly, and almost reluctantly we got up from our spots and started walking towards his house.

‘’Does the army give you pizza?’’ That made (C/n) laugh really loudly for some reason and I just shrugged before plopping down on the comfy brown couch of the (C/n’s l-n)’s living room. Even after going back inside, I was still shivering. I watched (C/n) disappear up the staircase with his phone to his ear. He came back just a few moments later, the phone long gone but he held something in his hand. (C/n) sat down next to me before placing one of his hoodies in my lap.

I looked up at him with a small smile before sliding the warm hoodie over my head. It was so warm, and it smelled like him. ‘’Thanks.’’

(C/n) scooted over closer to me and placed a kiss on top of my head. ‘’I ordered your favourite, Mexican.’’

I smiled and hugged him tightly. ‘’You know me so well.’’

‘’That I do, (Y/n), that I do.’’

*Time skip*

11 weeks. 77 days. 1848 hours. And a whole lot of seconds. That’s how long I’d spent without seeing (C/n). I know he was doing okay. He wrote me letters and he called me. Calling was harder for him. He said hearing my voice made him want to drop everything and come back. But he was also so busy he was only able to call me handful of times over the 11 weeks he was gone.

I tried distracting myself. I watched loads of movies. I also read a lot. I even got a job. These things got me pretty distracted for a while but I always found myself thinking about (C/n). It was driving me crazy. Those 11 weeks would soon be turning into 12 if he didn’t come home by tomorrow.

I was hopeful he would come back after 10 weeks but he didn’t. And now that he still wasn’t back… I sighed and closed the book I was reading, my eyes were burning. I’d been forcing myself to read that morning. I needed a distraction. I fell head first onto my pillow and buried myself under my warm blankets. I pulled the collar of (C/n)’s hoodie up to my nose and breathed the faint smell in. He had been so sweet when he left; he said I could keep his sweater, to remember him. Like there was a chance I would ever forget him.

Three knocks on my door snapped me out of my thoughts and I sighed before pushing the covers off of me.

‘’Come in!’’ I called from my spot on my bed. The door creaked open and my mom appeared in the doorway with a small grin on her face.

‘’How are you feeling?’’ She chirped as she leaned onto the doorway.

‘’Tired.’’ I grumbled. I wanted to sleep. ‘’I want to sleep.’’ I said, voicing my thoughts.

‘’Are you sure? Because there’s a surprise for you downstairs.’’ My mom’s eyes were filled with excitement. I could see her hands jittering at her sides. I don’t think I’d ever seen her so excited.

‘’Mom!’’ I moaned tiredly before reluctantly sitting up in my bed.

‘’Come on, (Y/n).’’ She laughed before yanking me out of my bed. She stood in front of me, still grinning widely before tucking lose strands of hair behind my ears.

‘’I’ll be in my room, your surprise is in the living room.’’ My mom placed a small kiss on my cheek before ushering me out of my bedroom. I watched her retreating form down the small hallway until she reached her bedroom door. Then, she turned back to me and pointed to the stairs. I groaned lowly before making my way down the stairs.

I was always grumpy when I didn’t get enough sleep. And that day happened to be one of those days. My bare feet padded along the cold wooden floor of our house and I had to walk faster to make it into the warm living room.

‘’What the…’’ I frowned as I reached the living room. It was empty. No gift on the table, no box, no nothing.

‘’Missed me?’’ (C/n) had appeared from behind the couch where he’d obviously been hiding.

A loud gasp left my mouth as my hands flew to my mouth. I couldn’t move, I was frozen in place. My brain wasn’t processing. (C/n) stood a few feet away from me with grin of his face. When I came back from the shock, I bolted towards (C/n). I threw myself into his arms and they were instantly wrapped around me. I almost knocked us over and I felt (C/n)’s chest rumbled with laughter as he struggled to keep his balance.

I didn’t hold my tears back this time. I couldn’t. I was shaking, my head was spinning, my heart was racing. Another sob left my lips as I fisted my hands through the back of (C/n)’s shirt.

‘’(Y/n)…’’ (C/n) hugged me tighter with one of his hands slowly running up and down my back. ‘’Don’t cry, I’m here.’’

‘’I missed you so much.’’ I cried into his chest and he sighed loudly before kissing the top of my head.

‘’I know. I missed you too, so much. You have no idea.’’ (C/n) pulled back and smiled down at me. He gently wiped all of my tears away with the sleeves of his shirt before resting his forehead on mine.

‘’Smile for me please,’’ His hands slid down to my hips and he squeezed there before pulling me closer to him. ‘’I missed your smile.’’ I blinked a few times and gave him a small, closed-mouth smile.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw his eyes drift down to my lips, stare at them for a moment before looking back up at me, as if asking for permission.

My breathed hitched in my throat as I felt (C/n)’s hand slide into the back pockets of my jean shorts before pulling me flush against him. His hands slid back up to my hips, slowly, it was torture, and I was frozen. My hands laid limply at my sides as I felt (C/n)’s minty breath fan over my lips. His lips were soft, softer than what I’d imagined. Kissing him felt beyond amazing. My whole body was tingling, my lips were burning. I’d never been kissed like that before, soft, yet so hard. It almost felt like a dream, having his lips move slowly against mine, I just about lost it when his tongue ran over my bottom lip. I didn’t want to pull away, I didn’t mind not breathing. Slowly, I finally brought my hands up to the back of his head, running my fingers through his short hair while he ravished my lips.

I don’t know how much time had passed but I pulled away; much to (C/n)’s dismay before pecking his lips again. We stood there, chest to chest, both breathless, my lips tingling. I felt whole again, my home was back.

‘’I love you.’’ He whispered into my ear before his lips were on mine once more, sending my body back into a fire frenzy.

I was happy again.

The End

There it is😱 I hope everyone enjoyed because I loved writing it. I hope it pleased your request Anon.❤️❤️

That’s it for me now,

-Love, Sarah

Late Relationships

It’s a Friday afternoon, and your walking home from school.  The clouds are grey and it looks like it’s going to rain later.  You pick up the pace so you don’t get wet, and start running back to your house.  Once you get back to your house you set your bag down by the door, and head to your room.  You shut your bedroom door and strip out of your clothes.

You walk over to your closet and pull out a loose crew neck sweatshirt, loose sweatpants, some fuzzy socks, and you put that on.  You make sure your extra comfy before going downstairs to watch PLL.  You grab your phone off your charger and head to the living room.  

As your walking down the stairs you get a text from (y/c).  It says “Hey (;  want to come over for a movie?”  You respond with “Be right over :)”  You grab the keys to your brother’s car and head out the door.

Once you get to (y/c)’s house you lock your car and knock on the front door.  (Y/c)’s mom answers and tells you to come in.  You aren’t really close to his family but you and (y/c) are kind of close.  

You head into his basement where his room is and knock on his room door.  He opens the door and gives you a hug, with his arms around your waist and your arms around his torso.

You sigh happily and pull away from the hug.  

“What movie do you wanna watch?”  (y/c) ask’s you as you sit down on his bed.

“What ever you wanna watch.”  You smile at him, and lay back under the covers.

He walk’s over to the disc holder thing and picks out a movie.  He put’s it in the tray and lays down beside me.  He get’s underneath the cover’s and grab’s his phone.  He goes on snapchat, take’s a picture of us and caption’s it ‘Movie night the best ;)’  then he post’s it on his story.

“Oh my gosh, I look horrible!  Please delete that.”  You beg him, and he put’s his phone far away from you, so you cant delete it yourself.

“No.  You look beautiful.”  He smile’s at you and presses play on the remote.  It looks like your watching Grown Up’s (A/N: my go to movie on imagines).  You laugh because this happens to be one of your favorite movies.

“You know me too well.”  You laugh as he smiles.

(y/c) suddenly scoots over towards you and brings you closer to him.  He wraps his arm around you and you cuddle into him.

You guys watch the movie for a while until (y/c) interrupts it.

“Okay (y/n), I cant take it anymore.  I’ve liked you for the past three months and I can’t stand being away from you.  I want you to be my girlfriend, it’s fine if you dont–”  You cut him off with a kiss to his lips, you tangle your fingers in his hair and straddle his waist.  You pull away and look at his face, he looks shocked. 

You giggle. “I like you too, and I would love to be your girlfriend.”  You lean down and put your lips on his once again as I hear rain drops hit his window.

// sorry for any spelling errors oops, request for an imagine //

y/n-Baby need some coffee?

C-Red Bull please



y/n-Oh god you idiots

A-Join us!!!


C-Okay! We finished the craziness, wanna snuggle?

y/n-If you insist

C-C'mon Baby

A-hehe Hi y/n

y/n-Calum! I thought we were going to snuggle?

C-Ash got here first

A-I stole your boyfriend



y/n-You’re both such idiots…Scoot over


AU-You’re spending the day hanging out with boyfriend Calum and your guys best friend Ashton

#4, Reid

Title: #4, Reid

Author: ssabea

Rating: K

Based on/Inspired by: “Imagine Reid being insecure on teaching his son how to play sports” (

Notes: (Y/C/N) = your child’s name, word count: 402

This is my first time writing about a Criminal Minds character (and coming back from a long time of writer’s block) so I hope it’s not too bad. I also don’t believe that there are any trigger warnings so enjoy!

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